Cincinnati Incident

| July 10, 2019

I see no excuse for this at all.

I held off on this, because I see no excuse for any of it. She could have simply walked away from him and let him have those children. Now their father is dead and their mother is going to jail. She’s the one who shot him.

She is utterly despicable.

That’s all I have to say.

Rest in Peace, Tech. Sgt. Jason Hamrick.

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5th/77th FA

She wanted a new husband, wonder which one it’ll be? Big Bertha or Strap on Sally?

My sympathies to the children in the loss of their Father. For her…!


Its Ma’AM!


Ohio has the death penalty.

A Proud Infidel®™

Here’s hoping they get it and if not then life in prison sans any chance of parole!

Comm Center Rat

Two despicable and cowardly adulterers murder a spouse to gratify their lust and in the process they ruin the lives of five children and another spouse.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Here’s hoping they get the injection, the short drop to a neck break would be even better but some pansies have decided that’s cruel and unusual….seems fitting to me. You coldly murder someone over something as stupid as sex you deserve to bounce on a rope instead of just going to sleep.

A Proud Infidel®™

When a dog turns violent it is “put down” and I choose to see the condemned being “put down” like the animals they are.

Club Manager, USA ret.

From reading the AF Crimes article, looks like the only thing they can hang on the boyfriend is maybe adultery. The woman looks spaced out in the photo.

MI Ranger

While I may be naïve, I tend to listen only to facts and agree with Club_Manager that the only thing the civilians have on the boyfriend is failing to report the crime. The military of course will say Adultery, but he might get over on that since she is in the process of a divorce.
He can claim all the way ’til Sunday that he thought she was talking figuratively not physically murdering him. He thought she would just take him to the cleaners in the divorce, not clean out a space in his head with a viciously aimed piece of lead.


Am I just a cynic?

This is how I see the case going: She’ll claim he abused her throughout their marriage. Then, she’ll claim her boyfriend was emotionally abusive and manipulated her into pulling the trigger (though the article doesn’t really implicate him for anything beyond being a POS). Once she’s got the social-justice bandwagon behind her, she’ll take a very forgiving plea to send TSgt Jody up the river.

Just An Old Dog

I agree,,, the prosecuter will play them against each other to get a conviction on lesser pleas. She’ll get maybe 30-40 and walk out in under 20 and he’ll do less than 10.

Carlton G Long

Whatever human punishment is administered, it is best to remember that God is not mocked. He knows who did what to whom, and in His time, He will execute justice.


He’ll handle His end, whoever “He” may be. I’m a little less enthusiastic about how we handle it.