Randy Duck, the Duck of Dupe; phony Senior Chief Gunners Mate

| February 21, 2020


It’s been three years since we posted our case on Randy Duck and it seems the Duck of Dupe has been using his same old bag of tricks.   We get reports from people that he still claims to have been a Senior Chief in the Navy.   Evidently, the Navy never taught the Duck of Dupe how to manage money.  This is a friendly notice to women who are thinking about becoming his next ex…please do a FOIA request for his military records yourself, before you give him money.  Instructions are in the link above.  He is NOT a retired Navy anything.  He does not get a check from the Navy.  Almost nothing about that uniform is true, he is a fraud.

It has been reported that he is short on cash and is looking for Love “Food and a Purse”.

Published Oct 6, 2017:

Someone sent us their work on this fellow, Randy Duck, who wore this uniform with rank of a Senior Chief Gunners Mate and a whole slew of medals to a church “veterans’ appreciation day” event. Among the awards he’s wearing are the Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist badge, the First Class Diver badge and a Navy Achievement Medal with ‘V’ device for valor.

According to the Navy, he left after four honorable years of service as an E-3 Gunners Mate. His only award was the Sea Service Ribbon;

He didn’t earn that National Defense Service Medal he’s wearing either.

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Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

He thinks that he is a former Senior Chiefs Gunners Mate by the old adage that if it talks like a duck, walks like a duck and looks like a duck, then he is a duck.


In this . . . individual’s case, more like a duck’s azz than a duck.


And… Goddamn, that’s a big fat ass!

Comm Center Rat

Randy Duck’s blubbery “chest” is not worthy of displaying the highly coveted yet rarely awarded NDSM. And the “V” device on his fake Navy Achievement Medal is for VEAL not Valor.


now that’s funny right there!

NAM w/V Device for Veal above and beyond the call of hunger.

“His dedication to eating veal demonstrates his devotion to fatardation”

I’m betting it was an IMPACT award….

Ron McCauley

Also, no good conduct medal. He probably had velcro on his rank insignia due to many Captains Mast/article 15s. I’m sure the Navy has an overweight program. He should have been in that long before those man boobs appeared.


If he had reached E4, then got busted, he would’ve used a white stencil marker, or something similar, to write “void” on his rank insignia on his dungarees. I’ve seen many uniforms looking like that.


Number one clue, GM does not equal diver, not a diver rate. Yes before the ND rate there was DV as a special qualification, and only certain source rates and GM was not one.

A Proud Infidel®™️

A confirmed “Hobosexual”, one who fakes being in love for money, food and a mattress to sleep on.


claiming to be a first class diver is no small sin …doubt he would survive the in-test at NDSTC let alone earn such a respected qualification in such a rigorous pipeline had he actually tried.

Hack Stone

Do they make a dive suit his size? This fucker is so fat that when he goes in the Atlantic on the East Coast, the streets get flooded in Venice Italy.

Randy Duck never met a meal that he didn’t like.

Randy Duck is such a fat piece of shit, his favorite war movie is Pork Chop Hill.

Randy Duck is such a fat piece of shit that just by standing still he makes his own military formation.

Randy Duck was never on the weight control program, he was on the weight out of control program.

Randy Duck is more than qualified for a senior position at All Points Logistics.


Sadly his goons are bigger then mine…



Drag Racing Maniac

His goons? You have goons? Lol…


Randy Duck’s spirit animal is fried chicken.


Luckily I was sitting, nearly passed out from hypoxia from laughter!!


I wanna see him crawl into a standard USN double lock hyperbaric chamber without using astroglide…….on second thought, nobody wants to see that.


Like I said earlier, grease his hips and throw in a candy bar.


The DuckDuckGo post the other day prompted me
to do a search for Randy Duck.
I expected the search engine to toss a rod.
Lots of Ducks out there.


“Jesus. I think I’m blind”

Emerson Biggins


Wonder if “The Duck” has more hair on him than the original “Fat Bastard” does.
(asking for a friend)

“Listen missy, do you fancy another go? Because once you’ve had fat you never go back.”

“Of course I’m not happy! Look at me, I’m a big fat slob! I’ve got bigger titties than you do! I’ve got more chins than a Chinese phone book! I’ve not seen my willy in two years, which is long enough to declare it legally dead! I can’t stop eating. I eat because I’m unhappy, and I’m unhappy because I eat.”

comment image?cb=1469657771


I just read an article about rising sea levels. They must have taken measurements when this pile of goo was in the water.


Please click the TAH FNG tab at the top of the site, and view my PSA at:



Doc Savage

Lord have mercy….look at the size of those built in flotation devices!

You could hide the Titanic in those rolls and still wouldn’t achieve neutral buoyancy.


I’ll just leave this here . . . (smile)


And this one Hondo….The Duck’s theme song.(grin)




Someone please overboard with it before it sinks the boat!

Now I know where my missing 20 pounds went.

I want those 20 pounds back, you fat bastard!!!


He read your post, he found what he thought was your vehicle to deliver his response:


Since my other comment here posted on the “Older Comments page” I’m reposting this on the “Newer” portion of the thread.
On the first page, it was nice to see Jonn’s post and I read it in his voice. It’s like he’s still here and in my heart, I believe that he is and always will be.

That being said, here’s a little ditty for those of you that need a little love from the Man himself….

Jonn channeling his old Platoon Sergeant powers will always be with us on the intrawebs (I hope).

Cheers Jonn, Love you and miss you, ya bastard!!


Thanks ChipNASA, I loved that man.
He was a ““kicking ass and taking names” kinda guy with a huge heart of gold.

I never had a chance to meet Jonn or have a verbal conversation with him, but we had swapped a number of personal e-mails together.
He always signed off with,
“Welcome home, brother”.

He’s the reason I came here and stayed here.

Rest in peace in Valhalla, Jonn.

And a special thanks to all who keep Jonn’s blog continuing on….I’m sure he’s proud of everyone of you.


Fucknut. When you go beyond dickweed.


Last time I checked, moobs were not authorized with PT gear.

Comm Center Rat

Randy looks like he became pregnant while on his last Navy cruise.


is the father that large new class of super carriers?

because he looks like he is carrying twin amphib assault ships

A Proud Infidel®™️

He looks like a longtime MEAL Team Six Buffet Assault Commando!


12 new comments (2020) got relegated to the “Older Comments” backpage,
including mine, which are now more difficult to see.
Could the cut point between new(er) and older comments pages
be changed, to separate the comments from 2017 and 2020?
If possible, thanks.


Veteran of Meal Team 6, eh?


OK This sucks and I’m reporting myself on the “Older Comments” U have to side with marinedad61 on this that, request to the ADMINS!!!, If we have a somewhat zombified thread, that if possible, for continuity, the thread break should be (for the most part) “Newer Comments” should be cur to the new date if and where possible. If this is not easily done in WordPress or whatever the host is, then we shall just have to live with it and post accordingly. NOTE: I knew this and I *STILL* posted in the older comments fully knoing that I was trying to sewitch between two screens and post to the “Newer comments” and STILL fucked it up. Par for the course, some days. So, here it is. OK marinedad61 I commented but that too is posted on the “Older Comments” area and we had requests there so I am reposting here with the appropriate additions…: ” 5th/77th FA.. The POS Randy Duck is not worthy of the TAH HoI, but I do feel that Randy Duck is highly qualified and deserving of the Alphabet Assault, The Toilet Bowl of Taunts, AND The Staff Summary Sheet. Can I get a SECOND and an AYE? Ret_25X I copy that Randy Duck is a lying embellisher. I also heard is as large as a garbage scow and twice as smelly. (Myself) “I’m on board, I have the AA and then the ToT and am able to deploy said ordinance. I have to call… Read more »


Discharged as a seaman.



(Complete the joke, before and after.)
… bit the end off a submarine, and….





Yes, Moby Dick the whale is gay.
He bit the end off a submarine, and
sucked all the seamen out.

jose h

if he did 20 years their is know way in hell he should be that damn big..why lie about your rank..so when are they going to lock him up he is a true disgrace to the navy to america hell to the human race.