2014 Blue Falcon Stolen Valor Tournament Nominations Thread

| December 3, 2014


UPDATE: Guys, you are killing me. Name. Link. Sentence or Three. That’s it. No link makes me have to go looking.
Also, make sure that the link is either THIS YEAR, or somehow the person again did something THIS YEAR.

Also, if you go to this link, you can start at the top and go down, pick someone. But again, must be in 2014 (or December of 2013).

My intent was to go through every Stolen Valor Link we had for the entire 2014.  (Actually also including December of 2013 if there were any notables.)  I made it to February, and I had over 100 names.

Clearly that isn’t going to work.  It’s just too much for one guy to do.  So I am going to option B.  You guys nominate folks, then I will cut it down to 64, and then I will seed them.  Then we can play it out and see who wins the coveted Blue Falcon for Falconry above and beyond all other asshats.

So here is how it works.  Write the name.  Put in the link.  In no more than 3 sentences, argue what he/she did that merits inclusion.

And for the love of God, read the comments first to see if that person has already been nominated.  If you agree with a previous nomination, you may “reply” to that one and add something.  In fact, I encourage you to do so, so I can judge seeding. Again, keep it short.  I just need to get a list, and then will go through it.  The intent is to start the tournament next week.

So again, nominate someone.  Here would be an example, and will be mine.

TSO nominates Gregory Charles Banks.   http://valorguardians.com/blog/?p=39262  Banks is the chap that went from Mason lodge to Mason lodge claiming he was a Special Forces Afghanistan veteran.  The NPRC has no record of any service.  He’s threatened legal action, and is even using his mom to defend him.

That’s it.  Name.  Url/Link.  Short bio just so I will remember who you are talking about.

Seriously, keep it short.

Now, go.  You have until Friday to get nominations in.  I suspect we will go over the 64.  I will be editing comments occasionally just to add numbers to the nomination.  This does not mean the person is in.  It is simply a mechanism to see where we are.

DO NOT LEAVE COMMENTS THAT ARE NOT NOMINATIONS.  If you do, I will likely delete it, because honestly, this thing is confusing enough already, and takes a TON of work on the back end to set up.

Editor’s Note: We’ve finished with the process. Thanks to everyone who helped out. The seeding is compete and it will be announced in the next few days.

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Someone with a missing mailbox door is *NOT* going to be very happy. He’s probably going to go outside in his driveway with the crappy tent garage and kick a dent in the side of his shitbox Jaguar.


Abbott because he is a wheelchair bound maggot that I assisted in bring some hurt on!



Jared Stern (counter-terrorsim, spec ops, intel) because he is a fraud and NO ONE knows of him in the security industry.


HS Junior

I wish to nominate Nathan Fornwalt: http://valorguardians.com/blog/?p=39324. In the pursuit of numerous decorations and statuses he did not earn, Fornwalt distinguished himself with an unique level of shitbaggery by stealing the lemonade stand money of a thirteen year old by pretending to be a disabled MARSOC veteran.


Strafer: http://valorguardians.com/blog/?p=55826

Who is still listed on the Corporate Board of the Fairfax Legion Post: http://fairfaxpost177.org/about/post-177-officers/

Ethics? We don’t need no stupid ethics. Excerpt of a comment: Another problem with Ken is he told one of the member of Post 8469 (VFW) that he was a PT, but then he told me he was a Psychologist with his own private practive. He told other members of Post 8469 he had a practice at Walter Reed. Having worked first for Telebehavior Health then later with AW2, I got to know all the mental health providers that were not in the hospital. Ken stated he didn’t work in the hospital so I knew he was full of it. I wonder if he can be prosecuted under the “Stolen Valor Act” since he used these lies to raise money for his non-profit.

HS Junior

I wish to nominate “Dina” Duane Boyer (http://valorguardians.com/blog/?p=43669), a phony woman and Navy Cross recipient. This bitch/bastard distinguished her/his/itself by claiming to be a recipient of the Navy Cross for the brave combat action of single handedly putting out an engine room fire in violation of all Navy SOP regarding damage control if her account was true. S/he/it also distinguished herself by using her/his/its experiences to sell a self-published book while insinuating that the money would go to homeless veterans when, in fact it went into her own pockets. Her/his/its achievements in smearing the legitimate sailors who called her/him/it on her/him/its BS and enlisting her local VSO in her/his/its lies are also worthy of recognition.

HS Junior

I wish to nominate James Hoskins, phony Navy SEAL (http://valorguardians.com/blog/?p=43203, http://valorguardians.com/blog/?p=43291). While in possession of the physique of Santa Claus, Hoskins distinguished himself by claiming such plausible exploits as having his parachute fail on a HALO jump and surviving hitting the ground at terminal velocity and being an instructor of Marcus Luttrell at BUDS/S. Mr. Luttrell demonstrated uncommon stupidity by maintaining these lies even as Don Shipley placed Marcus Luttrell on the phone line to rebut and scorch Hoskins as a liar and a fake.



Oh he’s a minister and a PhD with 10 years in the Navy?!?!


HS Junior

I wish to nominate Gay Jay Kerwin: http://valorguardians.com/blog/?p=39407. Mr. Kerwin falsely claimed to be a SEAL and a PJ and used these fake exploits to beef up business for his fitness enterprise, Boot Camp LA. In reality, he was OTH discharged after doing time in Leavenworth for dealing steroids. Undoubtedly a POS deserving of special recognition.

Green Thumb

I second that nomination.



I nominate Richard Rahn, http://valorguardians.com/blog/?p=55657. The phony 75th Ranger Regt CSM who turned out to be a telephone operator, then convicted turd bucket felon with guns.


Well, I guess someone should nominate Oscar Wilde – for posing as a “somdomite”.


What, that wasn’t last year? Well . . . nevermind. (smile)


I have to go with Hondo on this one. Oscar Wilde, every boys nightmare.


I’d like to nominate James Michael Waldby.


He has a fake DD-214 that he uses to scam local organizations out of money. He’s a fugitive, and a fraud with claims of two Silver Stars, 4 Purple Hearts and two Distinguished Service Crosses, when he in fact was booted from the Army as a Private after 13 months. He was last seen trying to scam the Meridian, MS VFW out of cash.


Additionally, I would like to second the nomination second the nomination for the Other Than Honorable Reverend Aaron Elijah Colyer. That guy’s a loser who I want to see win.
While I’m at it I’d like to second the nomination for the Nathan Scott Fornwalt for his superior snowman building skills.


Christine Tomkins Mullen. I can’t paste the link for sone reason….phone battery is dying. TAH page #44568


I got you buddy.


While her Navy service lasted only a little over a year, she claims it was one filled with PTS causing trauma. She claims she found a fellow sailor’s severed foot on the flight deck and being gang raped by 6 of her shipmates. She has apparently been swindling unsuspecting folks for awhile.


how about a special category for politicians?

Green Thumb

Like Cushman.

Green Thumnb

I nominate Steve Cushman.


Sack of shit – fake Air Force pilot who actually ran for office in spite of being called out. Then had the audacity to spin it so that his three days in ROTC counted as him being a seasoned, combat pilot.

Green Thumb

I nominate Rowdy Anderson.


Just the gayness of that picture alone gets him in in my book.


Of course, this is all a formality. Daniel Alan Bernath, not a real CPO, honorary or actual, will officially have the horse’s ass medal at the end of this tournament. For now, he’s the “honorary” winner of the stolen valor award for 2014.

Dennis Howard Cheavlier will be one of the runner ups. :mrgreen: