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| September 22, 2019

Burglary suspect shot after telling homeowner: ‘Give me that gun before you hurt yourself, old man’

MANILA, Ark. (KAIT) – When a Mississippi County man awoke to find a burglar in his house, he told him to leave. Then the suspect told him to hand over his gun. Sheriff’s deputies say that’s when the homeowner shot him.

The victim told deputies he awoke around 3 a.m. Tuesday to a loud noise at his house on East 1st Street.

The homeowner grabbed his gun and began searching the home. In the living room, he found a man he did not know.

The victim told the suspected burglar to leave.

But the man ignored him, according to Sheriff Dale Cook, and began fixing himself something to eat and drink.

Once again, the homeowner told the man to leave.

Instead, the suspect began unplugging the television.

When the victim told him to leave again, the suspect reportedly said: “Give me that gun before you hurt yourself, old man.”

Instead, the suspect began unplugging the television.

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Briarcliff homeowner holds armed men at gunpoint

Two armed men allegedly threatened a homeowner Thursday morning in Briarcliff, but when deputies arrived, the homeowner was holding them at gunpoint. According to Baxter County Sheriff John Montgomery, 29-year-old Greg Garreans and 28-year-old Kip Swadley of rural Mountain Home are in the Baxter County Detention Center on a felony count of aggravated assault, and a third suspect is on the run after fleeing from the scene.

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Woman fires shots to break up robbery outside Popeyes
Love that chicken from Popeyes, err, Suspect taken into custody in nearby neighborhood

By Liane Morejon
Police are investigating after a woman fired her gun during a robbery outside a Popeyes in southwest Miami-Dade County.

Miami-Dade police Detective Lee Cowart said a woman who witnessed the robbery outside the Popeyes on the corner of Southwest 112th Avenue and Southwest 152nd Street tried to intervene, pulled out a gun and fired several shots.

The woman, who identified herself to Local 10 News reporter Liane Morejon only as Lula, said she was at the Popeyes getting lunch when she saw the robber beating on the victim.

She said she “had to stop him.”

“He was bleeding profusely, yes,” Lula said. “I just had to save the guy’s life. That’s all I did was try to save someone’s life.”

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Today’s totals, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, are zero morts, a respectable four inconvenienced, and one in the wind. I’m sure his pals are stand-up and wouldn’t think of ratting him out for a reduced sentence.

When liberty is taken away by force, it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default, it can never be recovered. — DOROTHY THOMPSON

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That first story needs an edit. Last line perhaps should read:

“Instead, the victim plugged the burglar.”

5th/77th FA

I’d have shot hell out of all 5 of them. Get my 5 pete one damn way or another. Better to be judged by 12 than toted by 6.

daHell is the Sunday gunz pr0n? And the Miss Thang? You can’t be depressed, Navy had a bye week yesterday. Everything OK at home? Anything we can do to help?

The Dawgs finally played a ranked team and managed to beat them and the Tide Rolled all over them S Miss T boys. Think that final score was Bama 70 something and SMTT 1.8 million $.


Model P and a High Wall. Only way it would get better would be the bottle blonde holding the real wood and steel guns.

Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

Heh. The burglar got the gun, alright. One round of it anyway. Homeowner should have given him a second round, so the first one wouldn’t be lonely.

Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

The Popeye’s lady is a “winner winner chicken dinner!”

5th/77th FA

Gunz pr0n and Miss Thang pics are proof that AW1Ed loves us and wants us to be happy. Creedmore or a Sharps Breech load? .44/40, or .45/70? Couldn’t tell. Sister Golden Hair has a surprise…for someone!

Tanks Mate.


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Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Very debonair Chick holding that rifle. By the way, don’t tell me that those are what looks like rotted out tires that she is posing on.


The rifle is an AR-10 variant likely in .308/7.62mm Nato caliber. Shot my old Bushmaster CAR-15 on Saturday for the first time in over ten years. After a minor sight adjustment I blew up an old microwave with a jar of that explosive target powder (Tannerite substitute) with one shot. It was an impressive explosion. First time I ever used that stuff.