NJ’s General Michael L. Cunniff makes fitness standards

| December 24, 2015

Christie and Cunniff

In September we wrote about New Jersey’s Adjutant General (the commander) Air Force Brigadier General Michael L. Cunniff and his weight problem. The Pentagon gave him 90 days to make weight and pass a PT test. According to the Army Times, he made it;

Kevin Roberts, a spokesman for Gov. Chris Christie, said Wednesday that Cunniff informed the governor that he was administered his fitness test Tuesday and passed.

It was not clear how much weight the general had to lose. Cunniff flunked his first fitness test in more than three years in November 2013 when his waist size was measured at 43.5 inches — 4.5 inches larger than allowed.

I was a Master Fitness trainer when I was in the Army and it seems impossible for me, looking at the general in the “before” picture above, for this to be true. But, you know, who am I to argue with the State of New Jersey? I’m surprised that he didn’t have a stroke while taking the test.

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Green Thumb

We used to call this the “finger drill” PT test. I would love to met the person that signed off on it.

And I bet the tape was simply make the numbers touch. Never mind the foot in the ass or the Herculean squeeze to make it happen. They just have to touch.

Hack Stone

I have seen two Marine Corps careers that came to a screeching halt when their history of Virtual PFTs came to light.

Brown Neck Gaitor

I was once handed a PT card to sign that was dated for the next day with the scores already filled in.

Hack Stone

You should have asked him/her to give you the following day’s winning lottery numbers, since they had the ability to see into the future.

Brown Neck Gaitor

Yeah, so the Training NCO took it from me inked it and said, “he will pass”


Hack, you make me remember the good ‘ol days. I remember the joy we took when they outed that POS Gunny.


We called it the “pencil drill” PT test.

A Proud Infidel®™

We called that “Pencil-whipping” in every unit I ever served in!


You are correct. If I was a Democrat politician I would say that I “misspoke”, but since I’m not I will say that I was just plain wrong. 🙂


Navy term is “Gun Decked” from when Midshipmen would retire to the gun deck to calculate the ships position from the thrice daily celestial navigation observations. Some would dutifully perform the math, while others would merely dead recon the position from an earlier observation.
So “Gun Decking” is the act of providing false information to avoid performing actual work.


On subs, they used to call it “getting graped.” Anyone suspected (or just getting dumped on) of getting sigs for their dolphins far too easily were called “Grape Apes.”


On the carrier, our Grape Apes were the fuel guys since they wore purple shirts.

CB Senior

It could happen, all he would have to do is first pull all the JO’s out of his ass that have been living in their to EARN a promotion.
Second, if he got rid of all the Hot and Shit that he was filled with that is easily 50lbs there.

Easy Day.

CB Senior


Hot Air


Can somebody with Air Force background get us the requirement to pass the P.T test for a for the generals age group?


I got it:

1. Pulse ………….. check
2. Fog the mirror ….. check
3. Pass

Brown Neck Gaitor

39″ is universal for girth

He is 50-59, absolute minimums 16:22 for 1.5 mile, 28 sit-ups in 1 minute and 15 push-ups in 1 minute.


The walk is now an OPTION rather than profile required if you are over 55. I think it’s about 33 minutes for 2.5 miles for males. Too lazy to look it up. Push ups and situps still require a profile. No way that guy could do the sit ups and I doubt the push ups. Any bets he’s got profiles for everything? And I don’t believe they changed the “appearance” rule for weight with the updated regs. Lead by example my ass!


Sorry. Forgot he’s ANG. No idea what their regs are. Regardless, he KNOWS he doesn’t meet requirements and is a damn embarrassment wearing the uniform. I stick by the leading by example statement.


ANG requirments used to be the same, the only exception was how often they tested. I’m wondering if he exempted any parts of the test and which ones he actually took.


ANG reqs are exactly the same. Although Some PT monitors can be lenient.


Mike Kozlowski

…Remembering a moment in the early 90s when the then-current USAF leadership announced that there was going to be a new and demanding requirement for physical fitness, much closer to the Army standard…until AFT did an article showing that USAF Staff at the Pentagon hadn’t done ANY PT requirements for several years at that point.

PT ideas went away kinda fast.



He passed the Skilcraft PT test with flying colors. Then went out for doughnuts.


I won’t call the General and whoever signed off on his fitness test liars.

I will say that I have my doubts, given the fact that only 90 days have passed since he was given the deadline.


Well, that pushing exercise does work, too. That’s the one where you push yourself away from the table, or push the high-calorie dishes away from you.

Or go hungry once in a while.


What would really have ‘made’ that army times article would have been a more recent picture. Not to mention the real news story that they totally missed–the general’s crash diet tips.

I was a big guy when I was in, so I can’t really talk too much shit. I PT’d hard, and ran them pretty well, but looking back on it I probably got ‘hooked up’ on the tape as often as not.

Tom Huxton

I lost one pound during BCT. Of course for 6 months before I enlisted, I would run a mile or two at night.
My fishing buddy would sit in his car with his girl and watch. He wondered what I was doing, but found out Jul ’67 when the natives tried to burn Detroit. We joined up on our 17 birthdays. (easy to talk to Mom with that orange glow in the sky to the south.)
I have seen slugs lose 50 pounds in a month. I have seen skinny kids add 30 pounds during BCT.

A Proud Infidel®™

I did OSUT on Fort Lost-in-the-woods some time ago and we had one guy who lost 84 pounds during it, his own Momma walked right past him on Graduation Day!


When I first left the National Guard and went Active Duty I failed the run on my first APFT. My Squad and Team Leaders ran me so much that I lost 30 pounds in the first month. After that I never scored under 270 on the APFT in 20 years.

Green Thumb

Ranger School…..


Maybe we should be more concerned with winning the damn war, rather than how big some Air National Guard Generals belly is.

Some Guy

Being fit and setting a good example for those under you helps win wars.


I don’t personally care how fat the guy is.

I do care that he thumbed his nose at USAF policy for a long time while in a leadership position. And I also care that he may have a subordinate willing to do the same regarding his recent “fitness test”.


Hey, Steve,

How ’bout that leadership principle that says “Set the example”? Ever hear of it?

Oh, and how about the thought that a leader should not ask the people in his command to do anything that he wouldn’t do? Ever hear of that, also?

Where’d you get your leadership training certificate, out of a Crackerjack box? Or maybe you’ve been in contact with Forgin’ Frank Visconi.


I wonder how the Airmen in his command felt getting flagged for being overweight. How can a “leader” enforce a standard that they themselves cannot meet?

A Proud Infidel®™

Did he have dome Doctor burn up his liposuction equipment? That or who did he bribe? He IS in Nooh Joizey, youse know!!


Running is a good way to lose weight. I ran 5 and 10K races almost every weekend while I was in uniform. 2 mile runs (PT test)? Nothing to it.


IME this is always more about nutrition than about exercise, it’s simply too easy to out eat any given volume of PT


Shouldn’t a story like this come with a before and after picture with an endorsement for some diet program?


I’d consider making a sizable donation to the Wounded Warrior’s Foundation to not see either of those pictures.

Just An Old Dog

Maybe he had gastric by pass surgery nor liposuction.
There was a LtCol at MCRD (CO of Supt Bn) who had that done.
He also had chest implants.
He got shitcanned because he called the female adjutant in his office after he ran Pt and started stripping in front of her.

Silentium Est Aureum

They don’t call it the “rope and choke” for nothing!