US Rep. Duncan Hunter Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy

| December 4, 2019

“I failed to monitor and account for my campaign spending. I made mistakes and that’s what today was all about.”

Congressman Duncan Hunter, (R, California) pleaded guilty yesterday to one count of conspiracy to misuse campaign funds. He was originally charged with 60 counts and could have faced decades in prison before the deal. He said he will accept whatever sentence the judge gives. Damn decent of him.

US Rep. Duncan Hunter Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy Charge

By Julie Watson

California Rep. Duncan Hunter pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of conspiracy to misuse campaign funds and could face up to five years in prison when he is sentenced in March.

The change of plea was a stunning shift for the six-term congressman, who spent the last two years denying wrongdoing, shifting blame to his wife, Margaret Hunter, and claiming he was the victim of a political witch hunt.

Duncan Hunter, 42, who was originally charged with 60 counts and could have faced up to decades in prison before the plea deal, said he will accept whatever sentence the judge gives, which could be up to five years or lessened to probation, a fine, house arrest or even community service.

The congressman pleaded guilty to misusing $150,000 in campaign funds for his own personal expenses and acknowledged the finance violations in a brief statement on the steps outside the courthouse before walking away without taking questions.

Former prosecutor Jason Forge said under the terms of the deal it’s likely Hunter will serve about a year in prison, and perhaps less. He and his wife dipped into the election funds between 2010 and 2016 more than 30 times and falsely reported the expenses as campaign related from their daughter’s birthday party at the posh Hotel Del Coronado to an outing with friends at a French bistro.

A year in Club Fed for $150,000, but hey, the cost of living like a Congress-Critter in California is pretty steep. AMF, Duncan. The entire article may be viewed here: NBC San

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Just An Old Dog

Piece of shit is in my area. He almost lost his seat last election to a 29 year old Obamite. His district is staunchly conservative, but a centrist Democrat could have pulled off a win but they put an AOC clone with a dick against him ( Campa-Najjir).
People were holding their nose and voting for him ( me included). I’m glad he is gone, but damn sure didn’t want another socialist in office.


” I’m glad he is gone, but damn sure didn’t want another socialist in office.”

Socialist and thief…clearly synonymous.


Hunter IS a bag of shit and the wife a serious BITCH..I met both and not impressed.

USMC Steve

Dog, any chance that his replacement will remain republican?

Carlton G Long

He did what he did; he gets what he gets.

Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

Happy now, Dilly Dilly?
Dealer finally deliver your meds?


Wasn’t someone whining in another thread about TAH not talking about this? They are all thieves, if we started decorating lamp posts with them, maybe it would stop. I can only dream!

Lurker Curt





Why do these people think they will never get caught?


Because only the really stupid get caught. The rest are just smart enough to avoid dipping into the till until they have left office.

Randall “Duke” Cunningham was another example of such stupidity.

Just An Old Dog

Yes, although I actually benefited from his shit-baggery. He was able to steer a defense contract to his district. The place where I worked got some fat contracts.
The fucker sold his house to a straw buyer that paid about 4 times the market value… like that wasn’t a red flag. Then there was the hookers and cocaine.
Dude was a fucking war hero. Goes to show how politics and greed go hand in hand.

5th/77th FA

Scum sucking, asinine POS! Liar and a thief. Too bad this Bitch won’t do hard time, getting a hard time, in the general population at a San Quentin type lock up…and pull the whole 6 years. Different spanks for different ranks, indeed.

Just an Old Dog said; “…holding their nose and voting….” Yep, it’s like that all over and on BOTH sides. Our newest guvanator (Kemp) that barely beat out his socialist opponent (Abrams) has turned on the people and looking to appoint a replacement US Senator with a RINO. Folks are pissed, but we all know how hard it is to defeat/throw out an incumbent. Kemp was elected by the support of Trump and the chosen RINO is anti Trump, Pro Abortion, and pro gun control according to many reports.

I’m with ‘Jarhead here too. Rope, lampost, politician…some assembly required. Pitchfork anyone? Torch?

Slow Joe

“We are nothing but a faint shadow of our forefathers”.

Prior Service

Lucky they got this one guilty and pending sentencing. When they get “the squad” for the same issues, they’ll have a good baseline to compare to.

A Proud Infidel®™



Where’s Lily? This is the thread Lily was not waiting for.


Lily is happily munching on paint chips.


Well, that sucks. You have high hopes for people and then they shit all over themselves and you. I’m struck with the same feeling I have when I hear about guys with fine military careers they F up by needless embellishment.
I think – You were there! You already had something great (being elected to Congress is no easy feat [except in the case of AOC, I suppose]). Why F it all up for graft!
Damn, people. . . .


It’s the lure of easy money,
It’s gotta very strong appeal.


He’s so sorry it went down like this,
But someone had to lose.

He filched cash contraband of politics,
It’s the shitbag’s blues….


Adios, Motherfucker.

BTW, I’d vote to convict him just for looking like a douche wearing those air pod things.


I’m just wondering how Democrats will blame Trump for or say he’s involved in this somehow.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

IIRC, this POS initially blamed his wife for the mishandling of the funds since she was his campaign treasurer (or whatever). I heard he changed his mind and decided to accept some responsibility after learning the wife cooperated with authorities.

“Bye, Felicia!”


Yes, because he’s a damn decent guy! /s


She was the campaign fund manager, She wrote the vast majority of checks and spent most of the money out of the account with the debit card. Buying shit for her parents and paying private school tuition as well as thousands in fast food and cosmetics. When it looked like he was going to shove her under the bus she side-stepped and cut a deal with the feds, got a get a outta jail free card.

There is no honor among thieves.


“I failed to monitor and account for my campaign spending. I made mistakes and that’s what today was all about.”

Negative, dumbass. You knew where every dollar went. And they went to the wrong places and the wrong people.

Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.


No, just cop a deal, like a damn decent guy. [puke]


So when do they go after numerous Demorats with the same zeal? He may be a crook and dirty but there are about 100 Demorats in Congress who are doing the same. Payments to kids/relatives, pay offs to cover crimes, etc.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

It’ll never happen, but I would love to see mandatory audits on all Congressfolks. Bet there would be a mass resignation… at a guess about 534 of them (there’s always some idiot thinking he will not get caught.)

Holding your nose and voting for… sure describes my 2016 vote. Although more truthfully I voted against, like I have done almost without exception since 1972.


I’m with you David about the 2016 vote… had to decide between the lesser of two evils.

As for the audit of Congresscritters… that would be one way to flush the cesspool in DC.


Can we blame Crayola crayons? Asking for a friend.


You were wrong, and can’t admit it.

You got trolled because you were wrong, and can’t admit it.


I read or heard – wasn’t paying too much attention but I think the wife found out he was screwing around on her and became prosecution witness.

All politicians are dirty – some just not as much as others.

Slow Joe

Man. You have to be very slow to think that a Republican can get away with the same things all Democrats do every single day.

The media is the 4th Estate against Republicans, and a Cheerleader for Democrats.

It is known.

(Where the hell is “The Winds of Winters”? I effing hate the Mountain That Writes)


“Monster Hunter: International” and sequels are entertaining.


Wait. Someone else besides Larry Corriea is called “The Mountain who Writes”?

Slow Joe

George R.R. Martin


Maybe call him “The Mountain that -doesn’t- write”?


And this changes the fact that Hunter is a crook… how?


He could very well be. We’ll never know. The Navy chose to extract vengeance on Gallagher instead of seeking justice, the truth and facts were collateral damage in their quest, and as a result, nobody but the folks directly involved will ever know what happened. There’s no winner here. Just a huge fucking mess.


So all Democrats are crooked liars like Hillary, Warren et al? Your capacity for dislogic is directly proportional to your wordiness. Coincidence is not causality, that Hunter happens to support Gallagher is no reflection on Gallagher. Your logic is like saying because someone liked a Woody Allen film they must be a pedophile.


So fucking what? There’s probably a multitude of issues that people here will agree with Hunter on. We also clearly don’t suffer fools and have made it pretty clear we think Hunter’s a shitbird who is getting what he deserves.

So take your sanctimonious bullshit and make a tree and leaf, because you’re as useful as a screen door on a battleship.


You’re acting as if we object to Hunter being caught and convicted. Nope. I for one want more corruption exposed and punished, regardless of party affiliation.


Lily does not know me.

USMC Steve

Oh, joy, yet another libtard troll has arisen. Like we need mental retardation creeping into the site yet again. BTW, honey, you also are irrelevant. Trump is still prez. Suck on it.


Folks here are making some pretty venomous posts as to -not- liking him, celebrating his removal, and most assuredly are -not- saying “so what” about his misdeeds.

Why do you folks have to lie, if you are correct? You make shit up when the truth would work better, Lie-lee.

Perry Gaskill

What you’ve presented is evidently a convoluted argument based on the logical fallacy of false equivalence.

Hunter’s guilt in dipping into campaign cash has nothing do with his opinion about the treatment of Gallagher. A flip side of such a faulty argument might be for you to say, for example, that Adolph Hitler was a good guy because he was kind to children and dogs.


Tonight, I’m gonna have myself a beer and a t-bone and reflect on Hitler, the vegetarian teetotaler. It won’t change the fact he was a genocidal maniac but steak and pilsner quiets the rage for idiocy.
But you right, Hunter may be right on a bevy of things, unfortunately for him and his missus they took money that didn’t rightfully belong to ‘em.
That’s thievery, and thieves go to jail.


Socialist veggie-evangelical.



Hitler got it right with the autobahn and maybe the volkswagen. Other than that, not so much. Hunter’s good work doesn’t erase his criminal douchebaggery. That’s not how this works. That’s too big a leap for some.


Lily doesn’t know me.


Lily is one of my disciples… is a willing follower of the Free Shit Army, which I am the primary political officer for!



Y’all have a mailing list?
Cos iffn so I’m sure my Bernie supporting brother would love to be on your list.


Bernie supporters do not know me.


You accused folks of being silent about Republican misdeeds. Then the above article dropped, and the folks here pilloried a Republican. Some even poked you about it.

You still can’t admit you are wrong. You dumped that lengthy vowel movement to try to straw-man your way out of your embarrassing whoopsie.

Didn’t work.

Slow Joe

Lily, can you please use short, numbered paragraphs to make your points.

It is really hard for slow folks like myself to follow your convoluted arguments.


Ha! And colors would help too!
Maybe Lily could give their opinion in a performance? I’m thinking interpretive dance to barn animal noises.
We need snacks too, crayons?


Is it “Lie-Tor” to your “Roh-Dog”?

No “Rush” to answer…..

“Roh-Dog…. is Victorious!”
“The Shores of the Otherworld, are saved again.”