The Real Reasons For Doing Stupid Things

| October 25, 2019

The real reason Dick’s destroyed all those guns may be right here.  Ed Stack wants to run for Prezzie on a 3rd party ticket. Instead of returning them to the manufacturers for a refund, he wanted to do his part in Political Virtue Signaling.

From the article:  Ed Stack, the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods and a longtime Republican donor, is testing the waters for a possible third-party presidential bid that could scramble the dynamics of the 2020 general election.

Various messages were presented to a focus group in southern Wisconsin this week centering on the billionaire businessman, along with possible three-way match-ups against Donald Trump and Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.

The focus group, according to a source who took part in the testing, ran through varying themes involving Stack and heavily focused on his example of “showing leadership” by halting the sale of assault-style rifles at all of Dick’s Sporting Goods stores in the wake of the high school massacre in Parkland, Fla. – article

As the author of the article indicates at the end:  Riding the artificial energy of the anti-gun crowd won’t usher you into the White House.

Gee whiz, boys and girls, I thought Bernie Sanders had that whole 3rd party thing tied up and stuck in his pocket. I was counting on his petulant soul running as a 3rd party candy date, as always, so that he could drain votes by his supporters (a growing number) from the Dems.  Competition… well, the more they butt heads with each other, the better, eh?

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Bob Drennan

*yawn* what ever dick.

5th/77th FA

“The real reasons for doing stupid things”… well…cause he’s/she’s/they’s stupid!

Mic drop, exit stage right…cue up Forrest Gump “Stupid is as Stupid does!”

Good luck to all on the TAH Friday Weekend Open Thread FIRST! Maybe the Valor Friday will drop before my ride gets here.


As a Freedom-loving American, I say to this Dick Supreme, ‘DO IT!’
Let us have the debate in the public arena, I’m sure it’ll end well for this tyrant.

Comm Center Rat

Wouldn’t mind seeing this billionaire waste $100 million or so of his personal fortune in a losing effort to garner a 1% favorable rating in the presidential campaign polls. Money never buys virtue.

Ed Stack don’t know dick!


Go for it, Ed!

(While still believing it was a very ignorant move from a business perspective, since the corp owned those evil gunz they were/are free to distribute them pretty much however they want to do it. Unlike all those folks who had no choice when their evil gunz sank to the bottoms of great waterways hither and yon.)


Dick is opening one of his over-priced Anti-Freedom stores just down the road aways.

I think I’ll make a trip to Academy today and buy more ammo.


And all those polls showed identical results:
Trump 55%
Dems: 45%
Stack: Who?

A Proud Infidel®™

I bet he’ll pop up and burn out like Bill DeBlabio, remember how quickly his campaign sank?


Say g’night, Dick.

RGR 4-78

G’night Dick.


3rd party run? Does this mean he’s a Russian asset?
By all means, run. Piss away your personal fortune on a really stupid useless gesture.

Meanwhile, I’ll still be shopping at Academy Sports and Outdoors


Having demonstrated a willingness to say “FU” to his fiduciary duty to his stockholders, he now wants us to trust him with the Country?

That level of arrogance demonstrates his unfitness for the office he seeks.


No question, the chain is named after him.. he truly, and without a doubt is a DICK!It was a great chain when it was Galyans.. but now it caters to the NBA crowd, with about the same standards as those commie loving gangbangers…

Just An Old Dog

Third Party Candidates are nothing more than a drain of voters away from the two Main Parties.
The more leftists that get their asses in the air and run the better.
It was a 3rd Party Candidate ( Perot) that put Bill Clinton in office.


They did the perfect thing.
They paid the companies for the evil. black rifles.
They then destroyed the perfectly good rifles.
The companies made more guns and sold them to someone else.
Double the profit to the gun companies.
A continuing loss to Dicks from alienating half their customers.