Ty Hampe – Phony Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) w/ Star

| November 12, 2019

The folks at Military Phony send us their work on Ty Kevin Hampe.  Hampe lives in Greencastle, Indiana and is 56 years old as of November 2019.

Hampe makes many claims, including: U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, Desert Storm Veteran, awarded the Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) w/ star to denote second award, a Bronze Star and served for 20 years. He also appears to have attended two universities at once.

Most of the claims of medals were due to a few photos that he posted on Facebook of himself in uniform.

And then a post of the uniform itself…

The medals are itemized below after the FOIA results.

He also claims to be a combat veteran.

And a veteran of Desert Storm…

Then, there are claims by implication. Although he doesn’t state the claim, he will post something to his Facebook account and accept thanks without correcting anybody should they make an assumption that wasn’t true. He did this with Airborne, the 82nd, the Purple Heart medal and the Battle of Mogadishu.

People became skeptical so his military records were ordered by a FOIA request.

Additionally, Hampe’s LinkedIn page claimed that he was in the National Guard from 2001-2011 and the NPRC did not return results for that period. The DoD Manpower Data Center was systematically searched from 1994 to PRESENT and there was no indication of active duty. NPRC would have picked up any National Guard service, regardless of active duty.


Military records for Ty Hampe show that he served in the U.S. Army from January 26, 1982 to April 30, 1993, so less than the 12 years that his service stripes claim and less than the 20 years he claims on LinkedIn.

According to records that were obtained from the NPRC and DoD Manpower Data Center, Hampe was discharged from the U.S. Army on April 30, 1993 and the Battle of Mogadishu was from 3-4 October 1993.

The rank listed on the NPRC Summary Sheet is Specialist (E-4) vs. Staff Sergeant (E-6) which he also claims on LinkedIn and the Sergeant (E-5) which is the rank displayed on his uniform photo.


There are a lot of discrepancies in the medals listed in his records and the medals displayed on the uniform photo. We did another comparison graphic to help in the comparison.

He does have a Parachutist’s Badge and an Air Assault Badge.

There is no Purple Heart, no Bronze Star Medal, no Master Parachutist’s Badge, no Master Rigger school, or no jungle school listed in Ty Hampe’s official military records. It does strike us as odd that he does not have a National Defense Service medal listed in his records.

Of concern and of violation of the Stolen Valor Act is the Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB), especially with the star designating a second award. This was not found in Hampe’s official military records.


If the claims by Ty Hampe were used to leverage work, military or civilian promotions, or anything else of value, he may be in violation of Stolen Valor laws. State laws may also apply.

There is so much more over at Military Phony so go have a look if you want more background.


Thanks to one of our research ninjas, we’ve identified the two unknown medals as Indiana State Guard.  We will file for his Indiana State Guard records and refile at NPRC for a second active duty beyond what they provided us.  It is possible that he could have achieved the rank of SSG, and possible he could have been in Somalia, possible he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, but we don’t think it is possible that he was awarded two CIBs, so the post will stay up.  Many of the schools he is claiming along with dates are not supported in the military records that we have on him.

We went with his claim of being in the National Guard vs. State Guard on his LinkedIn page so it sent us in another direction since the NPRC would have had National Guard records.

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  1. ninja says:

    Well, this is interesting:

    On one of Hampe’s award, according to MH and TAH, it looks as if he is claiming and wearing the Marine Corps Reserve Service Ribbon.

    However, that ribbon could be the Louisiana National Guard Emergency Service Ribbon.

    Note the similarities in the ribbons as described by the links below.

    Louisiana= Hurricane Katrina.

    Don’t know if his National Guard Unit, the 38th Infantry Division from Indiana, was awarded that award for Hurricane Katrina or if he “Self-Awarded” it.

    He also claims the Indiana National Guard Emergency Service Ribbon.

    There is a picture of him on his FACEBOOK that he said was taken in 2005 when he was supposely supporting Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts. One of the Soldiers in the picture with him is wearing the 38th Infantry Division Patch.

    The Louisiana National Guard Emergency Service Ribbon and the Marine Corps Reserve Service Ribbon almost look alike look except the Red in the Louisiana Award Ribbon is BIGGER than the Marine Corps Ribbon.



  2. 26Limabeans says:

    I wanna see the ARCOM details.
    My highest military award.
    I wanna see the ARCOM details.

  3. ChipNASA says:

    TWO PAGES!!!



    Fuck you hard and long Ty.

    Eat a giant dick. I hope you choke on it.

  4. ninja says:

    In his Facebook pictures, Hampe is wearing the Army Valorous Unit Award and the Presidential Unit Citation on the right side of his Uniform.

    He also is wearing a ribbon/medal that is Yellow and Blue (still trying to figure out what that is).

    This is the list for the Army Valorous Unit Award for Desert Storm. Trying to figure out if he belonged to any of these units in order to be able to wear that award.

    Don’t see HHC, VII Corps on this list, the unit cited on his Bronze Star Medal:


    Isn’t he also claiming 5th SF Group, perhaps while he was at Fort Bragg? Fort Campbell? That unit was awarded the Valorous Unit Award for Desert Storm.


    Yet his FOIA does not reflect 5th SF Group.

    So now it comes to the Presidential Unit Citation.

    Currently researching units that were awarded that decoration for during the time he was in the Army and in the same time period he served.

    I do know this. If one of his units were previously awarded either the Valorous Unit Award or the Presidential Unit Citation and he was not with them when they initially were awarded those decorations, he was only authorized to wear them while with the unit. After leaving the unit, he was no longer authorized to wear them on his uniform.

    If the units he was with were awarded those decorations during the time he was with them, then he can permanently wear them on a uniform.

    Any help researching this would be appreciated.


    • Claw says:

      “ribbon/metal that is yellow and blue”

      That is the Indiana Military Volunteer Emblem.

      However, Hampe is wearing it upside down/reversed, as from the viewer’s perspective the colors should be Blue and Yellow from right to left.

      But that seems par for the course for him, as all the oak leaf clusters and the KLM on his ribbon rack are reversed./s

  5. ABNDVR says:

    Mhh I’m holding my judgement on this one. MP and TAH/VG are usually spot on, but having read everything and digging through this guys social media – I’m on the fence.

    First it seems clear that we are missing key details about his career.

    Where was he stationed during his first enlistment?
    Between his first and second enlistment – was there reserve duty?
    Did he serve in the Indiana National Guard and in what units?
    What was his primary MOS in the Guard?
    Did he deploy?

    Searching all his FB and the brilliant analysis from ninja here is my take:

    Note I’m not here to basically defend him, just to to create some SA for some possibilities with this one.

    1. His initial enlistment saw him going to Airborne School and Air Assault School – his certificates look very credible and I’v seen Similar from that timeframe and units (regarding the AAS)

    2. That means as an 05C10 he definitely had to be attached to an airborne unit – very likely within the 101st (see the AAS)

    3. His uniform shows various awards, ribbons and badges. I’ll count these as his claims. Just stuff he has laying on his shadow … table is not automatically a claim. But I will include the PH since he claimed that in a FB comment and shows it on his car.

    4. Also included are all unit claims (82nd, 101st etc)

    5. For clarification: A US Army Soldier has a primary duty MOS. In this case it’s 05c10. But even more important when it comes to combat awards is his combat MOS – basically the Job he is assigned while being deployed. This MOS is mostly reflecting his primary MOS – but within large scale conflicts it is and was more than likely to have soldiers serving in another combat MOS than their primary.

    6. Under this circumstances up until 2001 it was possible to earn combat awards (like the CIB) if you had an eligible combat MOS assigned to an eligible unit during the combat action.

    7. This also transfers to awards like the air medal. What counts is your combat MOS. I think this is also how CeRt4iN SoMe0n€ Got his CIB if I remember correctly.

    8. This merely opens up possibilities, yet doesn’t provide any proof. Actual orders or witness statement from these event seem to be the only proof.

    9. Per his records, citations, FB pictures and pictures with him on other FB accounts he very likely served during:

    1. REFORGER (85th USAFAD)
    2. DS (VII Corps)
    3. UNITAF – OP RESTORE HOPE (101st)
    4. Hurricane KATRINA relief (INARNG)

    His first enlismtent is still a mystery, though I think it might have been somewhere within the 101st.

    He also seems to have uneventful service with 9th Sig BN at Ft Lewis

    I will categorise his claims into:

    Very likely
    Very unlikely

    His uniform claims:

    Combat Infanrtyman Badge 1st award – possible

    Option A: See 5.-7.

    Option B: If he served and deployed as an 11series within the National Guard he could also earned one. Yet we don’t know what he did there. Certainly Units of the Indiana Guard deployed and saw combat action

    Combat Infantryman Badge 2nd – possible/unlikely

    If Option A and Option B were true, than he would appropriately be awarded a 2nd award due to his 2 eras he served in. (Nam and GWOT)

    Army Basic Parachutist Badge – very likely

    he has a very legit looking certificate that fits his job, a correct timeframe and is signed by the appropriate people. It is also in his records.

    Air Assault Badge – very likely

    he has a very legit looking certificate that fits his job, a correct timeframe and is signed by the appropriate people. It is also in his records.

    Marksmanship Badge Expert Rifle – very likely

    I mean yeah why not. It’s also in his records… well an “Expert” Badge is. Commonly Rifle is the most awarded and also easiest (IMHO)


    Bronze Star Medal – likely

    he has a very legit looking certificate that fits his job, a correct timeframe and is signed by the appropriate people.

    Air Medal – possible/unlikely

    See 5. – 7. And CIB 1st award. If he was hopping on Helos and they got into some action – it is possible. But I’d expect some more stories and pictures about that tbh.

    ARCOMs/AAM/AGCM- possible/likely

    If he served in the NG till 2011 I have little doubts about all the good boy awards. Especially with deployments and disaster relief.

    AFEM – very likely

    He has various visual proof of him being in Somalia in the first half of 1993

    HSMR – likely

    If Katrina relief is true – sure. Still we need those INARNG records

    NCO PDRM – likely

    Army White Pages list him as a Sgt so yeah likely

    KLM – very likely

    In his records – supported by his BSM citation

    SA KLM – very likely

    According to his assignments and timeframes he is eligible.

    Army Overseas Ribbon – very likely

    In his records – supported by various facts.

    South West Asia – very likely

    Supported by various accounts, citations and pictures. Also in his records.

    Army Reserve Component Achievement / Armed forces reserve – possible

    Not supported by his records, but looking at his enlistments and timeframes – this might very well be the case


    He would be eligible for 2 with his NG service. Not in his records at all. Clear Clerk mistake.

    GWOTM – likely

    If he did serve in the INARNG it’s likely. Not claiming them.

    GWOTEM – possible

    If he deployed during a possible NG service.

    INARNG Awards – likely

    Yeah why not. If his service even took place than this is even very likely

    Marine Corps Reserve Ribbon

    Not it – on his shadow “table“ it shows a medal with similar looks – I don‘t know what it is

    Purple Heart – very unlikely

    I’m calling BS or self awarded on this. No citation on his wall. No orders provided. Not in his records and biggest red flag: He’s not wearing it on his uniform but claiming it in comments and picturing it on his car. If he got it during his NG service (till 2011) – why wouldn’t he wear it on his wedding uniform in 2012? Even if he got wounded late in his service and was awarded it after the wedding pics – I’m damn sure he would have a big ass fuckin certificate on his wall. Prominently.

    Unit Awards: All possible. Some even likely. His Somalia deployment is the most mysterious for that. He was very thought after as a multi system commo guy with airborne and air assault caps. Maybe he provided his services for more units. I’d actually like to know that.

    Also his “illness” in the Heston picture. I somehow doubt Heston would shake his hands if he was down with Malaria so easily.


    As I said – I’m on the fence. His record is clearly screwed up – obviously missing a lot that he legitimately earned. But on top of those easy claims are those extraordinary like 2 CIB and the PH that he does not support so far.

    Either he is a lying POS and unnecessary embellisher or he had a very very interesting and unusual career and could easily clear this up.

    History proofs it might not be the latter – but somehow this seems different.

    If he had

    • ninja says:

      He went to Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC starting in January 1982. After graduation, he went to Fort Gordan, GA for AIT with the Signal Corps.

      He then to Airborne School at Fort Benning, GA and graduated from Airborne School in September 1982.

      After Airborne School, he went to Fort Bragg, NC. He claims 82dn, but could have been part of other Fort Bragg units. On one Facebook posts, he claims to have made 151 jumps.

      From Fort Bragg, he got out in 1985 and moved to various places in the United States, such as Bloomington, Indiana, Orlando, Sanford, and Wintergardan FL, then relocated to Milwakee, WI where he re-enlisted in 1989. He then went to Ft Lewis, WA for a short time, then was sent to Gilenchern Germany in the 1990s. He deployed to Saudi for Desert Storm with VII Corps, then returned to Germany. After Germany, he PCSed to Fort Campbell, KY around 1993 and went to Somalia in early 1994 as part of Operation Hope. He contracted Malaria in February 1993 and may have stayed with the 101st until they returned to Campbell.He left the Army in 1995 to Indiapolis, Indiana.

      It is unknown when he joined the Indiana National Guard. It looks as if he participated in Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts, but it is unknown if he went into the Sandbox for OIF or if he stayed Stateside.

      His MOS during Active Duty was the 31 Series. It is unknown if he switched MOS to 11B while with the Indiana National Guard.

      He left the Indiana National Guard in 2011.

      • ninja says:

        I stand corrected.

        His FOIA said he got out of active duty in April 1993, so am speculating because of his Malaria in February 1993, he was returned to Fort Campbell.

        I also made a mistake when I said he went to Somalia in early 1994. The statement should read 1993, not 1994.

        He also went to Air Assault School at Fort Campbell.

        • Claw says:

          One other small correction. Hampe was REFRAD at Ft. Bragg on 840612 (with no rank noted) after spending only 2 yrs, 6 months and 17 days on active duty. Sure seems like an odd amount of time to be let go (5 months early) on a 3 year enlistment.

          Did Fayettenam claim another victim? Hardship discharge? Dick-Stepper? Guess we’ll never know./s

          • Claw says:

            Oops, Damnit. (Not enough coffee)/s

            That should be 2 yrs, 4 months and 17 days and let go 7 months early.

            I’ll go sit in the corner for a time-out.

    • 5jc says:

      How did he get a CIB as a signal soldier? Thinking it didn’t happen.

      “Either he is a lying POS and unnecessary embellisher or he had a very very interesting and unusual career and could easily clear this up.”

      Maybe a little bit of both. That and his mad skills with putting his rack together. I’ve seen worse.

  6. TY HAMPE says:

    The FBI came to my home today. They have copies of all my military service records. DD form 214s (2) DDform 215 with correction and my form 55 from the national guard. You guys may be should have all the paperwork before you bury a true veteran. I get your passion and understand. The agent today said he was happy to see I had all my documents. FYI I did not earn or ever claim to have earned a purple heart I have no idea where you all got that. Again the FBI HAS EVERYTHING.

    • SFC D says:

      Bullshit. Explain to me, in 100 words or less, exactly why the FBI would investigate you for being a phony.

      I’ll wait. I’m a patient man.

      • ninja says:

        Is it really Ty Hampe who commented or is it his Wife or another Family Member or a Friend?

        Or a sickpuppet or troll?

        As we all know, DD214s can be forged.

        If it IS him, then he should be able to explain how he earned two CIBs.

    • rgr769 says:

      Total BS. The FBI could care less about you insofar as your military awards claims. We have exposed POSers on this site for many years who have committed egregious and multiple violations of SV laws, and the FBI has shown zero interest. The only veterans they ever look at have committed other federal crimes. It took about four years and constant buttonholing of a three star general by the POWnet folks before the FBI would do anything in response to their complaints. And that individual had defrauded the VA out of over $300K in benefits.

      • ninja says:

        rgr769 wrote:

        “And that individual had defrauded the VA out of over $300K in benefits.”

        Did that person used to be a Senior NCO in the US Army and told others he was a Vietnam POW?



        • rgr769 says:

          You have a memory like a steel vault. I was there when he was supposed to be a POW. A couple of months after his shenanigans, I joined the same unit. Needless to say, it would have been a hot discussion topic if anyone had been captured. Also, two of the men on his six-man team served with me.

    • Mustang Major says:

      Ty Hemp- I hope your employer is smart enough to see through your bull about the FBI clearing your name.

    • Green Thumb says:

      Ty Hampe = Extra Loser.

      Dude, you need to lay off of the Phildo.

  7. ChipNASA says:

    *Rolls eyes*
    Uh huh.
    Thanks for letting us know.
    What was the FBI’s name?!?!

    Gee, I’m so sorry. (sarc)

    If we didn’t have the proper documentation, or our documentation is *incomplete* why didn’t you share it with the Admins here??

    They are *MORE* than happy to review it and post it and make any necessary corrections or apologizes.

    The link and info are right here.


    Stands off to the side waiting for TY to comment and/or provide us the appropriate confirmation and proof.

    Oh what field office was the FBI’s from?
    How many agents came?
    Did they provide you a copy of the search warrant? Was it State or Federal?
    Did they have a Female agent present as is required by law?
    Did they leave copies of their judge signed, stamped, official foil seal and certified bonafides?

    Just wondering about the details.

    Please let us know. We’re all itchy to hear about the visit.

    • SFC D says:

      We’re gonna be here awhile. I’m making a beer run, any requests?

      • ChipNASA says:

        Yeah, you OWE me (LOL) for beating me to the comment. I had already written it but I had to step out before I hit send. SO here you go….
        I got this for everyone…

  8. ninja says:

    Is that is really Ty Hampe who made a comment, then I would like Ty to explain the 2 CIBs as well as explaining where he was 3-4 October 1993.

    ninja thinks the comment is bogus, possibly a troll or family member.

    Am also wondering as others are about Ty’s claim that the FBI came to his house. Yeah, right.

    Are you done researching the Internet, Mr. Troll, on our questions?

    BTW, Mr. Troll, are you the first Signal Corps Soldier to receive a CIB?

    • Mick says:

      I would like to hear what he thinks that he did to rate that Air Medal.

      • rgr769 says:

        Me too. I have three of them and it took quite a few combat ops in helos and the back seat of OV-10’s, over a period of fifteen months, to earn mine.

  9. Dennis - not chevy says:

    The FBI? Come on now Hampe, you’ve been telling stories for years; please come up with a better more entertaining story.

  10. Mustang Major says:

    Glad to see the FBI took special interest in “Two Star” Ty Hemp and his phony claims. I guess the special FBI Military Phony Task Force is now on the way to Elko, NV, to let Les Brown know that the recent confusion over his stolen valor has been cleared up, then on to the north country to let “Alaska Bob” Glaves know the same about bogus claims.

  11. ChipNASA says:

    Well I came back to see if Ty posted any explanation or not.
    It looks like “NOT” is the operative word.

    Well no-dick-shot-for-brain-fuck-nozzle-cum-dumpster here. Welcome back to the front page, at least for a little while.

    You worthless waste of air and minerals.

    Fucking less worthwhile than Hillary Clinton’s taint.

    • NHSparky says:

      …Hillary Clinton’s taint…

      I could have gone a few lifetimes without that fucking visual, man.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Damn…I missed the sock puppet! Wished I’d of missed this too. And here I am, slap out of eye/brain bleach Claw, get me a 55 gallon drum..STAT!

        Ty gonna make sure the bingo card gets filled…quickly.

  12. SFC D says:

    Ty! Come back, bro! Your Signal Corps brethren have questions for you!