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| January 23, 2020

Mini 14

Police: Homeowner shoots armed robber in Warren

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) — Warren police say a homeowner turned the tables on an alleged robber and shot the intruder.

The incident happened around 3 a.m. in the area of Studebaker and Lorraine, not far from 9 Mile and Hoover.

A 22-year-old resident was returning home from a concert when he was approached by another man armed with a handgun. Police say the suspect announced a holdup.

The resident, a CPL holder, pulled out his own pistol and shot the would-be bandit twice, according to Warren police.

The suspect was then taken to St. John Hospital and listed in temp serious condition.

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Police: Homeowner confronted masked intruders, shot and killed one

DANVILLE, Ill. (WAND) – A Danville homeowner confronted men in ski masks who kicked in his door and ended up shooting and killing one, police said.

Police were called to a home invasion in progress with shots fired Sunday around 8:30 p.m. in the 1000 block of Franklin St.

When they got there, a 31-year-old Danville man met them and said several people armed with handguns and wearing ski masks kicked in his door and tried to rob him.

During the home invasion, the homeowner armed himself with a handgun and fired multiple shots at the intruders.

Police found one of the suspects lying just inside the home with multiple gunshot wounds.

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Police: Argument over a door in Norwood ended in a fight over a gun
By Cameron Knight

A Norwood man was arrested Tuesday after police said he attacked a man after an argument over whether an apartment building door should stay open.

Skyler Young, 22, is charged with felonious assault.

Police said Young got into an argument on Monday with Christopher Scott “over holding a common door to the apartment building open” on Buxton Avenue.

Investigators said Young decided to wait outside the apartment Tuesday to attack Scott, but Scott never came out.

According to court records, Young went to Scott’s door and when he answered, Young started hitting him in the head.

Scott then pulled out a .40 caliber handgun to try to ward off the attack, police said, but Young did not stop.

Scott began hitting Young with the gun and eventually ordered him to get on the ground, but Young ran, according to investigators.

Court documents state Scott chased Young and outside the building the two men started fighting again for control of the gun.
One round was fired during the struggle. No one was struck, police said.

As the fight continued, Scott was able to get the magazine out of the gun and throw it, investigators said.

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A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie. — VLADIMIR ILYICH LENIN

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5th/77th FA

Sweet Lorraine and a Studebaker would put any man on cloud 9. ‘Specially if she worked like a Hoover. Marty McFly almost found out himself.

“…kicked in his door….armed himself…multiple gunshot wounds…” Getting to where a body just about needs to have one on his belt 24/7.

“Hold my door and watch this.” That one sounded like 2 punk dumbasses.

Ahhh the Mini 14; for those times when a .223 just isn’t good enough.


AW1Ed et al, I have an admin note for the higher ups that probably demands a certain amount of concern (especially before The King of Battle figures it out), today is the anniversary of birth of one John Moses Browning.

I highly SUGGEST that the image above be changed to reflect our oversight. (My .02)

5th/77th FA

Tanks RD. When I FIRST clicked on this morning the mini 14 made a tiny catch in my heart til my eyes adjusted and I saw it wasn’t a BAR. When, after waiting all morning, the thread on the Richmond Rally dropped with that lovely 1911 I FIRST thought, OK here we go. No joy. Then it was bam, bam, bam more threads right after another. All of them, very nice, informative, and caused some good conversation. I try to keep up with the celebration of the Birth of the Saintly John Moses Browning (Howitzer be his name) since he came on the heels of my two all time favorite Military Leaders (Lee & Jackson) and his passing. Baby Sister’s birthday is 26 Nov of 63, that helps me remember that day. If we had to pick one man who did more for the fighter Soldier’s tools it would have to be John Moses Browning.

I am Saluting him as we speak with a healthy slug of Crown.