Chief Gallagher’s Case Takes Another Turn

| June 20, 2019

Chief Edward Gallagher. (New York Times)

The case involving SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher took another one of its twists during his court-martial. It turns out that the ISIS fighter died from asphyxiation by someone else. The medic that was treating the ISIS fighter interrupted the fighter’s breathing tube with his thumb.

From Fox News:

SEAL Team Seven Medic Corey Scott, during cross-examination in the courtroom at Naval Base San Diego, revealed he killed the fighter by asphyxiation after holding his thumb over a breathing tube that had been inserted into the militant’s mouth. He also testified that Gallagher stabbed the fighter, but did not kill him.

“Did Chief Gallagher kill this terrorist?” Gallagher’s attorney Timothy Parlatore then asked Scott, according to Fox News’ Jonathan Hunt.

“No,” he replied.

You guys have followed this here and elsewhere as it evolved. With the way the chief was treated, the way witnesses were alleged to be treated, with who said what, the spying on the defense, etc., more questions seem to come up the more we learn.

Chief Gallagher maintains his innocence and argues that he has been framed. He originally planned to retire in the spring. Thanks to ChipNASA for providing this link.

You can read more at Fox News.

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Perjury trap ACTIVATED!


Was just reading this. UFB. Just a total cluster fuck.

Is this an “I am Spartacus” moment? (Not to steal anything from Corey Booker)


It’s more of a “Perry Mason” moment.


That pig Corey Booker has nothing worth stealing.


Courtroom commentary not included in the article….

Court-martial Judge, Navy Capt. Aaron Rugh:

“Well now.
I guess that’s all settled.
Thanks everyone for coming.
That’s a wrap.
Have a great weekend.
Bob, Phil, see you at the O Club.”



Monty Python impression of prosecutors and NCIS investigation team.–


No, this is NOT a “Spartacus” moment. Spartacus rebelled against the demand that he become a gladiator and formed an army of captives who’d been sold into slavery and forced labor. He didn’t object to fighting for Rome. He objected being made into a public spectacle.

And please don’t bring that crass creature Booker up in the same breath with an honorable man.

This is someone who finally let his own guilt out him for going along with a bunch of jerks who probably intimidated him into it.

Perjury charges and finger-pointing will abound now. Waiting here to find out who started it.


I thought Spartacus was a fully trained gladiator, but then rebelled with some of his arena comrades and trainees. Are you telling me Hollywierd got the history wrong?


Spartacus was a Thracian, originally from a region north of Macedonia, which was considered by both Greeks and Romans as uncivilized and barbaric. Spartacus, however, is described by Plutarch as “more Greek than Thracian” and notes that he was exceptionally intelligent and highly cultured. Nothing is known of his youth nor how he became a slave to Rome. The primary sources on Spartacus’ revolt are the historians Appian, Florus (c. 130 CE), and Plutarch who each select those details they found most suitable from the earlier works on the revolt by Sallust (c. 86-35 BCE) and Livy (59 BCE-17 CE) both of which exist now only in fragments. According to Appian he was a Thracian “who had once fought against the Romans and, after being taken prisoner and sold, had become a gladiator” (Civil Wars, I.116). Florus claims he was a Roman mercenary in the legions who was imprisoned for desertion and robbery before being selected as a gladiator “thanks to his strength”. Plutarch gives a similar account of Spartacus as a mercenary for Rome but adds he was captured along with his wife after deserting. His wife is described as a prophetess of her people who escaped with Spartacus during the revolt and traveled with his army afterwards, most likely dying with him in the final clash with Rome. – Source: The Spartacus Revolt. He was fed up with Rome and Roman ways, which is why he bolted in the first place. Byt the time Crassus was sent to… Read more »


I figured there was some shady activities going on, but I didn’t see this coming.


Nice to see that NCIS hasn’t changed their interview/interrogation techniques since 1994.

Had nice session with NIS (before they added the “C”) in 1994.

“Yeah, I think I’d like to speak to a lawyer.”
“You’re not under arrest or being charged.”
“Okay, I’d like to leave then.”
“No, we need you to stay here and answer some questions.”
“I don’t recall you advising me of my rights under Art 31, so I don’t have anything to say to you.”

Played that game for 3 days. Escorted to chow, the bathroom by MPs. Got a cot in a room with an MP guard on the door. Good times. Bunch of assholes in cheap off the rack suits from Sears thought they were Harm from JAG or something.


I used to watch NCIS, and kept hoping that one day, someone would reach up and pull a hair out of Gibbs’ nose. Never happened, so I quite watching.


Whooo Hooo saw this break on Fox news (working from home today) This just blew up all over the prosecution. Their witness LOL provides expert testimony the Chief is innocent.


Reminds me of a movie where all the witnesses claimed to have done the deed in order to protect the defendant.
Might take a while to remember the title.

5th/77th FA

I did it, I’m the one. I had prepared 6 pounds of hickory cured thick slab bacon for The Chief and the boys. While the medic was fixin his bacon sammich, I poured the hot bacon drippings down his breathing tube. I cop a plea to the waste of good bacon drippings and throw myself onto the mercy of Ex-PH2.


You’re fired! Go home!

Bacon drippings are for pancake griddles! You have disturbed the Farce!

No sausage gravy and biscuits for you, fella!

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Well that ought to leave a mark…


Sooo….are they gonna try the MEDIC now???


According to the article, the medic was given immunity to testify

jim h

one wonders what the medic was given immunity FOR, if the prosecution was only using him as a witness. means prosecution would have prior knowledge of a misdeed in order to agree to it. there is a lot missing from all of this.


With how this has been bungled thus far, I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave him blanket immunity.


Query: If they gave him blanket immunity, can they prosecute him for perjury claiming he lied on the stand? Or lied in his original sworn statement?


You’re the lawer. I’m just a simple cop. I would make the argument though that perjury is a new course of criminal conduct. I would also expect that lying in your original statements should void any immunity agreements.


Yeah, but I’m and ex-lawer, and I never did criminal law. In civil litigation there is no such thing as immunity. If I offered a witness anything of value for their testimony, I could be prosecuted for subornation of perjury. But prosecutors don’t have that problem; they frequently offer people a very valuable thing for their testimony–not being prosecuted and possibly going to jail.

jim h

Mason, i think it’s gonna be tied up in how it’s worded. if the blanket applied to a specific testimony, then changing the testimony voids that agreement. and with the way this has been bungled all the way up with command interference and pre-determined outcomes, the defense will cry a hard foul. and then they run into bunches of motions to suppress.

OTOH, if it (immunity) was across the board, they’re gonna hafta prove that it was changed /false/erroneous/faulty memory, and look to charge the medic next. but then again, same issue, too much command interference, etc. so then they run into bunches of motions to suppress.

any way i look at this, nope, this one is just FUBAR.

The Stranger

Well, now that is some terrible “lawering”. You NEVER put someone on the stand unless you know exactly what they’re going to say, especially during cross-examination. Where did these prosecutors get their degrees? The same school as Bernath? This looks more and more like an attemp to railroad Chief Gallagher; fortunately for him, it looks like the wheels are coming off their case.


Good lawers usually know what witnesses will say in response to their questions, but can never be sure how they will respond to the questions put to them on cross-examination. I have had witnesses fall apart on cross-examination; and have seen the look of surprise on opposing counsel. But those Perry Mason moments like the one in this case are few and far between.


That immunity won’t save his medical credentials from being permanently revoked.


The ghost Bernasty is on the prosecution side?


That is persecution, Sapper3307.


Possible prostitution?

FC2(SW) Ron

Are you fucking kidding me??? If a guy I knew in a previous life did such a shoddy job doing some “investigatin’ shit”, tried to tell a bullshit story in Court, related to an offense that has the potential to have the death as a penalty as punishment, and was found to be “spinning a yarn” about said bullshit (that’s Squid talk for lying), a Judge would rightfully label them as a an non-credible witness. That’s basically the same as providing the French kiss of death to a career…..

Those in a position of trust that lie are of the same fabric as the scumfuck that steals your wallet or the fairy that steals the change off your dresser….. Change my mind!


And for the record, that fuckhead Sporadicus is my douchebag senate clown. I’ve phoned his office several times to voice my displeasure with his rantings. The office phones go right to voicemail now….

Is it just me?

MSG Eric

Some very good friends of mine were shown the door by bureaucratic dirtbags because we needed to “reduce the force” yet incompetent dirty scumbags like these are still getting a paycheck and still get to enjoy that military benefit roll.

Just ridiculous.


Well, ain’t that a kick in somebody’s pants???

Club Manager, USA ret.

President Trump needs to invite Chief Gallagher and his wife as a personal guest for the planned July 4th activities and award him a medal for what the Navy put him through. Require the CNO to read the citation.
The question is how many enlisted troops have been fucked over the same way but didn’t have the balls or resources to fight it? How many? SecDef needs to make an example of every incompetent involved in this cluster-fuck to send a message.

MSG Eric

The Commissioned Officer types might get a letter of reprimand for their file, serious stuff you know!

If they appeal it I’m guessing it’ll be labeled temporary and not put in their permanent file of course.

(Appeal for the purposes of this discussion is the equivalent of sucking someone’s left butt cheek, or their right testicle.)

A Proud Infidel®™

“The Commissioned Officer types might get a letter of reprimand for their file, serious stuff you know!”

IMHO that’s the LEAST they deserve for what they did to Chief Gallagher.


That commander is toast now.


roflmao NCIS should be disbanded. Those fucking idiots all over FLETC like they are hot shit. Not hot shit, just shit.

Give both of these warriors a fucking medal.


NIS was known as the Admiral’s gestapo for a reason. Truth is not their concern.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

will they now try to get him on a stabbing charge??


So, who is the one calling the shots on dismissal? I suspect several someones should fry.

Let the weepin’ and wailin’ begin.


Will Chief stealing the good candy bars from care packages come up?


And grabbing the good porn first.


OH CRAP! That medic is toast, immunity or not.


Well, they’re just intent on galloping down the path to embarrass themselves as much as possible, and they are SO sure they’ve got “it”, (whatever that is) that, like any other obsessed people, won’t give up until they are told to shut up.

It isn’t that The They are right. It is that The They won’t ever admit they were W-R-O-N-G.


I’m thinking they are all Democrats. They have the same M.O.

A Proud Infidel®™️

The POS booger-munching motherfuckers are doing like D-rats on President Trump and Russia.