James (Jim) Wellheiser; Canadian phony

| December 10, 2016


Once again, our Canadian friends send us their work on one of their countryman, this time it’s this lovely piece of work, James Wellheiser;

Fauxhawk with VAC

Wellheiser (DOB 2 March 1946) came to the attention of Stolen Valour-Canada when an on-line image was forwarded to us for comment. SV-C conducted a thorough review of all available records including websites, newspaper articles, photographic images, searchable data bases of medal recipients and extracts from military documents, in Canada and the US was conducted in order to determine the legitimacy of his medals and insignia.

Our research efforts indicate that Wellheiser appears to be wearing medals, awards, military insignia and accoutrements without meeting the legal meeting the legal requirements or having the qualifying service.

Wellheiser, a Canadian, has stated he joined the US military in 1964 and fought in Vietnam. Initially, he served with “2nd Air Cav” and after that unit was disbanded, he became a SF soldier with the PRT (Provincial Reconnaissance Team) and alludes to being a Phoenix program operator. He also claims he killed the highest ranking NVA officer during the war, with a .257 sniper rifle…

He routinely wears a Canadian Airborne Regiment Association blazer however, he states that he never served in the Canadian Forces. In fact, Wellheiser swore under oath “that he enlisted in the Canadian Army in 1961, through the militia (Reserve Forces) program. In 1964, he enlisted in the United States of America Army and served eight months before returning to the Canadian militia.” Concurrently, he was a organ repairman during his claimed US Army service period in RVN.

He’s wearing a most unique, and somewhat bizarre, group of Canadian, US & Republic of Vietnam medals and insignia on his Canadian Airborne Regiment Association blazer. Included in his medallic display is the RVN Cross of Gallantry, RVN Wound Medal, US National Defence Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal & Vietnam Campaign Medal, partially hidden is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, and there’s a recently awarded Minister Of Veteran’s Affairs Commendation above his wings. Wellheiser is also wearing the RVN Parachutist badge, an obsolete pattern air assault badge (awarded only to members of the 11th Airborne Division, which was deactivated in June 1965) and the Combat Infantry badge. Interestingly, there is a paucity of US Army medals and insignia that would correspond with the Army of RVN awards and insignia! This could be due to a series of administrative errors or, it could indicate that Wellheiser has manufactured and/or embellished his claimed 8 months of service in the US Army.

Additionally, his claims of being adopted by a First Nation Band have been questioned for many years so, it appears he’s a cross cultural poser too. Although he did get into a stand off with LE while carrying a shield and a tomahawk!

It’s SV-Cs opinion that Wellheiser could be committing an offence under s419 of the Criminal Code of Canada – “Unlawful use of military uniforms or certificates”. An offence that several individuals have been tried and convicted in Ontario over the past 18 months including Franck Gervais, Donald Lemmond & Eric Janssens.


UPDATE (Mar 13, 2017): We got the sad news today from our friends at Stolen Valour – Canada that Mr. WellHeiser has passed from this world – he has shuffled off his mortal coil, on March 12, 2017.

He died, 12 Mar 2017, an unapologetic, cross cultural fake, a poser and embellisher. Had he died 4 months ago, he would have no doubt received a full regimental funeral based on his bogus military narrative. Now, after his medallic fakery has been exposed, he’ll be lucky if he’s planted somewhere out in the back forty in a piss stained cardboard box!

I’m sure that someone will determine that it was my fault he died.

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2/17 Air Cav

“This could be due to a series of administrative errors or, it could indicate that Wellheiser has manufactured and/or embellished his claimed 8 months of service in the US Army.”

Monte, I’ll take what’s behind door number two, please.

(Who will be first with the forked tongue jokes? When he goes to prison, can I have his squaw?)

Ron Rivers

@ Air Cav ….I think you better rethink your last sentence…..The word “Squaw” is a very derogatory name. It is taken as insulting and disrespecting name for our mothers, sisters, aunts , daughters. If it’s ignorance in your part,… forgiven….if not, I sugest you take a culture sensitivity workshop……..

CC Senor


If she is with that assclown then squaw is the correct term for her.

Oh, lighten the fuck up on the PC nonsense.


Now retreat to your safe space and hug a puppy

Marine 0331

Lighten up Ron. I am of American Indian decent (my mom) and the term Squaw is only considered offensive by some tribes and then only when used in a derogatory manor. For cripe sakes what is this world coming too? Everyone is so overly sensitive.

Marine 0331

But, I bet you are a Redskins fan and have no problem with that logo?

2/17 Air Cav

Holy Shiite. No, I am not going to “rethink” my last sentence. If I take it back, I’d be an Indian giver. Hey, I’d like to stay and chat but the Redskins/Eagles game is on. Me have much wampum on game, chief.

2/17 Air Cav

By the way, Ron PC Rivers, have you looked at the astronomical crime rates for Indian country in the US? Have you looked at the godawful rape statistics? Yeah, “squaw” is insulting and disrespectful. Rapes of Indian girls and women? Well…


Fuck pc Ron and his brother Jerry Rivers. I say the squaw is all yours, but IDC SARC will be hitting that before you even get close to the campfire.

Ron Rivers

what ever………


I’m still trying to figure that one out. Is it Jerry, Gerald, or Geraldo? Or Rivers, Rivera or Riviera?

Oh, wait, I’ll ask Brian Williams the next time I see him. He was there when the birth certificate was filled out.


What MOS is “organ repairman” and what would one have been doing in Vietnam?

Now, if he had been identified as say an “organ maintenance man”, then maybe I would believe that he had been in Vietnam, though I won’t say whose organs he would have been maintaining.


MOS 02S – “Very” Special Band Member.


His specialty – skin flutes….

Silentium Est Aureum

And rusty trombones.


Don’t forget his virtuosity with the bonaphone.


Meat whistles and bonaphones.

A Proud Infidel®™

I heard he’s a first string Skin Flutist!


He was medevac-ed to the Yorktown and performed organ maintenance on a certain non-CPO navy “combat” photographer.


Whose “organ” did he repair?

Combat Historian

For the record, has an NPRC records check being done on this “hero” yet?

chooee lee

Perhaps he was an “Upright Organ” service tech ?


Cross cultural poser.

Love it!


Go Big and ate up or go home



Another Canadian kidnapped in Butte, Mt at the M & M bar by the black helicopter squad of Army recruiters.


Where whatever you want north of the border but get that CIB off!!!


No he CAN’T wear whatever he wants north of the border, section 419 of the Canadian Criminal Code frowns upon that, SV-C don’t take kindly to it either!


Not so fast there big fella, there are legitimate recipients of the the CIB in Canada. They include those Canucks who actually served in the US Army as infantrymen in combat, and all Canadian members of the 1st Special Service Force / Devil’s Brigade who were awarded both the CIB and Bronze Star…


Yep. But this turd ain’t one of them

2/17 Air Cav

That Canadian law permits the wearing of an earned US CIB is one thing, and falsely wearing it is quite another. Sparks is an American and a Veteran. Whatever else Mr. Ponytail is falsely wearing, Sparks wants the US CIB off pronto. I agree.


mikeninercharlie was indicating that there are personnel who wore the CIB in Canada who were legitimately entitled to wear it, this tool Faux Hawk aint one of em no, but at first glance, Sparks comment read like nobody in Canada was entitled to wear one. This prick is gonna get every gong he’s illegally rockin stripped off of him, don’t worry about that any!


He could wear one if he is a duel citizen couldn’t he?

Shayne MacKinnon

They trained up in Montana.

A Proud Infidel®™

Another turd-tossing toad booger of a fucked up Soup Sandwich, one look at him in person and I’d say “TAKE OFF, HOSER!!!”

What a dildo-headed DINGLEBERRY.

Hack Stone

Another Hoser-Poser. Does anyone know whether his “bums” are sticky?


He does have a ponytail sooooo he’s got to be Vietnam Vet legit…

Semper Idem

But…no leather vest? Fail.


Nah, he’s got the Canadian equivalent.

CB Senior

He looks like a peacocks ass in that picture.
Probably smells like one to.


Glad we still have our sense of humor on here. Posers deserve the worst of insults and this is the encyclopedia of barbs….to which most of us enjoy. The peacock’s ass I agree with…in spite of leaving out the fact “It was “that time of the month” for the peacock.” Anyone else so moved to chip in for a boob job for the Indian Princess? Surely that would make Chief Wifeain’tgotnotits a happier camper.


Coffee outta nose “Chief Wifeaintgotnotits” PRICELESS! Titlesshontus maybe?


Yours is just as good Echo A. Now tell me one thing about this matter. If there is a serious rain shortage, they do a Rain Dance, do they not?

So why not a Tit Dance? And I’m not talking about some trivial sock hop!


Just in case the sock hop does not peek your interest, why not a Tribal Bake Sale for Tits?


them 2 on a dance floor, draught conditions or not would constitute a Tit Dance!



Stephen F McCartney CAPT USN (ret)

Looks like he got a $200 gift card to an Army Surplus Store in Manitoba. Once again, it is the excessive “bling” (as well as the hair style) that busts a fraud everytime


Not intending to offend anyone, but I DO wonder. Is this guy half black and half Red Chinese by any chance? If so, could he be a brother to celebrity Blac Chyna?


No, if anything hes a fan of the Canadian Football League team out of Ottawa Ontario, the RedBlacks, I wonder where all the PC folks who admonish those who are non aboriginal are for wearing traditional native garb are at with this frigging loser!

A Proud Infidel®™

Like, I’m kinda late in posting this, but the Mckenzie Brothers made their money legitimately while making me and a multitude of others laugh, but I want to say “TAKE OFF, HOSER!!” one more time to James Wellheiser:



He can help y’all get healthy… Seriously!


Holy Shit! If this is a webinar, I am definitely going to join. This guy is doubling down.


And today in Ayr it’s a case of “fake medicine man heal thyself!”

David Lundberg

I’ve known of this clown for almost a decade, his fraudulent claims of being indigenous and a veteran have landed him in trouble a few times but never enough to stop. He has been at this shit long enough that he has many brainwashed minions who believe his every word, even though he changes his words more than his socks.

A Proud Infidel®™

At least he was outed and that prevented him getting unearned burial honors. Like Don Shipley (SCPO, USN, Ret.) said in an interview, “Most of these guys will take their lies with them all the way to the grave.”.

Silentium Est Aureum

If “he” hasn’t already.

Assclowns gotta assclown.

Big bear.

He showed me confirmation of his US military pension. That would be quite a trick for a fake.
Big Bear


You get a pension for never having served in the US Army? That’s fuckin’ amazing!


Sounds like Big Bear has been freebasing used kitty litter instead of peyote…

Big bear.

That an attaboy gong for being involved with Veterans issues NOT for being a Veteran, slight difference there jack! And depending upon when that was awarded, and whom was sitting in the chair behind the MVA’s desk at the time its not worth the pot metal its cast from! As to your claims of his having given proof of a US Military Pension cheque, we call BULLSHIT because NONE of the FOIPs sent to ANY of the official sources who document service of any former or current personnel came back with ANY variation of James Patrick M. Wellheiser on em! Now are you calling the good folks who work at these official American institutions liars? Its one thing to be uninformed and duped, its quite another to continue to perpetrate a lie just because it doesn’t suit your narrative and covers your shame for being gullible! Sorry Bear, you were had as were many other people including his own family!