Kelsey Hoover/Michael Cipriani arrested

| February 7, 2016

Michael Cipriani

You might remember the fellow pictured above who was actually born a woman named Kelsey Hoover pretending to be a man named Michael Cipriani and pretending to be a soldier in BWI airport last year. Guardian of Valor did all of the hard work tracking that confusing story.

Bulldog told us last night that Kelsey Hoover was arrested after he helped law enforcement track her down. She’s being held in Oregon on $250,000 bail, and awaiting extradition to Nevada to answer for 11 different charges. ulldog says that he had to convince the LEOs that they had arrested a woman. By the way, whatever she is now, she was going by a third name when Oregon police arrested her.

Kelsey Hoover AkA Michael Cipriani

It’s a good thing it was Bulldog and not me – I have trouble enough trying to get folks arrested who don’t just change genders at the drop of a hat.

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Tom Huxton


Hack Stone

So when does that film come out?


She can be played by Rachel Dolezal.


Ha! XD


And also by Shaun King.


Confusing doesn’t even begin to describe this thing. Then again, that’s about as well as it can be done.

Thanks, Bulldog, for keeping after them.


Stolen valor is just the tip of the spear.


I think he/she may have already gotten the tip of the spear removed :).

OIF '06-'07-'08

Good Lord, when a woman can pass herself off as a man,,,,,, that only proves how ugly she is.


Ugly is relevant to time and surrounding.. 🙂


6 feet deep in a stack of crazy pillows.


But would you…

Don’t let me down


If it’s got a clam I’m diggin it. Can’t pass up that kinda crazee.


Semper Fi!


…for God, Corps and country….and a wicked nasty drinking story.


Can’t start the wicked nasty drinking stories with…

“this one time in Subic City…” anymore. 🙁

USMCMSgt (Ret)

A woman that identifies as a man and then back again? What level of crazy does that rise to?


I suspect she doesn’t actually “identify” as a man in the LGBTQ sense–she just uses that identity whenever it suits her for her scams. At any rate, she’s definitely messed up.

HMCS(FMF) ret.

I think it passed the level of Victor/Victoria…


AW1 Tim

Hm…. I’m surprised Yawn wasn’t all over that thing.

B Woodman

PAJAMA BOY!! There you are!!

2/17 Air Cav

I read the Guardian of Valor write-up and it summarizes what was clearly an investigation worthy of Columbo and Thomas Magnum. I have no doubt whatsoever that if Bulldog had been an investigator on the OJ Simpson case, that SOB would never have walked on the murder charges. And speaking of those murders, maybe Bulldog can find the bloody clothes and the murder weapon.


Stunning story stops you dead, and you say ‘Wha-a-at?!?’

I am glad this person is off the streets and in a safe place – ‘safe’, meaning safe for the rest of us.

What OWB said: confusing is a mild word for it. Bulldog is definitely a Columbo sort of guy.


Latest photo looks like Michael Jackson reincarnated.


Or as a zombie. Ugh.


…and then it got weird.

Lock up this soup sammich and throw away the key.

L. Taylor

So many mental health issues.

HMCS(FMF) ret.

I don’t think it’s mental health issues – the GoV link states she’s facing 11 counts, some of them are for fraud. She had a felony warrant out for her in Hewitt, TX as of last year.

L. Taylor

I think she has borderline personality disorder and gender identity issues.

She is a criminal. But also has mental health issues.


I doubt it. I think she’s your basic con artist. The play-acting and the gender stuff are nothing more than a means to an end.

A Proud Infidel®™

She’s a con artist. That breed will play ANY and every card that they think will either further a scam or help get them off easy. They have no conscience, all they look for is a free easy ride!


That sounds like a textbook explanation of sociopathy, Infidel. I’m not sure how accurate I am, but that likely falls close to BPD. Bitch is two steps from Patrick Bateman.

Sergeant Krupke

She is just misundertood …

Carlton G. Long

Oh, brother


Sister*? Thing*? Who knows.


Is that wig or a mop on her head. Last time we saw her phony ass…she had a short cropped haircut. Did they (Oregon Police) give her that wig out of sympathy?

L. Taylor

Probably a wig or extensions.

A Proud Infidel®™

Who cares? He/she/it will only “identify” whichever way he/she/it thinks will get he/she/it off easy or score another con game.


The headlines should have read, “Chimp jailed by bulldog”.


So, will he/she be going to a male jail or a female jail?


And I wonder whom she cast her ballot for in the last election…
Three guesses and the first two don’t count…
Libs have pushed themselves into the depths of human depravity, the worst part of that is that they are proud of it too…
One more moron soaking up tax dollars in the local hoosegow…

L. Taylor

I doubt she voted.


She meets the classic Uncle Joe definition of a liberal: ALWAYS LOOKING FOR FUNDING.


Someone who sucks this much deserves the name Hoover. Not to mention a carpet muncher LOL


You’ll all be glad to hear that SHE just recently got 3 years in Oregon prison for Forgery/Identity related charges.


What about Nevada. Are they going to charge her?


I see she’s in coffee creek in Oregon. What about Nevada?