Wednesday morning feel good story

| June 17, 2015

Today’s story comes from Tucson, Arizona where police were called to investigate a suspicious man who was vaulting over folks’ backyard fences. Before police could get to the scene, one of the residents put an end to the buffoonery after he confronted the vaulter. None of the media links are clear on what happened, but the kangaroo man is in the hospital with minor injuries. So that’s one person in Arizona whose fence jumping days have ended for the short term, anyway.

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Tucson? Boy, I hope the homeowner remembers to say the following and little or nothing else.

“The guy was acting erratically, and came after me. I was afraid for my life, so I shot him.”

He says anything else, he may be in deep sh!t. The People’s Republic of Pima County is one of the libidiot enclaves in AZ – or was a few years ago.

Open Channel D

Still is, although it’s getting more common to see open carry here in the east suburbs.