Update on the US Troops and Kurds in Syria

| November 18, 2019

The US still holds the Kurds as allies, and is supporting them in Syria.


Despite the misinformation handed down by media in general, the US troops remaining in Syria to assist the Kurds still have a strong relationship with them.

From the article:  ERBIL, Iraq — A senior U.S. coalition commander said Friday the partnership with Syrian Kurdish forces remains strong and focused on fighting the Islamic State group, despite an expanding Turkish incursion into areas under Kurdish control.

The U.S.-Syrian Kurdish relationship, which dates back to 2014, was strained after President Donald Trump last month ordered American troops out of northern Syria, making way for a Turkish invasion of Kurdish-held towns and villages along a stretch of the border.

On Friday, reports said U.S. forces completed their withdrawal from Kobani, a border region where the partnership against ISIS was cemented in 2014, and that Russians moved into to replace them.

The commander’s comments to The Associated Press reflect how troops on the ground are trying to stick to the original aims of the Syria mission despite a reduced and changed footprint. They say they are staying to fight alongside Kurdish forces against the Islamic State group, as well as deny ISIS the oil fields as a source of revenue while showing support for the Kurdish fighters who have lost a sizable part of the 30 percent of Syria they once controlled. Their words, however, come as Trump says the mission now is focused on securing oil fields and infrastructure.  – article

I think that the only question is related to how much Turkey is willing to expend on seizing those oil fields for itself. With Russia as an ally supporting Erdogan’s moves, anyone who thinks that Erdogan does not want to recoup the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire is blind to reality and sadly uninformed.  I’m also willing to bet that whatever Russia does for Turkey, some of it may be funneled to the ISIS group in Syria. And yes, China is watching all of this with great interest. Those riots in Hong Kong keep the news media distracted, the same way you’d throw a catnip toy to a kitten.

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  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    Good post and an interesting read Ex. I agree with you too, in that Turkey wants to turn back the map/clock 100 years or more, and everybody and his brother wants the oil. Found it interesting that one of the commentators on the linked article used the chance to bash Trump ad nauseum for “abandoning” the Kurds. Also find it interesting that the news media is more focused on the circus of the impeachment hearings than anything else. I’ve learned more from your posts and the comments of our brethren here about the whole Turkish/Russia/Kurd situation than any of the mess media.

    Wait and see?

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      If we don’t stay informed (as I’m sure Trump is), the media wins the day. That’s the reason I keep posting this stuff.

      I just have this odd feeling that, since China is attempting to take over control of Bolivia’s vast lithium deposits for tech gadgets manufacture, and Russia is shoulder-to-shoulder with Turkey, if we don’t keep an eye on this, we lose Big Time.

      And none of the dumbocraps are interested in pursuing any of these things, which is to Trump’s advantage.