Stunning News- Admiral Has Zipper Failure

| February 12, 2020

Rear Adm. Stephen Williamson, then-Director of Fleet Maintenance for the U.S. Pacific Fleet, visited Guam’s Polaris Point on May 16, 2017. (Navy)

The rules are pretty clear, don’t boink the staff or get fired. Its a cost/benefit analysis, pays your money and takes your chances. Back in my day most of my crew mates paid by returning home after a deployment to an empty house and served with a fist full of divorce papers. Self inflicted wounds. One would think a One Star would know better, but here we go again, and again, and…

Geoff Ziezulewicz

A Navy one-star was fired from his position at Naval Sea Systems Command last year after investigators determined he had an affair with a female subordinate, according to records obtained by Navy Times.

Rear Adm. Stephen Williamson was removed as deputy commander of logistics, maintenance and industrial operations on Aug. 2.

He was reassigned to the Office of Naval Research. He has not responded to Navy Times messages or a request for comment submitted through military officials.

But in a heavily redacted copy of the Naval Inspector General investigation released to Navy Times in response to a Freedom of Information request, Williamson acknowledged last May that he engaged in “an inappropriate affair” with a civilian subordinate, a “mistake of judgment and personal failure that he deeply regrets.”

On duty since 1988, Williamson — a career surface warfare officer — added that “the relationship was a lapse and contrary to his core values and his responsibilities to his family and the Navy,” IG wrote.

Sparked by a complaint to the IG, the report paints a NAVSEA swirling in rumors about the rear admiral’s romance — and an unnamed superior who didn’t want to believe the salacious scuttlebutt was real.

Although IG reported to then-Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson on July 18 that Williamson appeared to have committed adultery in violation of Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the one-star has not been brought to court-martial proceedings.

Read the rest here: Navy Times

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Well, I guess that’s better than boinking the wife of one of your enlisted men, as happened on USS Montpelier not too long ago:

Granted, that’s a pretty low bar.

5th/77th FA

Well, we won’t talk about what all this dumbass’ thinking with the wrong head is gonna cost him. Don’t they still teach, at Senior Officer Charm School, to keep your indiscretions at least 100 miles from the flagpole. Or is that an Army thing. FTA, “….what was ok as a Captain is not ok now…”

Different spanks for different ranks?


When I was in the 10th SF Group, we had a number of captains that couldn’t wait to get away from Ft. Devens to start hunting for “strange” even though they had quite lovely wives at home.

Green Thumb



Wonder if he will claim Stolen Zipper as an excuse?


This kind of stupidity amongst senior officer and enlisted started with the belief you can train everyone to be a leader. You can teach people leadership techniques but you can’t teach someone to be a leader.

Combine that with the stupidity of “up or out” and you end up with a real life example of the Peter Principle (no not that Peter you degenerates).

People get promoted to their level of incompetence.

Everyone isn’t a winner and shouldn’t get participation trophies. Some folks may develop their raw talent to be leaders later in life. But that’s okay. The world needs ditch diggers in the mean time.

SSG Kane

The pisser is, you can’t do shit about it even when you see it coming and its happening to you.

I’m a fucking amazing team leader. I’m a pretty good detachment sergeant I’m a monster of an instructor. And I’m a Try damned virtuoso as a senior OPS/Planning NCO.

So of course now I’m a company 1SG, as an E6(p), a job I’m struggling with because I have no experience with it, no training for it, and I’m stressing over a constant fear I’m going to fuck it up and screw a Joe’s career.

But lets say I don’t fuck it up, the Army sure as hell isn’t going to let me go back to being a Det Daddy.


I’m going to go out on a limb and hazard the guess you’ll be okay. And I’m sure your troops will be okay too.

That kind of self awareness means you’ll figure it out.

SSG Kane

Thank you for the kind words, and I will do my best. “That’s all anyone can do” right? Until I do fuck it up, and then the Army’s like “Fuck you bitch” and my career gets ended insight of retirement.

I guess my point/fear is, up or out is a horrible idea because it does force you into roles you just aren’t good at and it pulls you from the roles you are good or even great at, to let someone who might already be hitting the upper end of their Peter progression.

Poohbah, Lord High Everything Else

Thou shalt not dip thy quill in the company ink.

A Proud Infidel®™

But did that doofus dimbulb McDipshit pay heed and not think with his pecker? NOPE!

Poohbah, Lord High Everything Else

Thinking is generally done best by the big head.


Yes, it is. But remember: the human male has two heads, but only enough blood to operate one at a time.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

As Curtis Sliwa used to say. Keep your rocket in your pocket.




Words that Rear Adm. Stephen Williamson does not want to here from Mrs. Rear Adm. Stephen Williamson


Poohbah, Lord High Everything Else




Poohbah, Lord High Everything Else

We are definitely Men of a Certain Age!






Yeah, but it probably won’t be 1 star retired pay – likely a captain (unless there are other skeletons lurking).


I know why it isn’t prosecuted any more (President Clinton,) but it’s still inexcusable for AD Military. Renders them compromised for counter-intelligence, or worse.


In order to ensure “good order and discipline”, we need to revise the UCMJ such that penalties rise with rank, and options to reduce or defer penalties decline with rank.

You cannot say, with a straight face, that a fucking Admiral doesn’t know the rules.

How many Courts Martial has this fuckhead approved for the transgressions of lesser beings?

How many subordinates just went into “fuck all y’all” mode because “Admiral” Imbecile couldn’t manage a bit of self-control?

“Officer and a gentleman” …. Right.

The penalty for significant indiscipline in a flag/general Officer should be somewhere between dismissal and a firing squad. And maybe both.

Absolutely no excuses at O-7 and up.

After about the fourth one is publicly shot, things will start to improve. It will take at least that many to break the “they will protect -me-” belief.



I’d settle for equal spanks for all ranks.

The Other Whitey

I agree. With power comes responsibility. The greater the responsibility, the worse it needs to hurt when you decide to be a shitbag.


0-7 & above? As Carlin would say:’You’re in the club’. Getting crushed flat at courts martial are for the lesser mortals. Flags/Generals who FUBAR, at most pay a fine/maybe lose a star or two at retirement.


Bravo f**king Zulu, Admiral Stupid!
He forgotted the rules:
1. Don’t do dumb sh*t!
2. If you are going to do dumb sh*t DON’T GET CAUGHT!
3. IF you are stupid enough to get caught doing dumb sh*t, don’t say a f**king thing.
4. If they have evidence, you are bad at doing dumb sh*t. You should probably confess, beg for mercy, and hang up your dumb sh*t spurs.


There are always two surefire ways to get relieved of command in the Navy.

Both involve touching bottom.

Hack Stone

He cranked his Dumbass Meter to 11.

A Proud Infidel®™

Did he pick a Fat Bottom Girl to make his Rock and Roll World go ’round?


Perhaps. But he also thought he had cojones muy grandes and found out they weren’t big enough to let him get away with what he was trying to do.

And it appears he also got thunderstruck – two different ways. With possibly a third to follow in divorce court.


Forgot that commandment – Don’t put thy rod into thine staff.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Ahh yes another sack of shit getting a free pass because he’s an officer and a gentleman.

I can’t imagine why Navy has had to conduct studies to determine why they have morale issues among the enlisted population. It’s not as if there’s an article every couple of weeks just like this with some shit bag in the O series pay grade getting a free pass for something an E series would be shown the door and a BCD along the way.

When you “leaders” are lying sacks of shit who go unpunished for their transgressions it doesn’t promote what most people would call good order among the units in question.

What does it say about your personal discipline when you are so weak you can’t control your pecker? If strange pussy will cause you to lie to everyone around you, you are unworthy of wearing the uniform of an officer and should be dismissed for being unworthy.

I guess we should not be surprised however that the military merely reflects the larger society it serves. When your celebrities are all drunks, addicts, and adulterers and your elected officials are no better it’s usually a safe indicator your society is not on the rise anymore.

No one in America is responsible for their own actions anymore. Everyone has a fucking excuse as to why they can’t help acting like a turd.


I would love to argue the point, but I’m almost forced to agree.


Would the situation be different if the guy had been with a prostitute?

Adultery is adultery but the part about screwing the pooch with a subordinate vs visiting a “professional” is what I am wondering about.


Speaking of different spanks for different ranks, anyone have any updates on the “boat boo” brawl that happened at the Ike’s Xmas party?

Or did the gent who had the unfortunate luck to have his wife and girlfriend meet up luck out and quietly retire?

Not that it would be the first time for that to have happened.


Many of these were “made” on Obummer’s watch. There are more.

Haywire Angel

My mamma always told me “Boys have two heads and not enough blood to run both at the same time.” Seems like when any decision is made with the small head, there are consequences!