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| November 11, 2019

Man Tending His Chickens Unloads Shotgun At Armed Intruders Who Assaulted His Fiancée

A man in Glen Burnie, Maryland said he leveled his shotgun when two armed intruders broke into his home and attacked his fiancée.

Thomas Fisher was reportedly outside feeding his chickens at 7:30 a.m. when he heard his dog barking, and ran back to the house to investigate.

“I pushed open the front door and noticed two gentlemen inside my house holding down my girlfriend,” he told the Baltimore Sun.
Fisher said he noticed the intruders had a gun and a large knife, but it did not dissuade him as he briefly retreated to grab a piece of pipe.

When he returned to the house for a second time, pipe in hand, “the guys were running down towards the basement.” This gave Fisher a chance to get inside the house and retrieve his shotgun. He then fired two blasts into one of the intruders’s legs.

“I didn’t wanna kill him. I couldn’t have lived with that on my mind,” he told the Sun.

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Bad form. Read the rest of nthe article here: Daily


Merritt Island Walmart shooting was self-defense, state attorney officials say

By J.D. Gallop
A love triangle that ended with a man getting shot to death in a Merritt Island Walmart was an act of self-defense, Brevard County State Attorney’s Office officials said Thursday.

No charges will be filed in the case.

The deadly shooting happened June 2 near the entrance to the store at 1500 East Merritt Island Causeway.

Dozens of shoppers scrambled for safety as a gunshot erupted near the grocery section.

The store was evacuated; customers moved into the parking lot outside as Brevard County sheriff’s deputies sorted through the shooting scene.

Shawn Robbins, 27, of Cocoa, was found lying on the ground in a pool of blood near the entrance.

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The rest of the article may be viewed here: Florida Today

Homeowner: Subjects attempted to break in while daughter was home alone

Gina Benitez
FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – A Fort Lauderdale homeowner is speaking out days after, she said, two male subjects attempted to break into her home while her teenage daughter was alone.

Kari Bookmyer said she immediately felt compelled to come to her daughter’s aid after receiving her phone call, Friday evening.

“Your first instinct is to protect your children,” she said.

Moments after she answered her cellphone, Bookmyer said, the call took a frightening turn.

“There was banging on the front door, and she was coming out of the bedroom thinking it was me to open the door,” she said,

But Bookmyer was still on her way home from work, so whoever was at her front door was not her.

Doorbell surveillance video shows a young man outside of the residence, just after 6 p.m.

“She was hysterical, telling me, ‘I don’t know what’s going on,’” said Bookmyer. “First there was banging on the door. Then the glass shattered.”

The homeowner said the sliding glass door in the back of the property had been shattered.

As panic set in, Bookmyer kept her daughter on the phone and used her other cellphone to call 911.

“I do have a concealed weapons permit, and I did tell the dispatcher I was going in my home,” said Bookmyer. “They suggested to wait for police, but with my daughter inside, I really didn’t care.”

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I’ll just leave this right here.

For Veteran’s Day, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, we have one DRT, one inconvenienced, and two in the wind. Smithers, loose the hounds.

Three groups spend other people’s money: children, thieves, and politicians. All three need supervision. —DICK ARMEY

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  1. Doc Savage says:

    He then fired two blasts into one of the intruders’s legs.
    “I didn’t wanna kill him. I couldn’t have lived with that on my mind,” he told the Sun.”

    Excellent point , Sir…..its so much more satisfying to watch the thug walk with a decided limp the remainder of his days. 🙂

  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    “…noticed two gentlemen…” Someone misspelled scum of the earth. Assault or threaten me or mine with a weapon and you WILL get three center mass and another to the brain bucket. Shoot, shovel, shut up.

    Brevard County…Got your dumbass kilt over some cooter kitty.

    No Mama Bear gonna “wait for the popo”. She was coming in hot with her fangs out.

    Nice shoulder fired and handheld Artillery you gots there Mister. fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap

  3. Thunderstixx says:

    911 operator says to wait for the cops…..
    While his daughter is raped and then murdered….
    I’m for the guy continuing to go to the scene with my daughter…..
    A CCW permit is not a reason to get into the situation, it’s because of the situation that your right to self defense for yourself and yours against any and all customers usurps all other claims and threats laid against any of those that are screaming for help…..
    Call 911, give them the location, tell them there is a crime in progress and that you need police, fire department and medical help, identify yourself and hang up…..
    Then call your attorney and send them to the scene.
    Say nothing more as all 911 calls are recorded, even when the phone is ringing…..
    Those words will be used against you, guaranteed…
    And for the guy with the limp, he could limp his way back to an ambush of you and your family.
    Very bad idea…

  4. At least the guy feeding his chickens wasn’t a chicken when he capped the perp in his leg with that shot gun.