Chief Edward Gallagher forwards Clemency Package

| October 10, 2019

Chief Edward Gallagher has a clemency package before the Chief of Naval Operations. What started off as charges that included premeditated murder ended up with the SEAL being convicted of posing with a dead ISIS fighter. He was acquitted of the other charges.

His lawyer forwarded a clemency package on Gallagher’s behalf to the Chief of Naval Operations, asking that this sentence be removed and that Chief Gallagher be subjected to non-judicial punishment instead. Plenty is at stake if the current sentence holds.

From the Navy Times:

After acquitting him of all but the photograph charge the previous day, a panel of Gallagher’s military peers on July 3 recommended the chief be reduced to petty officer first class, forfeit $2,697 of pay per month for four months and be confined to the brig for four months, half of what he’d already spent in pretrial confinement in San Diego.

Under Navy regulations, however, he’s slated to be automatically demoted to the pay grade of E-1 for receiving a sentence of confinement following a general court-martial.

The Navy Times article continues on to compare what he could get if he retires as chief versus what he’d get if the current sentence is supported:

If Gallagher retires as a chief, the likely value of his pension before he dies is about $1.7 million, according to an analysis added to his clemency filing.

As an E-1, it would be worth only $654,135.

One of the things that the article points out is that other members of the unit Gallagher was with also took pictures with a dead ISIS fighter. This was followed by individuals posing with the dead body for a photo. Chief Gallagher is the only one that has been convicted of doing this.

The Navy Times article contains additional details and factors related to this case.

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Either bust them all down to E-1, or let it go and send Gallagher to retirement.

This looks like some sort of vendetta to me.


Pretty much: Gallagher was MEAN, therefore he had to be the one to be made an example of. No one expected him to fight back and catch the attention of the President and the public, and now the prosecution, press, and Navy as a whole is catching flack for it. It’ll be interesting to see how they….dispose of this.

5th/77th FA

“…some sort of vendetta to me.”

Yep! Somebody is pissed cause they ain’t got the balls to get the skill set needed to be a FIRST Class Warrior of the Chief’s caliber and they don’t have a mate that is the level of hotness that his wife is.

Big Navy needs to do the right thing and let this go. YMMV

Comm Center Rat

From the Navy Times article: “Slated for advancement to senior chief before the war crimes probe kicked off, his elevation was put on hold.”

“Nominated for the Silver Star medal for battlefield valor, his award submission was tossed out and officials removed him as an instructor at Special Operations Urban Combat School.”

IMHO Chief Gallagher should be awarded the Legion of Merit and allowed to retire as a CPO with the grateful thanks of our nation.




Meanwhile…the dipshits who prosecuted him got Naval Achievement Medals. Figure that one out. Well, they were SUPPOSED to, anyway.


Not that I give NPR any objectivity in reporting but here this is. Yeah, they got yanked.


Sucks big time. His behavior afterward has nothing to do with the valor he showed.




Could not have said it better Comm Center Rat. I would also give him the Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal for excellence in photography. Screw these whiny, PC ass wipes who spend their time waiting and looking for reasons to be offended. This goes to an earlier thread about the Marine Brigadier General who used course language or some such, which was or could have been derogatory to women. give me a tiny break…please. Sorry in advance if anyone is offended, but women do not belong anywhere near combat arms to any degree. I mean NONE. We need to go back to sexually segregated BCT, Boot Camp or whatever the branch calls it. And we need to keep them separated except as their official duties bring them together. After hours, you take responsibility for yourself. If one is of higher rank, have the common sense God gave little green apples to look after those of lower rank and steer them clear of potential trouble. But what the hell do I know? When I served we were segregated and there were not these constant issues involving sexual matters. Yes, there were cases of rape, assault, etc. You name it, it happened and the offending party was prosecuted to the fullest. The point is, they were few and far between because the opportunity was not there. Now, women and men live bunk by bunk in the same barracks and they wonder why there are sexually related problems. A gal gets the no-go from a guy see’s sweet on and next thing you know, he’s charged with gosh knows what because he turned down her advances. And I know the guys do the same when a gal turns him down by trying to make her life miserable. You mix oil and water and you get shit in these forced situations. The rule in my time was, fewer Article 15s and more fistfights and by golly, it seemed to work. Do you want to settle things with another troop? Either, go whine to the Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant or Top which gets both… Read more »

Stewart C Waymon



When political appointees are concerned more with social justice than winning wars sh*t like this happens.
Damn shame especially since there are true monsters out there, former-SSG Calvin Gibbs comes to mind.


We want fearless hard men to go into battle and brutally kill the enemy.

However, we will crucify them if they take a picture with that same dead enemy terrorist.

It is utter insanity.


As if we are becoming a nation of pampered poodles …

MSG Eric

There are thousands of service members posing with dead enemies, even taking pictures of dead enemies, sharing gun camera footage of them being blown to bits, etc.

Is the Navy’s plan to get everyone who’s done that prosecuted? They might have a hundred thousand or so cases to file if they do.


I’m pretty sure Eddie will land on his feet as whatever the Navy “awards” him on the way out. Still hope for the best for him, though.

Robert Wall

Chief Gallagher deserves respect and allowed to retire as a Chief. He was wrongfully imprisoned and his kids and wife were harassed and humiliated. This country needs to stand up for him!!!

Stewart C Waymon



Just curious, can an admiral’s mast reduce in rate a navy chief E-7 to E-9? Having read the Navy personnel handbook years ago,I get a captain’s mast can’t bust a chief down, but doesn’t mention if a flag officer can.

Have a daggum good air force weekend y’all.