Military Times: Veterans groups push to keep McDonald at VA

| December 10, 2016

Leo Shane at the Military Times writes that “Veterans groups push Trump to keep VA Sec McDonald“;

Veterans groups are pushing President-elect Donald Trump to keep current VA Secretary Bob McDonald on into the next administration, calling his transformation efforts critical to the future of the department.

Numerous prominent veterans organizations have voiced support for McDonald in recent weeks, but the push intensified Friday during a meeting with key community leaders and Trump administration officials, according to sources involved in the event.

McDonald’s name was offered as the preferred candidate among rumored names, and the most likely to get widespread support from veterans groups.

Who are these veterans groups, Leo? The only group that he names in the article is Concerned Veterans for America and they’re solidly against retaining McDonald as secretary. In fact one of their founders has been named as possible replacement for McDonald. While I’ll agree that McDonald is a better choice than Shinseki, Shinseki set the bar pretty low. But, McDonald is unable to break the back of the culture at the VA which values employees more than their clients.

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2/17 Air Cav

I think I know which Veterans groups support the status quo in VA leadership. The groups are the VOAFPA and the MMAVA. Sorry. You’re probably unfamiliar with those Veteran groups. The first is the Veteran Owned and Operated Funeral Parlors of America and the second is the Medical Malpractice of America Veterans Association.


I would add that it seems likely that the AL and VFW would also be on that list of “supporters”

The AL and VFW have become shills for the status quo and actively resist any real change to the VA.

I have to wonder if the VFW is getting paid for its efforts to keep the status quo.

A Proud Infidel®™

I was absolutely FINISHED with the VFW after what they did in 2010 when their PAC endorsed every dildocat they could including the opponent of Allen West (LTC, USA, Ret.).

Green Thumb

Old Bob here needs to be shown the door.

But he needs to hire a few more attorneys first to cement his legacy.


Yes. You can never have too many “lawers.” My dearly departed Dad once joked that there are so many attorneys in California, they should all wear badges so they don’t waste time trying to solicit each other as potential clients.


Too bad Trump’s new VA chief can’t resort to what I call the Shakespeare solution: “The first thing we will do is kill all the lawyers.”


I still say it should be Gary Sinise.

Regardless, we need someone who can actually get changes made.


Whoever it is needs to be given the lawful authority to change the culture, otherwise nothing is going to change to the benefit of veterans.


What happened to Sarah Palins name in the hat? She did a great job in Alaska, and bet she would clean up and out the VA…maybe thats what they are afraid of?

2/17 Air Cav

Changes to the VA are like changing ship captains in mid voyage. One comes off, the other goes on, and the ship retains the same crew and keeps on the same course.

MSG Eric

Well the Military Times said so, so it must be true right?


Can we settle this right now? Col. Alan West to run the VA with a blank check from Trump to clean it up

A Proud Infidel®™

Not a bad idea at all!

USMCMSgt (Ret)

I’m for that, but I don’t know how much power West would have with all the civil servant rules and regs.

I’m all for protection of a persons rights in the workplace but not at the expense of not being able to get rid of the shitbags.

The culture at the VA will only start to change when people notice the dead weight is tossed out.


No way any real changes can be made to the mindset at the VA (or any other federal outfit) until and unless the federal employees union is broken on the wheel, hanged then drawn and quartered.


While we’re on the topic of the VA, can any of you recommend (or recommend avoidance of) any specific VA facilities in Texas for an elderly service-connected vet with the usual health issues? My father is looking to move back to Texas. He’s looking at Harlingen, but I don’t think he should consider anywhere along the border. What about San Antonio?


Kick McDonald’s ass to the door… assclown doesn’t care about improving the system at all. The Civil Service system needs to be overhauled and the unions kicked out as a starter, then start getting rid of the administrators, providers and support staff that don’t give a shit about the customers they are supposed to be serving – veterans.

As for Leo Shane – dude, my cat can write a better article than the one you put out there. Just remember one thing, Leo… Crack is Whack.


Wait. Nobody is saying a thing about the union the employees belong to. How is McDonald supposed to deal with unsatisfactory employees? Just a thought…

Stephen F McCartney CAPT USN (ret)

Why not a high powered executive , who has an established experience in turning around failing companies AND IS a veteran who has been on the receiving end of the VA health care system ? The current guy seems like he is stuck in quicksand .I am not saying he isn’t trying. Better get someone and hold them to a strict set of metrics and timed expectations. Congress also has to be in there providing legislative support. Someone in the “system” prefers the way it is now. Managers deal with the “status quo”..leaders deal with “change”. Start there CAPT Bones USN (ret)


As others have said, the root of the problem is not who heads the thing. It appears from here that the VA is so screwed up that without fundamental change (like destroying the unions) no one can improve conditions at the VA.


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