Virginia Gun Control

| December 15, 2019

We’ve been watching Virginia’s turning to unconstitutional edicts concerning Gun Control, now that the State is under Democrat ‘leadership.’ I’m especially interested, as this legislation is nearly verbatim with the PRDofMD’s 2013 ill-named Firearms Safety Act. And like my fellow Marylanders, very many Virginians are furious over this. So much so that there is a movement among the Red Counties to ignore the onerous laws, with even one Sheriff swearing he’ll deputize a couple thousand law abiding gun owners.

This simply cannot be, and the powers in Richmond are considering drastic action.  One such individual, a State Democrat Congressman named Don McEachin, recommends the Governor call out the National Guard to bring the offending counties to heel.

Poetrooper was kind enough to forward this article to us on the subject. read on…

VA National Guard Issues Statement Over Calls to Enforce Gun Control

Democrat Congressman Donald McEachin’s comments about using the National Guard to enforce Governor Ralph Northam’s proposed gun control laws in Virginia has caused a storm of controversy in the state, to the point that the Adjutant General of the Virginia National Guard has issued a statement, after scores of phone calls and emails from concerned citizens and curious media figures. WSLS-TV in Roanoke was the first to report on the comments by Major General Timothy P. Williams.

“We have received multiple questions regarding proposed legislation for the 2020 General Assembly session and the authority of the Governor of Virginia to employ the Virginia National Guard in a law enforcement role. Please make sure you share this message with your all of your personnel.

We understand and respect the passion people feel for the U.S. Constitution and 2nd Amendment rights. We will not speculate about the possible use of the Virginia National Guard. I encourage everyone to be patient while we allow our elected officials to work through the legislative process.

We have not received any requests from the Governor, or anyone on his staff, about serving in a law enforcement role related to any proposed legislation.

I expect our Soldiers, Airmen and members of the Virginia Defense Force to be professional and respectful in their discussions about this subject. As private citizens, our personnel are free to express their opinions to their elected officials, but they should not engage in any political activity while in a uniformed status.

We will provide regular updates when appropriate during the General Assembly session. Please utilize your chain of command to direct any questions or concerns to my office, and we will do our best to address them.”

For those who were hoping that Maj. General Williams was going to come out swinging with a “Hell no we’re not taking anybody’s guns”, it wasn’t going to happen. Even if that’s how the adjutant general feels, he’s not going to pick a fight with the governor if he doesn’t have to. He can kick this can down the road, at least until and if Northam actually requests that the National Guard go into rural counties to look for people who are allowing their 17-year old daughter to hunt unsupervised on their property, or to try to catch someone transferring a firearm without a background check.

Seems to me Richmond is discovering what Syracuse, Trenton, and yes Annapolis have discovered. To paraphrase Andrew Jackson, “They have made their decision; now let them enforce it!”

Thanks, Poe! Read the rest of the article here:Bearing

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How many of those Guardsmen are also citizens in those same counties?

Don may be in for a surprise if he tries to use “citizen Soldiers “ to police citizens in their Home Counties.

Just sayin

A Proud Infidel®™

You’re absolutely right. If I were one of those Guardsmen getting such and order, not only would I set my issued rifle back in the Arms Room, I’d make sure that none of the trucks in the motor pool would start, and there would be many more like me, shit like what they are proposing is what spawns armed revolts.


Wait a sec…

You had trucks that would start and work?

A Proud Infidel®™

Yep, and when I was my Unit’s Motor Sergeant I ruled with an iron fist, and we had the lowest deadline rate in our Battalion!

5th/77th FA

The low life VA Guvanator is using his useless idiots to help the drive of the division of the the People. The Commander of the VA Guard rolled over for a belly rub to save his phony baloney job. How in hell does the guvanator think he can violate Constitutional Federal Law re the 2A and/or use the State Military Forces as his private Gestapo? Oh…wait…he’s a demon rat. Their reason for existence now is the destruction of our Republic. Wonder if the Guard Commander will ask Swallowell for the loan of a few nukes? These bastards WANT to start a Civil War. That will give them reason to declare martial law.



The commander did what 99% of anyone else would have done.

Hope these idiots don’t go there and will one day be out of power.

“Even if that’s how the adjutant general feels, he’s not going to pick a fight with the governor if he doesn’t have to.”

The Other Whitey

If he comes right out and says no, Northam will come back with “Your services are no longer required,” and some bootlicking kissass takes his place. If he is on the side of the citizens, the best he can do is to do the “no comment” thing until the illegal order is given, at which point he can potentially do something about it.


Hopefully so.

Huey Jock

And the president federalizes the National Guard and tells them to go home and have a cool one and the governor is charged with sedition.

The Stranger

Yep, just like Eisenhower did with the Arkansas (I think) Guard. Federalize them and take them out of the governor’s hands.


He may also be obeying the requirement to stay in his lane and stay out of politics.

He hasn’t yet been given an illegal or stupid order. Yet. Plenty of time later for a “F this sir! Withdraw that order or I resign. ” or outright sabotage.


Precisely. His statement was “This has not happened yet, don’t get political, etc” He never stated whether he would obey the order.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Shades of 1776 and that”s why we need to own firearms to match the ones the Mil. uses.


Folk ain’t happy.


The guy he referenced, Bear Independent is a madman!
Highly recommend his vids!


Did a little research on the Virginia national Guard 1 regimental combat team about 3,400 Bodies. If Every unit is at full Strength Line infantry 2 battalions of 580 troops each again if they are at full strength. The rest are an artillery battalion and support troops. At least some of the infantry are combat vets from Iraq or Afghanistan.
Not very many line troops to go around confiscating weapons. If I was the Governor and the powers that be I would be worried about the national guard 1. refusing to obey orders, 2 Elements withing the guard units going rogue and using their weapons against the powers that be. 3. Moles within the guard units gaining control of unit arms room (s) and turning those weapons and vehicles against the powers that be. Just some thoughts


The marxists democrats expect the National Guard to do their dirty work.

I don’t think it is going to turn out like they think it will turn out.


This guy agrees (especially about Democrats):


If he deploys them they will be unarmed lest we
play “four dead in Ohio” for a theme song.

Time to split Virginia again.

The Other Whitey

Unarmed/no ammo? That would be a particularly hilarious example of “didn’t think this through,” wouldn’t it?


Que the intro and tune “Ohio”

Tin Soldiers and Northam’s comin, we’re finally on our own…


As a Doctor of F**king Sh*t Up, ie Counter-Insurgency Operations (COINOP), Asymmetric War, aka Fourth Generation Warfare, I’d like to point something out to TPTB and the Useful Idiots in the cloistered cities, you are more vulnerable than you realize.
The strategy of “not pissing off the ‘unwashed rural-types’” maybe the only card you really own.


Progressive elites think they know best, of course.


Every poor Enlightened soul thinks they ‘know better’ until it’s too late.
In the grand timescale of things, we fell out of our tree about 2 an’a half seconds ago, ain’t sh-t changed.


In 1861 the experts on both sides believed the matter would be decided quickly.

They were horrificly wrong.

The Other Whitey

The two sides were a lot more closely matched in terms of battlefield capability in 1861 (economic & industrial capability, not so much). Today it’s weighted rather heavily in favor of Constitutional liberty.

Hack Stone

They seem to have a problem not recognizing the irony of States, Counties and Cities passing laws, regulations or ordinances declaring themselves sanctuaries against Federal Immigration Laws because they disagree with it, and Counties declaring themselves sanctuaries against anti 2nd Amendment laws. If they feel it necessary to send in the National Guard to these localities, it should be no problem for Federal Law Enforcement to overtake these County Detention Facilities in Maryland and Virginia who fail to honor ICE detainers.


Well, if we are going to say

“F no, we won’t obey or enforce.”

Then we can’t exactly complain when they do the same thing.

And since they are typically humorless scolds, we must endlessly remind them of how funny they look saying “no fair doing as we do!”


Leftists gone wild:


Like he and 2A says “shall not be infringed,” but vote and be aware.


What else can you expect from a party that allows a guy like Ralph “Coon Man” Northam to remain in office? A guy who proudly wore black face or a Klan robe (he can’t remember which) and who publicly (and all too casually) supports infanticide. What a guy.


Leftists’ idea of “gun safety” means only they have guns.


Remember, it’s never about the guns – it’s always about control.

It’s also not whether you are paranoid, but whether you are paranoid enough.


Time for the counties of Virginia to have a convention.


I would consider an order to forcibly disarm the citizenry to be an illegal order, and it would be my duty to disobey and report it. I swore an oath to the constitution of the United States of America, and without a repeal of the 2nd amendment, I am obligated to defend said amendment.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m Retired NG and I distinctly remember taking an Oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the State I was in against ALL Enemies, Foreign and Domestic. That fool of a VA Governor is what I definitely consider one of the Latter.

AW1 Rod

This bullshit is why I’m going househunting near Knoxville next weekend. Blackface Ralph and his idiot minions may have this place. I’m leaving the New People’s Republic of Virginia, and taking my scary-looking firearms……and my INCOME……elsewhere.

A Proud Infidel®™

Let’s not forget that Nanny Bloomers, I mean Bloomberg spent multiple millions on anti-2A campaign ads in Virginia and I wonder if that isn’t a blueprint that he and Soros are going to try elsewhere?


Bloomberg, the man who would be Dr. Evil (because Soros already is).


Now is the time to develop, as our forefathers did, Committees of Correspondence.
What patriots of Virginia should do is assemble and begin to establish well vetted groups of those who will not surrender to unconstitutional acts of the legislature. Assemble lists of National Guard members, Sheriffs and Deputies, city and municipal police members.
Suggestion: Ask a Special Forces veteran how to assemble a Resistance, an Underground and the Auxiliary.


The Washington Governor, former 2020 Presidential Candidate with 1% support nationally, Jay “climate change!” Inslee, and his Attorney General & Soros fanboy Bob “50th lawsuit filed against Trump as of Sep 2019!” Ferguson, want to:

– ban any semi-automatic weapon (known to them as an assault weapon) with at least one (1) military style feature
– ban any gun magazine holding more than 10 rounds. If that is not enough, they want to
– require background checks for purchase of ammunition.


All these dudes pass around the same talking points and then scream “Racist!” if you suggest they do that.


I love how this is going. We are going to pass this law, Peasants and you are going to obey! Peasants: No!
Sorry guys, you work for us, not vice versa. It is time we start letting the people we elect to represent us know that.


Colion Noir for President in2024!


That’s at least two votes for Mr. Noir!
That man pulls no punches!