Another Valor Thief

| August 16, 2019

LST 393 seen in full camouflage paint in 1945.

Not to be out done by Sergeant Rumsby and the dog tags, UpNorth sends us a link to a WWII memorial site and museum, the ex-USS Muskegon, LST-393. She is one of two remaining tank landing ships, and saw action in the European Theater during WWII. There she participated in the landing at the Sicily; the Salerno landings; and the Invasion of Normandy. She won three battles stars for those missions.

While open for visitors last weekend, a valor thief was among the tourists. From UpNorth’s link:

Man sought after thefts at WWII museum in Muskegon

by Bob Brenzing

MUSKEGON, Mich. – A man allegedly stole several artifacts from a veterans museum over the weekend.

Someone stole a number of hats, buttons, medals and other items that were on display at the USS LST 393 Veterans Museum in Muskegon. Staff at the museum believes they were taken on Saturday, August 3rd.

Museum manager Ike Villalpando first noticed something was wrong when he came in for work on Monday. He first noticed items missing from the museum’s Margaret Tolar exhibit. A hat, multiple medals and a hat were taken from her area.

“To the family that donated this, its priceless. Its priceless,” Villalpando says.

The rest of the article maybe viewed here: Fox 17 Online

There’s video of a “person of interest” the local LEOs would like to have a chat with. Keel-hauling would be a fitting punishment, and UpNorth can man one of the lines.

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I would check the vests of known Valor theives.
Just sayin….


“They’re always coming for our vests!”

5th/77th FA

“keelhauling would be appropriate.” Yeah…by the neck. If the POS survives that, then hang the SOB from the yardarm. I’ve got rope. Grrrr


World War II items are no more easily identified than modern stuff. This stuff, including the hats, will probably turn up on eBay or Etsy.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Some thief needs to be beaten to within an inch of his life.

Pineywoods NCO

Why stop there? Take the inch too.


I think keelhauling would be too gentle and quick.

Insert them in the buff in some godless hellhole and let them try to survive the ragheads after them while it is 115′


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