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| June 30, 2019

ruger lcr
Ruger LCR

Video: Attempted burglary, shooting at Bouchards; owner says: “I don’t come to work to have a shootout”

by Katie DeLong, John Parnon and Bryan Polcyn
MILWAUKEE — A 20-year-old man facing charges in connection with an attempted burglary and shooting that occurred at Bouchards, a high-end clothing store on Martin Luther King Drive, and for the first time, we are seeing the surveillance video that shows the store’s owner firing shots at the suspects. We have also learned the store’s owner won’t be charged in connection with the shooting.

“I believe that they would have gone through the door, and I would have been dead — so that’s the reason I reached for my gun and as soon as the first one turned his back, I put my gun down. I don’t come to work to have a shootout. I come to work to make money and so does everyone else,” Rami Murrar, who owns Bouchards said.

It was a dramatic break-in attempt that happened in the early morning hours of June 3rd — and the entire incident was captured on high-quality surveillance video.

The video shows Murrar sitting at a counter when three men approach with guns.

Murrar scrambles to grab a rifle as the suspects ram their van into the store’s entrance — smashing the glass.

The suspects try to push their way through the store’s doors, and that’s when Murrar opened fire.

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Raw video starts getting exciting around the 1 minute mark. View the entire article here: Fox 6

New homeowner shoots driver who crashed into house, sources say

By: Stephanie Tinoco
CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A woman was shot Thursday afternoon when she drove through the front door of a home built by Habitat for Humanity in the Hidden Valley neighborhood.

The new homeowner had only lived there for less than a month when she fired shots at the driver, Taneisha Gilmore.

Prior to the shooting, the homeowner’s friend had gotten into a violent fight with an ex-partner, sources told Channel 9.

The friend then went to the home on Spring Garden Lane.

The homeowner and her friend were inside the home when Gilmore drove toward the front of the house, knocking out the front door.

That’s when the homeowner, who was protecting herself, shot Gilmore behind the wheel, sources said.

A neighbor heard the gunfire.

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Read the rest of the article here: WSOC TV

Update: Two arrested after suspect shot during robbery at North Port ATM

By: WFTX Digital Team
Police say they’ve arrested two men for last night’s attempted robbery at an ATM.

19-year-old Ryan Warren and 25-year-old Eric McKenzie are facing Robbery with a Firearm or Deadly Weapon charges.

Warren is recovering in the hospital after he was shot by the victim’s boyfriend. McKenzie is currently in the Sarasota County jail.

Police now say the man injured by gunfire in North Port Thursday night is now considered a suspect in the case.

According to North Port Police, the suspect had a loaded weapon when he approached a female using the ATM at the Suncoast Credit Union on Aidan Lane. The woman’s boyfriend was watching from a vehicle when he got out and fired several shots at the suspect, hitting him several times.

The suspect then fled the scene with the help of a getaway driver, and was later found injured about a half mile away.

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The rest of the article may be viewed here: Fox 4

OK Delta Whiskies and Wiskettes, today we have no DRTs or anywhere else, again an unusual five inconvenienced by medical staff or corrections officers, and none in the wind, but they are lurking just out of sight.

The final line in the Second Amendment says, ‘The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.’ That means not by the president, not by Congress. Chuck Norris

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“drove through the front door of a home”

Well that’s new twist on home invasions.
Same result though.

The LCR is easy carry in a jeans pocket without a holster. Nobody gonna know.

5th/77th FA

5 more dindus off the street, albeit, most likely temporarily. Years of free “stuff” from the gubmint gives them the idea they can steal more. Or just in general, do stupid stuff. Liked the way the Mil WI store owner didn’t hesitate to grab his scary black rifle and start blazing away. We’re seeing more and more of these breaking and entering by vehicle, usually a stolen one.

Taneisha…sigh. Bet that whole thing started over a baby daddy.

Eric and Ryan…Shows that sometimes the criminal gene in some of them is not based in the idiotic name that the baby mama hung on them.

Sister Golden Hair is got a long distance surprise for someone. A certain embellisher that I know of has snagged that picture, posted it on his fake book feed and claimed to have been her instructor.

Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

Calling Claw! Calling Claw!
Looking for a Whiz Wheel spin on Taneisha Gilmore!
Hope you’ve done proper PMCS on the Whiz Wheel to keep it operating properly.
Standing by.


Taneisha Gilmore, just another 30 year old urban entrepreneur with three previous arrests, the most recent this past March for Felony Larceny, puts the Whiz Wheel®™ to spinning and it comes up with a WRT/DAM score of: 21 x 4 = 84.


A bit of violence and criminality happened on a MLK Drive?!?
But how?!? They’re always such nice areas!!


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Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

I had to giggle like a little schoolgirl while watching that Bouchards video. Good for Mr Murrar for being so prepared and instantly reactive.


“I don’t come to work to have a shootout. I come to work to make money and so does everyone else…” (storeowner)

Yeah, that goes for the rest of us, Rami.