Head jihadist at Columbia U. – finally we’ll hear him speak

| September 21, 2007

Yesterday I wrote that Ahmadinejad scrapped plans to visit Ground Zero and that now instead, he’ll poison young minds at Columbia University. First, I should warn him that it’s not a target-rich environment – for young minds, that is.

Watching the evening news, I heard comments from CU students like “I think it’s cool!” I’m sure the young airhead’s parents were excited to hear such an analysis coming from the mouth attached to the brain that they’re spending tens-of-thousands of dollars to fertilize.

Michele Malkin tells us that there’s a protest planned for the little buckethead at CU. Bill Kristol recommends a boycott.

But the protesters needn’t worry – apparently the university president has promised that he’ll ask the Iranian president hard-hitting questions and not allow him a free rein of the ideas in the room.

I’m sure we’ll hear the answer to all of the questions we’ve been wondering – like “Does your beard ever get real itchy?” and “I’ll bet you’re real comfortable not having to wear a tie like we infidels must, aren’t you?”

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chickenhawk express

Or Bollinger could ask the terrorist the favorite question of the MTV generation – “Boxer or briefs?”


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