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| December 10, 2016

Davon Wiley, in Eagan, Minnesota, attempted to rob Operation Christmas Child, a not-for-profit business. Young Matthew Vang, a security guard hired to protect the business, acted in self-defense when he shot Wiley who was DRT (dead right there).

David Scott Winkler, 44 in Madisonville, Tennessee attempted to run down an off-duty police officer while fleeing from his attempted burglary of the officer’s residence. The officer fired at the charging vehicle and it’s driver. Winkler was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital.

In High Point, North Carolina, a private sale of a wedding ring through an internet application turned into a gunfight when the buyer drew a weapon on the seller and the victim got his own gun. Both were wounded.

In Cleveland, Ohio, Darnell Foster and Irvin Greene attempted to rob a patron at a gas station. The wounded victim brought his own gun to bear killing Greene in the process. He was DOT at the hospital. Now, Foster is charged with his murder.

A pair of thieves in Jackson, Missisippi pulled a gun on a store clerk, but their bravado dissipated when the clerk pulled out his own gun and they took a powder and ran back outside the store.

In Winter Garden, Florida, a homeowner saw a woman trying to jiggle the front door handle of his home while a man tried to enter the home from the back. He fired a round at the man and the pair headed for the hills.

A homeowner in York County, South Carolina found a stranger in his home. When the intruder reached for his waistband, the homeowner fired about 16 times at the fellow who ran into the woods. The homeowner isn’t sure if he hit the thief.

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Frankie Cee "In the Clear"

7 incidents of bad people trying to do evil to good people, even trying to rob a Children’s Christmas Charity in one event. Several bad people dead, several more with smelly underwear. Good people with guns stopping bad people with guns. It works

Hack Stone

Fired 16 times and not sure if he hit the dude? Someone needs remedial marksmanship training.

Forest Green

He probably hit a vase, lamp, TV, sink, toilet, stove, and the refrigerator. Doh! Lot’s of “honey dos” this weekend.

Forest Green

He’ll also have to clean up the pile of crap the stranger left behind.

Deplorable B Woodman

Garden fertilizer.


From the old song “Cow Patti” “40 shots rang out, 40 people fell, Patti and the killer missed themselves, but they shot the town to hell”

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

E-6 type, 1 ea

Looks like the asshole in the first story was an engineer in the reserves. Shitbag.

Hack Stone

He would have gotten away with it if only it occurred during the weekend.


not just a shitbag that was in the reserves but also a shitbag that was hired by the company that was protecting the building.

There’s a special place in hell for that kind of shitbag.

Frankie Cee "In the Clear"

“shitbag that was hired by the company that was protecting the building.”? How so, Aysel? He shot the bastard dead. Don’t get much better than that. No expensive trial, no expensive maintenance of a wounded loser. No more robberies by this one. Nothing stops a criminal’s repetition like a cranial exit wound.

Hack Stone

The recently deceased criminal worked as a security guard for the same company as the security guard that ventilated him. A somewhat inside job.


Since Operation Christmas Child gathers gifts for impoverished children around the world, Davon Wiley was an especially depraved lowlife scumbag.

Good on the guy who eliminated this shame to servicemen and security people everywhere.