Braxton Lee Anderson claims four CIB awards

| August 1, 2016

Braxton Anderson

Someone sent us their work that they did on this fellow, Braxton Lee Anderson III five years ago. As you can see, he claims that he has four awards of the Combat Infantryman Badge, he claims that he was in Just Cause, Desert Storm and twice in Afghanistan and that he was airborne qualified;


Braxton Anderson Claims1

Braxton Anderson Claims2


There is no such thing as a 4th award of the CIB. Even if he’d been in Panama, Desert Storm and Afganistan, it would only be a second award of the badge. Panama and Desert Storm were both part of the Vietnam Era of the CIB. The only 3rd award of the CIB was for WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Period. But it doesn’t matter, during Just Cause, he was in Korea Germany and during Desert Storm and the GWOT, he was in Fort Livingroom.

He was busted 5 years ago, but claims that these are his father’s records because it says Braxton Lee Anderson II. Yeah, well, the NPRC is bad at tiny details, but these are your records, Brax. You bragged that you were in Panama, so your father had the same six years of service as you had?

Braxton Anderson FOIA

Braxton Anderson Assignments

A perfectly honorable career – he even earned the Expert Infantryman Badge – a remarkable feat – but then he had to crap all over it. And, by the way, he didn’t go to jump school, but he earned an Air Assault Badge – another remarkable feat that he crapped all over;

Anderson Schools

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Frankie Cee "In the clear"


Frankie Cee "In the clear"

Is his last name, “Alexander” or “Anderson”?


Maybe it’s Aleaxandersen. I knew a flight suit in the AFR who was a turd with that last name.
And Braxton, you’re a Dipshit. Go away.

Doc Savage

So…..from 1985 to 1990, and discharged as an E-3?

Doc Savage


fat fingers typing here.


Yeah, that really screams “high speed/low drag”, doesn’t it?

Sounds to me like he either wasn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, soldier-wise – or had an “issue” or two that cost him one or more stripes.


My money is on the latter, Hondo. Judging from his writing, he seems to be a pretty intelligent guy – and had a lot going for him soldier-wise, earning the EIB and Air Assault badge. By all appearances, he had the potential for a very successful career; I’m guessing that something must have happened to derail it, and that PFC was not the highest rank he held in the Army.


I’d also bet that way, MrBill. But I can’t rule out the former possibility, either. Not enough evidence either way to be definitive.

I think we’ve all seen intelligent guys/gals who just drifted along vice excelling simply because they wouldn’t bother to apply themselves consistently over time. I’d guess not, but this guy could well have been one of them.

Island of Misfit Toys

He hey watched Band of Brothers, Pork Chop Hill, Hamburger Hill, Heartbreak Ridge, Three Kings, Lone Survivor, and American Sniper so that counts right?


Hey, Mister six year PFC. Here’s a little tip for you since you’re working on the 5th Award of the CIB right now.

On the 5th award CIB, the silver outline on the badge and wreath turn from silver to gold. Right now, it is not available as a full color pin on. It is only available as a full color sew on. (on E-Bay, $10.50 each) But you better hurry and get you one as the on hand stock seems to be disappearing pretty fast. The E-Bay seller says they’ve already sold 28 of them nationwide, so the 5th Award of the CIB club is growing rapidly. Hurry now, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be a piece of history.


Oops, almost forgot to include this info.

There is a 5.5 inch 4th award CIB automobile window decal available on E-Bay for the buy-it-now price of $7.49, free shipping included.

So get those little fat fingers working on a keyboard, Mr. Six Year PFC. I’m sure those are selling at a record pace and you don’t want to miss out.

Bill M

“Hurry now, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be a piece of history.”

Didn’t you mean…”Hurry now, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be a bigger piece of shitory.”


I give him some credit. He has 6 years, has an EIB. Why can’t they be happy with what they have done.


Just over 5 years 5 mo active duty, actually. Enlisted in early July 1984, entered on active duty in late Aug 1984, and was discharged in late Jan 1990.

I’m guessing a 4 year enlistment with an extension to allow 24 mo in Germany. But a 6 year enlistment that was cut short by a few months for some reason can’t be ruled out.




I hear he made that combat jump onto “Big K” with Johnny Rico and the Mobile Infantry, too.

Retired Grunt

Holy hell, that’s too funny…. “Big K”, Fleet does the flyin’ mobile infantry does the dyin’. Would you like to know more?

B Woodman

Too early in the morning, blood caffeine levels still low. Almost missed that. Thanks for the guffaw. Heinlein is my favorite author.


Well, that is more high speed than the Im-mobile infantry.

Bill M

Great reference. Love Heinlein.


Ok. I’m a civvie and a long time lurker. This was really funny! I do have a question. He writes that he never wears his CIB unless ordered to. Is this just part of him being a lying asshole? Isn’t the CIB an honorable badge, an achievement that no one would deny having earned?


I don’t think he ever earned a CIB. I don’t know anybody who would diss the CIB. Only people that don’t have it disss it.

On the other hand, the Army seems to have lowered the requirements for the CIB, some time after 2011.

These days you can get a CIB for indirect fire. You get mortared or rocketed, and as long as you react to contact you can get it.

When i got mine in 2007 the standard was to be in direct contact, under enemy fire, and return fire. If one of these 3 things didn’t happen, you got no CIB.

The guys here are more intelligent than me so they might know when exactly the Army changed the requirements for the CIB.


The DA criteria for the CIB are contained in AR 600-8-22, para 8-6a and 8-6b. As I recall, those criteria have been exactly the same since the Army created CMF 18 and did away with the former special requirements for Korea in the 1980s. (Prior to that, the Army required those in Korea along the DMZ to participate in specified number of enemy contacts/firefights before they were awarded a CIB – I believe the number was 5.)

How different units actually award the badge is a different story. Let’s just say that since authority to award the CIB can be delegated down to the MG level, some units seem to interpret the very clear criteria in the AR differently than others.

Just An Old Dog

Pretty sure the Army works the same way the Marine Corps does. If an award is in your record book its part of the uniform.
You don’t have an option “not” to wear it.


Soldiers are not required to wear any individual awards. I believe unit awards would be considered “part of the uniform” as you state but I’m not 100% sure.

On the ASU (the current dress blue uniform) the only thing required would be the name plate, insignia of rank, DUI of the current unit and any unit awards.

On the ACU the only required items would be name tape, US Army tape, and rank insignia.


If a Soldier has earned both the CIB and the EIB, he can wear only one at a time. Many choose the EIB over the CIB, since the EIB is much harder to earn.

2/17 Air Cav



Why isn’t he claiming translator or linguist for completing German head start?




The dud used to work for the VA in Chicago, did at the time he got busted out previously. He was “friends” with a bunch of people I knew.
Scumbags are always going to be scumbags.






Your shitbaggery is going to add another accomplishment to your family name… Google fame you lying piece of shit!!


he has a link to an additional facebook profile on the one linked above. On it he claims to be a retired Army Officer. Dude just cannot stop the lying.
P.S. the profile linked in the original story is open to comments.


Couple of things jumped out at me from reading his 2-1: First off, I was trying to figure out, if he was a shitbag, his unit would not have spent the $$ to send him to Air Assault school as this was usually a “perk” that was reserved for good soldiers – but then I saw that he was at Campbell, and my understanding is that if you are in the 101st, you are automatically slotted for the school. Also since the school is right there at Campbell it actually wouldn’t have cost them anything to send him, so I think that explains the AASLT badge. Second, I see “enroute to Korea” in 1988 but he actually ends up in Germany. I think that can be chalked up to an admin error by the company clerk or S-1 person typing up his 2-1. What’s more interesting to me, though, is his last USAREUR assignment: F Co, 51st Inf. That unit rang a bell with me and when I Googled it, sure enough it came up: F/51st was the VII Corps LRS (Long Range Surveillance) unit. I was actually stationed in Germany at the time the LRS concept was “reactivated” in the late 80’s (I was in 1AD in Ansbach from 87 – 89) and I remember some discussion of this (since I worked in G2 and the LRS was one of our new “collection assets.”) At Division level where I worked, the LRS detachment was a platoon-sized element that was put into the Division’s Military Intelligence battalion (in our case, it was the 501st.) It wasn’t until some time later that they realized that putting a platoon of grunts into an MI battalion was not a good idea and they were later transferred to the Division’s cavalry squadron (1/1 Cav.) Conveniently, the 501st MI was located at Katterbach Heliport and 1/1 Cav was right across the street at Bismarck Kaserne so the unit just literally moved across the street. At Division level the LRS unit was a full company (F/51st for VII Corps.) I think they may have fallen… Read more »


Whoops I hit send too soon – continuing my thought:

From my recollection it was a little uncommon for a soldier to have two tours in Germany in such a short period. Obviously there were exceptions, German or European language linguists, and so on, but a tour in Korea would have been more likely for a skill level 10 infantryman.

His 1988 arrival date in Germany I believe jibes with the formation of the LRS companies – I wonder if perhaps the Army started going through light and airborne units at that time looking for volunteers to serve in the LRS units and perhaps that’s how he got his 2nd Germany tour?

I do recall hearing that the LRS units were all to be filled by soldiers who had specifically volunteered to be in a LRS unit, so, again, I’m just not thinking that a dirtbag soldier would have been allowed in.


Maybe he was just really desperate to either avoid Korea or go back to Germany? (smile)


That occurred to me, too, but I do seem to recall that there was some sort of “selection” process for the LRS teams.

I don’t mean like SFAS, I mean that they weren’t just taking warm bodies – they had to want you and you had to show you wanted to be there.

Unfortunately there’s a long military tradition that sometimes when a new unit is formed and existing units are tasked to provide “bodies” they sometimes take the opportunity to get rid of their duds that way and I think that’s the reason that the LRS units were being screened as they filled up.

No commander or 1sg wants to put together a unit of some other unit’s rejects. “The Dirty Dozen” was just a movie. 😉


That was meant mostly in jest, Martinjmpr – but only mostly. I knew a few folks early on in my career who would have done a helluva lot to avoid a tour in Korea/Germany, or to get back.


I was thinking the same thing when I read your original description. I know how a lot of the new units who are looking for volunteers get filled. The 1SG tells the POS SPC that he’s been trying to get rid of for a year that he just volunteered for a new unit and to pack his crap and report to their orderly room.

Les Pegram

You are basically correct. F/51 in the beginning was all Ranger and Airborne qualified Officers and NCO’s. We we assigned to 207th MI BDE, 511th MI BN. I think that full strength F Co was 179. Three patrol platoons, a commo platoon, and a HQ PLT with the normal commodity shops, plus BN sized Operations and Intelligence shops.


Hahah Fort Livingroom. That’s almost as Low Speed, Hi Drag as FOB House.


Turns out he has another Facebook page (he links to it from the first Facebook page). What’s interesting about this one is that he describes himself as a “retired Army officer”.


From his timeline:

Started working at United States Army – July 6, 1984 – Infantry Officer

Left Job at U. S. Army – December 31 2006 – Infantry Officer

Green Thumb

This dude sweated the days away working balls.



I bet he’s left several bootprints on his Johnson.

HMCS(FMF) ret.

Nah, those are golf shoe spikes…

Bag of ass, your name is Braxton Lee Anderson!

A Proud Infidel®™

Booger-eating bucket of SHIT…

HMCS(FMF) ret.

Taint tickling, two-hole tasting, man-hole inspecting, rump riding ranger. Probably a “Call of Booty – Anal Buttsekks Warrior” that loves the “LoNgRaNgEcOcKsLuUuUrRpEtH ranger Add-on Pack”.


5 CIBs??? Hell even this former sailor knows that is a bunch of crap.


Oops…4 not 5. I stand corrected.


It’s not commonly known but if any soldier is ever awarded a 5th CIB, the statue of “Iron Mike” comes back to life and awards the soldier a solid gold CIB and a magic meal card that entitles him to all the starches and desserts he wants. 😀

(Unless the soldier is in Special Forces and then instead of Iron Mike, it is of course, Bronze Bruce.) 😉

Les Pegram

I am a long time reader/lurker. I actually served with this turd bowl in F/51st LRSC. I was one of the original team leaders assigned to the company in DEC86. I was was the 3-3 TL from OCT86- NOV ’89. Anderson was one of the first non-Airborne Skill Level 1’s assigned as the first batch of “old” SL1’s began to DEROS back to CONUS. He was a shitbag from the start and failed to perform in his assigned duties. He was kept on the books with in F/51 but worked in the 511th MI BN S4 and S1 mostly. He became a problem child there and was reduced in rank, flagged and given a bar to re-enlistment. He’ll tell you that he was sent to F/51 as a watch dog for the DAIG. Handpicked by them to “investigate” something. When I saw his BS surface a few years ago, I had some contacts of mine look him up, he’s nowhere in a retired database. I hit him up on FB, but he says that he’s so highspeed he’s not in it.


I am shocked, shocked to hear that this guy wasn’t legit!

Nah, not really. We were all pretty sure something like that was the case. Thanks for weighing in with a confirmation based on firsthand knowledge of the individual, LP.

Jamey L Ainsworth

I’ve been involved in this one for a LONG time. I provided a lot of the screen shots of his claims. He STILL maintains: retired officer status, VA disability, RANGER qualification (unless I remember wrong), as well as Airborne and other ‘highspeed/low drag’ stuff.

He’s also claimed that he was fired in retaliation for being a ‘whistle blower’ at the VA.

I know one other person who knew him…but their knowledge extended only through basic/AIT.

Jamey L Ainsworth


I once had him as a friend on FB and as a commentator on my vet politics page when I had it. Had to drop him when EVERYTHING became racial. I’ve seldom encountered such militant racism in a person in my life.

Les Pegram

There are many that know him. We banned from the f/51 LRS page (Germany ’86-’91). He’s just a useless POS.

Jamey L Ainsworth

The sheer number of people who’ve called him on his BS claims is amazing. He still has people convinced that everyone else is trying to discredit him…that all his tales are truth. It’s amazing.

Green Thumb

That’s how you get in the door to All-Points Logistics and eventually, you will be opening the (your) backdoor for the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (the CEO of All-Points Logistics).

What a bunch of fucking maggots.


I notice that Braxton lives in Big Spring, TX. It has a large state mental hospital there as well as a good sized VA hospital. I’m guessing both should be alerted. One because of the fact one of their patients needs his need upped and the other because Braxton is probably getting benefits from them he doesn’t deserve.

Tom Finnegan

Well, we can forget about his Airborne status. I didn’t see a “7” attached to his MOS anywhere in those so-called assignments. That’s my 2 cents worth every one else has covered it all. Shame on him for continuing this bogus military history.

Les Pegram

Tom, I’ve retired for 16 years, but in the late 70’s -2000’s, Parachutist was a “P” ASI.