Legion reacts to Stolen Valor

| August 22, 2019

One of our ninjas sends us this sad tale of Stolen Valor, Canadian style. From what “Stolen Valour Canada” states, this Capt. Terrence “Terry” Birch fellow is either embellishing or an outright valor thief. The article shows brief service as a reservist in the Canadian Army Service Corp.

A quick search reveals,

Transporting supplies from RCOC depots, field parks, or other establishments was the job of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. The RCASC was responsible for holding, moving, and issuing to the fighting troops all food, ammunition, POL (Petrol-or gasoline-Oil, and Lubricants), and any other necessary equipment.
Juno Beach

A very necessary, if not exactly glamourous Branch of the Service. Not sure about their rank structure, but making Captain during a brief reserve tour is unlikely at best.

Cpt. Terry Birch signing the City of Cornwall’s Book of Recognition allegedly wearing medals that Stolen Valor claims he did not earn (Nick Seebruch/ Seaway News).

Here’s what Seaway News thinks about him.

By Nick Seebruch

CORNWALL, Ontario – Cornwall Legion Branch 297 is reacting after one of its members was called out by Stolen Valor for allegedly wearing military medals he did not earn.

Stolen Valor is an organization dedicated to investigating those improperly wearing medals.

On Tuesday, Aug. 20, Stolen Valor published a tweet alleging that Capt. Terrence “Terry” Birch was wearing several medals in public that he is not entitled to wear.

Stolen Valor alleges that there is no evidence that Birch is entitled to wear the Special Service Medal, Centennial Medal, Canada 125th Medal or the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. Stolen Valor further alleges that Birch’s Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers should be investigated and reviewed due to it’s awarding being based on his claimed service record.


“When individuals commit stolen valor . . . they degrade the honour and sacrifice many made to protect our freedoms,” he said.

Wearing military medals, or uniforms not properly bestowed, or imitation medals or uniforms, is a violation of Section 419 of the Criminal Code. The Legion condemns any Criminal Code violation.

A Criminal Code violation would be investigated by the local police service.

Read the entire article here: Seaway News

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5th/77th FA

Ain’t a trigger puller/door kicker in the world that wasn’t glad to see a “Supply Guy” show up. No use pulling a trigger if you out of the stuff that goes bang/all ‘splodey. And who wants to pull a vehicle or glide an aircraft? Dry socks, foot powder, water, something to eat, maybe some mail?

Be proud of what you did Dippy. ‘specially on Juno Beach.

Haywire Angel

Spent all my time in Vehicle Maintenance. I was proud of the work I did there, and see no need to embellish my career.


Good choice. There are thousands of (former) trigger-squeezers who wish they once had the foresight to have done that instead.


Meh, Danger is my middle name.
Besides, who doesn’t like camping, in single digits, while it’s sleeting, in Iraq, while you’re overlooking a known IED makers house, in the wrong side of town, with 10 people that have been up for a day and a half, and 2/3 of them have what could only be described as a ‘flu that makes you wish death would stop with the foreplay and stick it in already’.
It feels good to share.

SSG Kane

Only to find out you’ve been camping the wrong house, and the bomb maker had left after finding your OP on his roof.

Comm Center Rat

Here’s hoping RCAF Chairborne pipes in on this SVC article. Was this POL dipstick a Captain, as in a commissioned officer in the Canadian Defence Forces or a Captain with Cadet rank in some commissioning program?

As despicable as Birch’s medallic fuckery is, it sickens me more to learn he claims to be a combat wounded Armoured Corps officer. Hopefully, the Royal Canadian Legion expels this shitbag from their ranks quickly.


Nothing technical about it. As a now-retired CIC colleague once said, “My commission scroll reads the same as Gen. Hillier’s”. As for authority in the “actual” military, we CIC officers serve in the same CAF as the other branches of the service. We are just as much part of the military as anyone in the ref force, PRes etc. As a CIC officer I do not have authority over someone in other branches of the service since they are in different chains of command, but the reverse is also true. 16 years as CIC and damn proud of that


That’s a much better description. I saluted CIC officers with as much respect as any other. Ive seen the difference they have made in the lives of the young cadets. Especially the ones without a father at home.


It’s comical at how his son is defending him & saying stuff about so-called soldiers being cowards & hiding behind the SVC logo lol…..


Nah i hammered him on his FB Page..to my American brothers, there is no Armoured Bomb Squad he claimed to be, served 23 yrs in it Corps.😀


The only thing you hammered was that little thing you play with in your pants, i would say you obviously dont read but then again, your SVC fraud squad deleted the conversation….it was a typo, or a misinterpretation of what was said, but again either you cant read or maybe its because your shithead erased it

Perry Gaskill

The Seaway News rocks. Not only did I learn that Birch is a possible phony who should be beaten with hockey sticks, but also that Brenda’s Veggies has been recognized as a provincial food champion…


Pulled your sarcs on for that one, didn’t ya, Perry?

Perry Gaskill

Not so, Poe. I went through the paper and never once ran across a reference to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Southern Poverty Law Center, or Maxine Waters screeching “‘Peach foady fi!” They also ran a story from an event put on last Saturday by the St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences, and not once resorted to mentioning– and pontificating– about global warming.

If I lived in Seaway, I’d probably be happy to spend the loonies for a subscription, eh?

Daisy Cutter

Well, colour me purple. Stolen valour up north. No humour in this at all.

This was an offence only remedied if he would centre in on remorse, apologise and change his behaviour.


Looks like little Shamus has a problem with the truth…


I dont have a problem with anything, if its the truth, i will deal with it, if its false…then what will the fraud squad in their defence?


Jeff LPH 3 66-69 – I lost your email address, but I finally found where my mom put my dad’s Universal M-8000 Communications Terminal. Send me an email, if you don’t remember mine, you know who to ask :).


I always told my Recon dudes: I do what I do to support you in doing what you do, because if I didnt I’d have to do what you do…and I dont want to do what you do.

Semper Supply


That’s why you don’t f*** with supply, or the cooks.
I took a partial guard shift for our mechs and spoons more than once.

RGR 4-78

Captain Jiffy Lube to the rescue.


All those medals, with gravity in effect…
For God’s (or the Queen’s sake),
Don’t scratch the paper!!



(I’m being reserved here.)


For soldiers, you are not professional at all, some of you were weekend warriors, some of you are just nothing, and as for the vets, the old vets are roling in their graves, not about what you are doing, but more about your way anout it, if you are that proud of SVC and what it does, then why do they delete conversations, why do they block family from commenting, why did i get a personal message from whoever it is that is hiding behind your SVC crest then blocked me from responding? Its so easy for all you people to try and belittle a person for his accomplishments possibly out of jealousy or what not. If its all about medals then your SVC or some sort of representative from this so called organization should have approached him, introduced themselves like a real man would have done, brought up the concern and take it from there, not sending a message on fb, what uneducated moron would do such a thing?