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| November 21, 2019

The Punisher

Off-duty Kansas City officer who thwarted woman with gun at DMV awarded medal

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — He was off duty and in flip flops, but one KC police officer’s quick actions likely saved lives.

Kansas City Police Chief Richard Smith presented Officer John King a Distinguished Service Medal on Tuesday for stopping a woman who fired a shot at a Department of Motor Vehicles office in the Northland.

The incident occurred in July while King was off-duty with his wife and baby.

“As we are pulling up, we see everyone sprinting out of the back, and we’re like that’s not normal,” King said.

King had on shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops, but he knew he had to try to help.

“I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew I didn’t want them to be close enough to find out what it was.”

He’d learn from Tom Hutsler, a customer who had been inside the DMV, that the scare involved an upset woman.

“She was cussing at the staff and she was upset about the wait time,” Hutsler told FOX4 shortly after the incident.

Despite her claims, it was a matter of national security the woman later identified as Vanessa Richey was told she’d have to wait. She knocked a printer off the counter and allegedly told an employee she was going to get a gun and stormed out of the office.

“He’s yelling, ‘You need to get out of here. There’s a lady with a gun. She just fired shots,'” King said of his first interaction with Hutsler.

Richey had returned to her car. King called police dispatch and requested police backup.

But then things changed quickly for the off-duty officer in his flip flops when she exited her vehicle with her purse. He drew his firearm and identified himself as a police officer. He commanded the woman to put the purse down and get on the ground, but she refused and continued to head back to the DMV.

King and Hutsler combined to tackle the woman and hold her down until more police arrived.

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Read about the disgruntled customer here: Fox

Beauty store clerk shoots, kills masked suspect during attempted armed robbery

AKRON, Ohio — A pair of masked men tried to rob a beauty shop but were met with gunfire, according to WJW.

Friday evening, officers responded to Royal Beauty Supply Store on the 900 block of South Arlington Street in Akron, Ohio.

Police say two masked men, armed with guns, came into the store to rob it.

Two employees were working at the time, and a 26-year-old clerk drew his gun and fired. The shot killed one of the suspects, according to WJW.

Officers say the second attempted robber ran from the scene.

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Read the rest of the article here: My Fox

Robbery suspect shot dead with own gun by homeowner, police say

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A robbery suspect was shot dead by a homeowner in a neighborhood in southwest Houston, police say.
It happened shortly before 3 p.m. Tuesday at 5822 Ludington Dr., near Hillcroft and W. Bellfort Avenue.

Police say the homeowner was in his garage when the suspect approached him and said it was a robbery. That’s when police say the homeowner managed to get the suspect’s gun and shot him.

The suspect died at a nearby hospital, according to police.

The suspect’s identity has not yet been released. Officials say the case will go before a grand jury.

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Read the entire article here: ABC

Two tagged and bagged, one incarcerated, and one in the wind today, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes. No bad at all.

A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government. — George Washington

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5th/77th FA

Ahhhh, what a morning. A very good FGS score and a drop dead gorgeous example of the designs of the Saintly John Moses Browning (Howitzer be his name). More proof that AW1Ed loves us and wants us to be happy.

Particularly “liked” the homeowner offing the dirtbag with the dirtbags own weapon.


National security?

chooee lee

Drinking coffee, listening to J.J. Cale and reading the score. Life is good.


One a them old rock ‘n roll favorites…


Two in the bag is great.
The part about the Grand Jury part is why you need to keep an attorney on speed dial on your phone.
I’ve been with Texas Law Shield and their emergency phone # is listed as AAA Gun Lawyer on my phone.
It’s well worth the $100.00 a year just for the security feeling I get with them.
As long as it was a good shoot, you’re covered.
Always say that you were worried for your life, scared shitless and that you feel like your heart is pounding so you need an ambulance.
Much easier to talk to a cop in a hospital than handcuffed to a table at a cop shop….


I agree completely
Anyone who carries a gun should have carry insurance
I pay $300 /year for USCCA “insurance”
(Not actually an insurance product, rather a pre paid legal fee)
Pays for a lawyer at the first interview with the police, at the stand your ground hearing, and all the way through trial and even appeal.
Because I don’t have $15,000 handy for the retainer, or $350,000 for the legal defense.
And a $350,000 fence is way better than the defence I would get from a public defender


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