Alexandria Cortez Gets Schooled on Border Issues

| July 19, 2019

What Alexandria Cortez thought versus what others thought. (r/The_Donald)

One of the ways to encourage high school students, or younger students, to take their studies seriously is to point to Alexandria Cortez. A basic understanding of American History, Government, Civics, etc., could’ve prevented Cortez from having some of her political grandstanding from blowing up in her face.

Or, would she even care about what was contained in those textbooks?

She went to a detention facility, then came out complaining as if these were “concentration camps”. She went on to list some of the “hideous” treatment that those in the facilities allegedly experienced.

Then people decided to go to see for themselves what Cortez saw. Surprise, surprise, it turned out that Cortez was wrong. The children were treated well and had a better quality of life than many people living in the United States.

But, that doesn’t stop the congresswoman. She asked Kevin McAleenan, Acting Homeland Security Secretary if separating children from their families contributed to a “dehumanizing culture.”

From Fox News:

“We are a culture of front line agents and officers, men and women, who have already affected 4,000 rescues, risking our own lives for the sake of rescuing people who find themselves in danger trying to, more often than not, illegally cross the border,” Perez responded, noting his 26 years on the job.

He said the culture among agents is to protect communities from gangs, drug traffickers and other criminals.

Perez also updated on the progress made in building the border wall, confirming that over two-and-a-half years, construction of “over 51 miles of new and enduring capability along our southwest border” has been completed.

The Fox News article notes that Alexandria Cortez has been the subject of memes that agents made of her. This isn’t the only time that she tried to angle for the “family separation” argument. The rest of the article could be read here.

In this video, Thomas Homan gives Alexandria Cortez responses that don’t appear to be the kind of responses she wanted:

Here is a part of the transcript of their exchange, taken from another video, done the best I could:

Alexandria Cortez: This is the source of it and it seem as though Mr. Holmen that you are the author. It says here from yourself, Kevin MacLennan (?), and Francis Cesna (?). Is this correct did you sign the memo.

Thomas Homan: I’ll have to see it what you

Voice: Yeah [conversation]

Alexandria Cortez: I’d be happy to provide it. Um, and we’ll provide it over but I would like to note that here it says the official recommendation, there were three different options presented, the third included the option for family separation. This initiative would pursue the prosecution of all amenable (?) adults including those presenting with a family unit. Mr. Homan your name is on this, is this correct?

Thomas Homan: Yes, I signed that memo.

Alexandria Cortez: So you are the author of the family separation policy…

Thomas Homan: I am not the author of this memo.

Alexandria Cortez: You’re not the author but you signed the memo.

Thomas Homan: Yes, a zero, a zero-tolerance memo.

Alexandria Cortez: So you provided the official recommendation to Secretary Nielsen on family, for the United States to pursue family separation.

Thomas Homan: I gave secretary Nielsen numerous recommendations on how to secure the border and save lives…

Alexandria Cortez: But it says here that you re.. you gave her numerous options but the recommendation was option three fa…

Thomas Homan: But..

Alexandria Cortez:… family separation

Thomas Homan: But what I’m saying is that this is not the only paper where we have given the secretary numerous options to secure the border and save lives.

Alexandria Cortez: And so the recommendation of the many that you recommended you recommended family separation.

Thomas Homan: I recommended zero tolerance.

Alexandria Cortez: Which includes family separation.

Thomas Homan: The same as it is whenever a U.S. citizen when the parent gets arrested with a child

Alexandria Cortez: Zero tolerance was interpreted as the policy that separated children from their…

Thomas Homan: If I get arrested for DUI and I have a young child out in the car, I’m going to be separated. When I was a police officer in New York and I arrested a father for domestic violence, I separated that..

Alexandria Cortez: Mr. Holmen, with all due

Thomas Homan: … this father…

Alexandria Cortez:…respect, legal asylees are not charged with any crime.

Thomas Homan: When you’re in the country illegally, it’s a violation 8 United States Code 1325…

Alexandria Cortez:… Seeking asylum is legal.

Thomas Homan: If you want to seek asylum you go through the port of entry and do it the legal way.

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5th/77th FA

The sad thing is she got elected. Even sadder is the fact that there were 16,000 people stupider than her. Typical congress critter and demon rat. “Let’s twist this thing the way we want it to be twisted.

Just like the blurbs on the epstein fiasco. What little has been shown on national news has been showing dTrumpster at ONE party next to that pervert. Not one single reference to Slick Willie and his 26 airplane trips. Go figure.

I feverently hope that there are enough of us who see these parasites for what they are. Hell bent on a path of destruction to the American Republic.

Cameron Kingsley

I think there are. And that Epstein case is sure as hell is doing nothing to help the situation. This goes to show you that you can bury the truth all you want but it will still come out, come hell or high water (and God help you for when it does). And people in other countries make fun of us for not trusting the government (Look at history (the Native Americans, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, China under Mao, North Korea, Imperial Japan in World War II, Cambodia under Saloth Sar AKA Pol Pot to find out why you should be weary of who’s in power you morons and don’t ever say that it can’t happen in your country or that it can’t happen again (a common mistake that can have dire consequences for the fools that believe it and everyone else around them). Because it easily can happen.). Yeah, there’s a reason I am falling more and more in love with the concept of a minarchy (or Night-watchman State).


Governs best = governs least

How little federal government is sufficient to preserve Liberty and defend the Nation?

Cameron Kingsley

I would say everything that’s in Section 8 of the Constitution. Everything else like infrastructure, welfare, health care should be left to the states. As for welfare, the only way I can support is A: it must be strictly temporary, B: the person has to actively look for employment if they want it to continue and they must continue to search for better employment C: Private charities should be allowed to operate as well. For health care, I am beginning to believe that health insurance should only be used in emergencies, get the government out of it and make it free market which can allow for those who can afford it to pay out of pocket for things like routine upkeep or minor illnesses and save the insurance for major emergencies (the industry as a whole can regulate itself, you don’t become successful or stay successful by constantly screwing up especially when it comes to people’s health), only allow malpractice lawsuits in actual cases of it, and for those who cannot afford health care, there’s always plenty of room for charity hospitals and medical centers such as Saint Jude or religious organizations.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

The reason she got elected is that her electors are from low income areas and I shouldn’t say this but a lot of her constiuants are, the I want everything for free peeps. How about Trump showing the real WW2 concentrations and then the “new” new concentration camps. I see the new ones on tv, but I don’t see stacks of dead bodies outside or piled up in gas chambers so where are the stacks of bodies???


“The Big Lie” wasn’t just from Goebbels.


The staged photos of her at that chain link fence were offset by another photographer who showed in one photo that there was a walk-through entrance a few feet from where she was standing.

She is a pimp, a pimp and a bimbo. The more I see of her antics to get attention, the more I expect to see her trip over her own feet in public. Not too far off, either.


There was also just a parking lot on the other side of that fence.
The third pic down in this piece from Powerline blog.


And it was an empty parking lot. There weren’t even kids or people on the other side of the fence.


I am seeing a pattern.

It is as if Socialists can only win by lying.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Yes and socialism is a form of Government so terrific that it has to be forced upon a population at gunpoint once it’s inflicted.


No… REALLY???? What makes you say that? It’s as if you detect a pattern or something.

The Other Whitey

Ojos-Locos really is the dumbest bitch alive.

About two years ago, a family showed up at my station on a road trip. Mom & dad emigrated (legally) from India and settled in Philadelphia. When his now-teenage American-born daughter started asking him what the deal was with the southern border, he decided to do a family road trip so she could see firsthand and decide for herself. As he put it, too many people in the media have an agenda for them to be trustworthy. They had made stops along the border from the south end of Texas and were almost to San Diego, and his daughter had been pretty surprised at the difference between MSNBC’s version and reality.

Nice folks, and their dad may well be the wisest man I’ve ever encountered.


Just one question: my skating coach was Polish by birth. Her husband was Chilean by birth. Both of them came in by the front door, applied for citizenship and are US citizens.

Now what is so hard to understand in ‘do it the right way or go home’?

A Proud Infidel®™

I have some Friends who legally immigrated to the US and you wanna talk about DIE HARD anti-illegal alien…


Yep! The ones who came in legally are the most vehement about insisting that everyone else do it legally, as well. And rightfully so.

A Proud Infidel®™️

A number of people drink at The Fountain of Knowledge, AOC gargled, spat and still guzzles at The Fountain of Stupid!


Oddly, deaths at the border, of those trying to cross illegally, are way down. 2017 and 2018 are much lower compared to 2012.

I wonder what changed?


Ocasio-Cortez could get schooled on the use of Slinky.


I think she is just repeating lines written for her by her dot Indian chief of staff. He has admitted he conducted interviews (audititions?) for the person to run against the incumbent in her New Yawk district.

Slow Joe

I think crazy eyes is smarter than we give her credit for.
She is catering to her dumb constituency and prodding the waters to see how viable is a presidential run in the near future after she is of age.

She is positioning herself as the future of the Democrat party, and that future seems to be on the far left, which in turn means no more wins in presidential elections.

If she is the new normal, then the future is bright for America and our constitutional freedoms have been secured for another generation, because there is no way most Americans are going to vote for her.


Good point, Joe. She’s the reason, which you made clear, that we do need to pay attention to what she and the others like her say, so that we can provide evidence regarding how much of a threat they are to real freedom.


I’ve heard this clip several times, but seeing the video is SOOOO much better. The look on her smug “I got you now” face that slams into a brick wall when he says “The same as it is whenever a U.S. citizen when the parent gets arrested with a child” is just awesome. You can see her trying to figure out what to say as a response to a point that destroyed her whole direction of questioning.

This is what happens when the drunks at a bar tell the bar maid, “Sure, you outta run for congress? How hard could it be?”