Washington nonprofit leader paid rent with veterans’ money, documents show

| August 15, 2019


One of our ninjas came up with this infuriating saga of how a charity that provided veteran’s work and housing for 30 years is now in financial straights. The manager, Rosemary Hibbler, used the Veterans Independent Enterprises of Washington (VIEW) as her personal account, while bills and workers salaries were late, or not paid at all. Records show withdrawals from casino ATMs, and rent with late fees paid to her landlord from VIEW’s account. Perhaps the worst part, she’s a veteran, too.

Author: Susannah Frame

The leader of a Pierce County charity for veterans in need siphoned money from the nonprofit and used it to cover her personal living expenses, a KING 5 investigation found.

Rosemary Hibbler, operations manager of Veterans Independent Enterprises of Washington (VIEW), withdrew more than $11,000 from the nonprofit’s bank account to pay her landlord rent and late rent payment fees between October 2018 and March 2019, according to newly-obtained financial documents.

The findings come in the wake of a five-month KING 5 investigation, released last week, which uncovered more than $250,000 in unexplained purchases, expenses and withdrawals detailed in the nonprofit’s bank records from May 2018 to April 2019.

The expenses include approximately $26,000 either withdrawn from local casino ATMs or spent inside the gambling establishments. The investigation also found $40,500 of the group’s money was transferred into someone’s personal bank account.

The VIEW, located in University Place, has provided employment and housing for homeless and disabled veterans in Pierce County for more than 30 years.

The rest of this must-see article and video may be found here: KREM 2

Hat tip to our ninjas, you never know when they’ll appear.

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In before…..

“That dirty *BEEP*! That rotten filthy *BEEP* *BEEP*! Someone get a rope and a hot poker. We need to string this *BEEP* up by her *BEEP* and then jamb a flaming piece of metal into her *BEEP*!. I hope this corrupt *BEEP* dies a miserable death. Stupid *BEEP* should have known better.

(That is all.)


Rosemary Hibbler an Army Veteran?


She is also a convicted Felon. Check out the document link below of her criminal history:

“A review of Washington State Patrol criminal background records also shows Hibbler is an eight-time convicted felon. She’s spent time in prison for theft and forgery, stemming from cases in 2007 and 2008. Her convictions were for stealing money from the bank accounts of two Western Washington companies while working as a bookkeeper.”



She also might have gone by the name of Rosemary Pargoud or Rosemary Pargoud-Hibbler or Rosemary Pargoud-Hibbler while in the US Army.

She spend some time at Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women. I guess she did not learn from her stay there:


Mustang Major

So much for pre-employment background checks as well as third party audits.

Helpfull Medal

I’ve always said that anyone who is convicted of three felonies should get the death penalty, period. Not life in prison, but lethal injection. By the third time it’s clear that you won’t ever learn and are no longer worthy of the life you’ve been given.


That certainly would put a dent in those recidivism stats. But I suspect our Supreme Court would find that was a violation of the 8th Amendment of our Constitution (cruel and unusual punishment.


When one considers how many actions are now “felonies” , you could easily become a “three time loser” just by maintaining a small rural residence, and trying to grow food there while making improvements.

Be careful of what you wish in terms of Law. You -will- live under it.


Amen. I would agree with the above statements if the criminal justice system wasn’t the corrupt money making scheme that it is (with exceptions of course). Be careful what you wish for indeed.


I really gotta start me one of these charity things. I want to get rich quick, but I don’t really want the attention of politics. My mid-life guidance counselor has suggested charity work.


Gambling debts? Can’t pay the rent at home?

Smoke = fire. If she was getting a salary of some kind….


5th/77th FA

What ChipNASA said…and then some! Scrunt!!!

I know and understand the HoI is usually earmarked for Valor Thieves, n’er do wells and overall dirtbags. Do believe she qualifies on all three counts here.

I make a motion for the deployment there of. Can we get a SECOND and an AYE?

Standing by.

Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

Coming late to the lynching ……errr……neck tie party.
As a fellow Ground Pounder, I hereby second 5/77 FA nomination to deploy the HoI and the Toilet Bowl against Ms Rosemary Nibbler…….HIBBLER.


One should rum a business on “trust but verify”. Your initial band of merry folk may be saints, but the value you create will draw the scammers.

Two people validate disbursements. The books get audited.

Trust but verify.


Just an evil corrupt scrunt. Hope we get to see her photo soon, cuz she is likely an evil, ugly piece of work.


According to the records linked to the news article, lovely Rosemary is a 50 year old, six foot, 287 pound black woman. She has been convicted of eight felonies for forgery, bank fraud, and theft. Somehow, I doubt she will have a military record in addition to the impressive record she already has.


Why does this remind me of Les?

Over the last few years TAH has featured quite a
few scammers and con artists feeding on the “vet as a victim” narrative. As if being a vet makes you at risk for homelesness, suicide, and drugs
far beyond non veterans.

The latest rage is dogs for PTSD.
Seems a new puppy mill opens every week.
It’s for the vets!


Well look at that…another crooked “veteran’s charity”.

So unsurprised.

And yes, the organization is corrupt or a known criminal would not be in charge.


OMG what is it with you guys? Admit it. You just want her vest.


I wonder if she ever took 4 all expense paid trips to Arlington Natiinal Cemetery? I’ve heard it’s amazing.

A Proud Infidel®™️

She ought to hawk an annual Chili Feed like Les Brown does in Elko NV!