“Tops in Blue” on chopping block

| December 21, 2015


Eggs and Bobo send us a link to the Air Force Times which reports that the Air Force’s “Tops in Blue” ensemble entertainment group’s tour has been canceled while the service scrutinizes the continuation of the group after they surveyed the force.

In 2015, Tops in Blue had a budget of at least $1.3 million, including more than $1 million in MWR funds. That’s a nearly 13 percent increase from 2014.

Critics have said in comments on AirForceTimes.com and in other places that MWR funds going to the band could otherwise help fund on-base amenities that are more widely used by airmen and their families, and have been squeezed by budget cuts.

The Air Force also provided $319,000 in taxpayer-provided appropriated funds, and also got $25,000 from a commercial sponsorship.

That budget also does not include the cost of paying the salaries of the 37 members of the band, which comes to at least $1 million more. Those airmen are detailed from their jobs for virtually the entire year.

The first I heard of them, was when one of the members wrote about “Life in Hell” on the road. I guess there’s relief in sight for the crew now.

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A Proud Infidel®™

Hmmmm… Maybe they could put that dinero to better use, say providing the proper respects for Veterans being laid to rest or keeping the A-10 flying instead of wasting it on say, the F-35, The Flying FUBAR!


More than likely it would go to a professional sports team to “Honor Veterans”.

A Proud Infidel®™

AAAHHH, you mean like how the Army and NG sponsor NASCAR as well as even a pro fishing team but WE have to tighten our belts in times like this?


Along with $$$$ to the NFL, NBA…..




Well played, Sir!

Dennis - not chevy

Shed a tear if you must for all of the Commanders who sat in the front row during the mandatory fun.

John "Faker 6" Giduck

I was sad when I first heard that “Tops in Blue” would be cut. My inner voice is telling me that “Bears in Blue” will be next. That would impact me more directly.


John “Faker 6” Giduck


Poor little unique special snow flaks can go back to their M.O.S and tell the horrors they encountered on the road such bad internet, eating an MRE once, Not receiving combat awards for singing in combat. Seriously these are real tears.

Climb to Glory

Good riddance. Fuck them. No more skating for them. Time to get back to that whole serving thingy. The military does a good job of pissing money away on worthless things, but the Air Force has turned it into an art form.


Wow, really feeling the love here from the TAH well of sympathy.

‘Cause “sympathy” in the in dictionary between “shit” and “syphilis.”


Guard Bum

Back in the late 70s when I met my first wife she was in the Army and had a critical MOS – Oboe player.

I was a LCpl 0351 at the time and she was going through the school of music in Little Creek and we used to cruise the female barracks there looking for a god time. Anyway she went into the Army as a Spec4 and once she graduated she was a SSG and I cannot express to you how un-military she was (and is).

She is a very nice person who wouldn’t hurt a fly and I remember at the time thinking what a waste to have all those people pretending to be Soldiers, Sailors and Marines (joint school but I don’t remember ever dating any AF chicks). They wore uniforms, took PT tests if applicable, but all they did was play music. An honorable profession to be sure but not exactly in the vein of a bugler or drummer boy in battle.

I may get flamed but if we are having to cut then maybe cutting a couple thousand musicians across the services could free up a few gun fighter slots.

Mike Kozlowski

About. Fracking. TIME.

Oh, and by the way, they need to form the little snowflakes up in some serious weather to get their long overdue deployment orders.



Then again, it’s difficult to argue against this:


A Joyous Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to all my TAH brothers and sisters.
Aw1Ed out.


I would argue that they are two separate entities, that and the fact that Tops in Blue were using MWR funds to exist is the real issue for the Air Force.
I am a firm believer that the Military needs to maintain its bands, but it has to be balanced with the ultimate mission of the Branches.
Using MWR funds like that, seems almost criminal.


Now get rid of the “Soldier Shows” and all that stuff, too. Or has that as l ready gone away?

A Proud Infidel®™

I dunno, but I’m all for that corny shit getting the axe!

Make Mine Moxie

As an Active Duty Zoomie, all I can say is it’s about damn time.


Oh, NO! What ever shall the AF do with out their dancing monkey troop!

Seriously, AF gets all the cushy sh!t.


Fuck me, *finally.*

Can’t stand those arrogant little shitstains…


I’d hold off on celebrating for a bit. The article says the current tour is cancelled, and that the program will undergo “an extensive review”. But it does not say the program has been permanently cancelled.


Sheeeit. Ah well, all we can do is hope, aye?


Last time the USAF had a decent band, Glen Miller was in charge.


And then it was still Army Air Corps!


Here’s the backstory about The Army Safety Show at Ft. Bragg.

Fort Bragg army base was suffering a number of unnecessary deaths — so they decided to attempt to save soldiers’ lives through the art of musical theater. Jack Hitt investigates, and tells the story of how this strange phenomenon began. Jack’s most recent book is Bunch of Amateurs. (20 minutes)

Act 1 here: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/549/amateur-hour


Attended a TIB show a few decades ago (Officially Voluntary, Unofficially Mandatory). Not going to pile on. I do recall the troupe did flub one of their sets, and they just calmly rebooted.

A Proud Infidel®™

Have TIB shows ever been anything other than “mandatory fun” events?


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