Ron White; phony SEAL…and well everything

| February 24, 2014

Ron White phony SEAL

Ray sends us this USAToday’s video of Missouri’s local hero Ron White who claims that he was a photographer’s mate in 1962 when he was drafted by the SEALs to take pictures of Castro’s missile sites in Cuba.

[Editor’s note: Apparently, USAToday pulled the video, so here’s Don Shipley’s video instead]

Yeah, I know, you all believe that story, doncha? Well, it’s on USAToday, so it must be true, huh? Well, Don Shipley says it’s not, and carefully coiffed hair beats a pony-tail every time at TAH. Don says that he knows the name of the SEALs who went on that mission, and White wasn’t one of them. Don also says that his website is total bullshit, too. I don’t know anything about martial arts, so I depend on the kindness of strangers, and Don says that there are no records of him in the United States Martial Arts Association or any of his zany claims.

And, oh, yeah, Don says that this is not a real SEAL ID card, in case you didn’t figure that out already;

Ron White ID card

Shipley also says that White got out of the Navy as an E-3, so he didn’t qualify to be a photographer’s mate. And you have to ask yourself, why would SEALs risk compromising a mission by taking a 17-year-old fresh out of technical school on mission for which he had no training or experience? Maybe that’s the question that USAToday or KSDK in Fenton, MO should have asked Mr White.

Well, Don called him and asked White some questions, of course, White got angry, but we’ll have a video soon to post.

ADDED: White now says that he never claimed to be a Navy SEAL, you know, depite the SEAL cap that he wore during the interview and the SEAL ID card.

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A Proud Infidel

@47, naaaaah, POODLE FELCHER and DOG TURD as well!!


“someone selling Stolen Valor packages to guys to lazy to put together their own fake biographies.”

And who better to do it than someone who can’t fly a plane or practice law? Plus, if you act NOW, Admiral Bernath will include a special video entitled “I Was This Close” in which he recounts his asinine and juvenile mistakes which he learned from in order to sell you a double super secret fake poser identity that is guaranteed to fool an average local TV reporter. And I’ve saved the best for last…. Admiral Bernath now accepts PayPal….act now and get your secret decoder ring…while supplies last!

Wesley Wilson AKA Enigma4you

I have been in contact with KSDK new % in st louis. they did the original story. I let them know they had been sold a bill of goods. They have my number.

Hey Ron, sucks to be you faker


Here are the two store locations for anyone who wants to buy the SEAL Team Group ID from USpy:

U-Spy Enterprises, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
2406 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL. 60647-3155
Ph: (773) 529-2SPY (2779)
M – F 9am – 7pm
Sat 10:30am – 5pm
Sun Closed

Village Crossing Shopping Center
(Next to Best Buy)
5421 Touhy Avenue
Skokie, IL 60077
Ph: (847) 677-2SPY (2779)
M – F 10:30am – 8pm
Sat 10:30am – 7pm
Sun 11am – 6pm

The card itself is $7.95, but there’s a discount on the website making it $3.95. Should I go get one? I could get one for SEAL Team 241. 🙂

HS Sophomore

@49-There’s not really that many small badass communities with big name recognition you could claim to be a part of. For example, you could say you were a member of the GROM if you were a Polish migrant or a pilot in the 160th SOAR, which of course would be awesome, but wouldn’t turn the average civvy head the way that saying you were a Ranger or a SEAL would. That’s my theory as to why we don’t see so many PJ and CCT and SWCC claims among phonies (though there are some, but I seem to notice that they get busted extra frequently because they always try to claim it in smaller circles where such experience would be relevant, like Jay Kerwin with his phony course, where there are a proportionally higher number of qualified people who will realize you’re FOS; there’s also proportionately fewer to chase, whereas with Ranger/SEAL claims we’re trying to catch way more mice). So yeah, with that tendency, after a while, all the bullshit just begins to run together. Yet another secret squirrel Rambo in the jungles of paprika; *yawn*. Yet another shooter of Bin Laden; *yawn*. It’s all brown, stinky, and disgusting, after a while.

mr. sharkman

He may have come up with the idea to steal some of Steve Waterman’s (what an epic name for a USN diver) story.

Waterman was a USN diver and photographer and spent time with UDT-13 in Vietnam. He wrote a great book:

Since post WW2, there’s been one authentic Ninpo Taijistu school in Japan, in Noda City.

Hatsumi’s teacher (Takamatsu) worked as a real-deal mercenary spy/assassin/badass for Mongolian warlords. Hatsumi also trained select US (and Israeli, and other nations) military and government personnel in the ’80s and ’90s prior to and during the initial development of the modern unarmed fighting systems found in US mil/gov organizations. He’s getting on in age but he’s the real deal.

Last, anyone with any full-contact fighting experience is going to understand the impossible nature of his last ‘world heavyweight championship’ victory. A 60 year old defeating a 35 year old. Not at the world championship level, ever.

Wesley Wilson AKA Enigma4you—3.html

Wow Ron, you stole one of the most famous photos ever.

You poor poor man


@4 RunPatRun- we ran in the same circles! My fake ID worked like a charm for almost 2 years until the night BEFORE my 18th birthday. That was a long 3 hour wait.


HSSophomore, the frogmen had PJs but they were called Beach Jumper Units (BJUs). Look them up.

Also, it’s Paprikaland, which is what was left during the uncivil civil war between Smellialand and Karaokistan. Paprikaland now stands between Smellialand and Karaokistan, on the east coast of Africa near the Straits of Hormell.

Rob in NH

I wouldn’t mess with ST-241… They are a bunch of bad-ass hot chicks! Ohhhh, is that PC to say?


Naw dis be duh shiz, mahn! Aye, aye, ayez took me soma dem U2 photoz fro a picture mahthangie site n then aye gunnysac’d muhself ona dem newz reportrz! Toll ‘im! And there I wuz hangin by the clip at the end of a cable, fro’ the sidedoor of ona them Pee Onion or whateva aircraft, mahn! Fo realz aye, aye, ayez wuz like ona dem rezqu swimrz from the Costie Guardz and WOW, mahn! yall ain’ gunna believ dis but dat dumazz newz reporter? Took it like a big mouth bass gon’ afta a plug! Tella ya, mahn!

Just An Old Dog

Must be my meds kicking in, but somehow when I read his story I can only think of him and Daniel A Bernath making contact and because of their simular ( fake) backgrounds going after TAH together.
Of course their feelings for each other would grow and they would end up in some sort of civil union, living in the Castro Section of San Fran and spending the mornings of their twilight years together taking turns cleaning their hovel whilst the other one watched. Unhindered by clothing of course.
The could even have some sort of thing going on… “We met on TAH, where poser assholes meet”


Fake SEAL ID??? Why not buy one, insert Don Shipley’s info & photo….and send it to him?
(^__^) D’ya think he’d get a kick out of it? All in “Gut Kameradenschaft”?
Or would he hunt us down like dogs and give us some choice words?



Pfft, so this guy was the one who took pictures of the missiles in Cuba? That’s nothing, I’m pretty sure some of you Space Shuttle Door Gunners lassoed ICBMs in orbit.


@39 Well, as a palate cleanser of sorts, here’s a real Japanese sword maker:

I’m guessing you’ve probably already watched it and knew the name 🙂


I contacted the station and pointed them here for more information on this liar.


The intel photos claimed by “numb-nuts” of the Soviet missiles were actually taken by RF-8 Crusaders at low altitude. Note the side angle view. The U-2 photos first discovered the SAM battery’s by their deployment positions but did not have the high resolution (back then) to confirm offensive missiles being present. The F-8’s photos were low enough to read the writing on the ballistic missiles confirming them as offensive. The RF-8’s missions weren’t mentioned back then, to my knowledge. Probably due to invasion of another country’s airspace? The RF-8’s flew in groups of four. Taking off from Key West they flew at less then 50′ over the water, then at tree top height, bouncing up to 1000 ft. at the last minutes to photograph, then back to the tree tops. They flew so low and fast the SAM and Triple A batteries radars could not get a lock on them. It was an exciting ride. The F-8’s were a mach 1.86 (1,225 mph) fighter. Known as the “last of the gun fighters” because when they were replaced by the F-4. The Navy Admirals believed air to air missiles was the future of dog fights and guns would never be used again. Reminds me of our current great military leaders in that multi-sided building. Also note: One U-2 was shot down by a SAM, with the loss of the pilot, and that ended U-2 flights early on. The Soviet officer that ordered the SAM launch did not have the permission of his superiors to fire the missile. (Wonder where he wound up being it could have ignited a nuclear war.) Sorry I cannot attach the links to RF-8 Cuba articles (part of my e-mail is broken) however Google “RF-8 Cuban Missile Crisis” a bunch of links will pop up. Very good reading. Another issue with “numb-nut’s” interview story: “He stated he was suspended from a rope(?) and had to wait for early morning light to take the photo? Really? So… was he suspended by a helicopter with “special mufflers” and rotor blades removed so there would be no noise? I suspect… Read more »

Joe Williams

A niner oh shit that is allI need to know that he is s total fake.The joke of the martial arts. I don’t rven need to check for his fight record. I could call my High School friend Roy Kuban a real 8th Dan in TKd. If I claimed to be a part of all the different spec forces I put in different LZs. I would be so high speed that the Flash would look like a turtle. Joe


He is in the hall of fame 2003 I went to the website. He’s in the members area in the fourth link then go to 2003 inductees. He’s there ron d white Missouri martial art legend. As far as a seal goes I think he’s a lying piece of crap but he ain’t lying about being in the hall of fame.


Well, I don’t know about SEALs but I think “The Hair” has him, so allow me to retort in Martial Arts:

“Aug. 15, 1972
Ron found a Karate School in South St. Louis, the N.K.A. and began learning their style which was called Shudo Kan”

I believe he might be trying to say shoto-kan, and I guess in 1972 was a bit bad ass … But then!

Ron left the NKA and began teaching his own style derived from the NKA style, Master Hoshino’s style and what Jim Hughes had taught him. This was called the Cobra Wind Demon Ninjitsu or School of Shadow Warriors.”

Very legit! because if you train karate you can TOTALLY go into another martial art as a master! oh wait … no .. it kinda doesn’t work that way.

Ron developed a heightened interest in Ninjitsu, (Also spelled Ninjutsu) and went to study with Master Harunaka Hoshino.”

Well hell is good he developed an interest in an art he has been a master for 10 years, because holy crap what if you wanted to learn before you teach? what is that preposterous line of thinking? one must create ninjutsu school then get interested in ninjutsu 10 years later *facepalm*

I love the certificates, that is a McDojo, first Phil Porter was kicked out of USJA for selling judo certs, he obviously still does I can certify myself as a BJJ black belt, yeah that’ll work .. (

On his “World Title” ( well that says “kickboxing exhibition” .. and LOL@ I swear that picture looks so badly photoshopped.

I would go more and more but you guys are probably bored by now, wish dude lived closed, Gracie Fighters still storm dojos, nothing better than a good storming to shut him up … TURD


@tm #64. THANK YOU for that link about the swordsmith!!! I do not know him, but his name is Watanabe Korehira and he lives in Date (“dah-tay”) City, Hokkaido. My wife is from Hokkaido and her mother’s cousin is a well-known swordsmith named Horii … he also lives in Date City. They are bound to know each other.


The Honorably Retired, and former, SSG Medzyk

You guys remember the movie “Space Cowboys”? Based on real events.

The guy that rode the missile package and crashed it on the moon?
Well, I’m the guy that took the pictures of him they used at the end of the film.

True story. Got my Antarctic medal for it too, since the moon went right over that McMurdo place when it went down that night. I had to free fall into Albuquerque, breaking Felix’s altitude and speed, but I did it before he jumped and nobody saw me on account of the secretly classified mission I can tell nothing about. True story too.


@67 Shudo Kan is an actual style. The founder worked closely with the founder of Shotokan, Gichin Funakoshi.

This idiot is actually listed in the Hall of Fame for that Bullshit Martial Arts association/Black Belt mill.

Did you see the neet part where he was awarded the first Martial Arts Hall of Fame ring? You know, the one you have made for yourself from the same black belt mill.

Combat Historian

This fucker has stolen not just the valor of the Navy RF-8 recon pilots who risked their lives to take these low-level photos, but has also stolen the valor of Maj. Rudolf Anderson, the USAF U-2 pilot who was KIA when his U-2 was downed over Cuba. This POS needs to be outed and made to literally eat his words…


Combat Historian: true. Maj. Anderson was the first recipient of the Air Force Cross – posthumously – for that incident. He was KIA on 27 October 1962 when the CIA-provided U-2C Maj. Anderson was flying was shot down over Cuba.

Ironically, the POTUS decision to put “blue suiters” in U-2 cockpits during the Cuban Missile Crisis may well have contributed to that loss.

U-2 overflights over Cuba used the U-2C, a model with a different engine (J75-P-13 vice the J57-series used in earlier models) and modified inlets compared to the original U-2A. Prior to mid-October 1962, only CIA pilots had conducted U-2 overflights of Cuba (only the CIA possessed that U-2 model in 1962). In fact, prior to Oct 1962 USAF pilots had never flown the U-2C. The transfer of U-2 overflights to the USAF also transferred ground control to the USAF, thus completely replacing the CIA’s then-working infrastructure for such flights with a new and unfamiliar ground support setup and pilots having little experience in the model of aircraft they were to fly.

The first USAF pilot flew the U-2C for the first time NET 11 October 1962; the first USAF overflight of Cuba occurred on 14 October 1962. While we’ll never know with certainty, it’s possible that a minor mechanical issue that a pilot with more time in the U-2C platform may have avoided or recovered from more quickly made Maj. Anderson’s craft temporarily vulnerable to SAM engagement, leading to his loss. That’s not Maj. Anderson’s fault in any way; it’s the fault of those that put him in that precarious position.

BinhTuy66: U-2 flights over Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis were not terminated after Maj. Anderson was downed. They continued during the remainder of the crisis, and for a substantial amount of time afterwards. See p. 210 in


@55: When I met my ex-brother-in-law he told me that he was in 160th. I told him that was pretty cool. His reply was “not really, I work in S-1”.


I emailed this low-life and called him out, with a link to the blog. Let’s see if he has the testicular fortitude to come here and retract his bullshit.


ghp95134: not sure, and I could be wrong. But I’m thinking Don Shipley would get a chuckle out of a “SEAL TEAM 69” fake ID. (smile)


BinhTuy66 is right – the U2 photos were the ONLY things that Kennedy showed on TV during his press conference. The photos with better definition were never shown to the public.

Some surveillance films developed by Eastman Kodak for the CIA and the military became available to the public in the late 1960s. I shot some 2476 surveillance film while I was at NPC in the 1960s. It was an extremely high speed, ultra grainy film that the CIA used in low light surveillance. There were several others. The definition was poor, owing to the coarseness of the grain clumps, but it made for great artwork in prints. It was this type of stuff that was available for this mission, which (obviously) ronny the rabbit doesn’t know anything about.


Ex-PH2: though not good enough to read the writing on the side of a missile, the resolution from U-2 photography of the day was still quite good.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, a question came up of whether the missile sites discovered by U-2 photography were manned. A later U-2 photo answered that question.

The later photo showed a guy at one of the sites using an outdoor latrine. The photo allegedly had enough resolution to show that he was seated – and was reading a newspaper while he “took care of business”. (smile)

Source: Ben Rich and Leo Janos, Skunk Works.


And I clicked submit before I finished my secret squirrel shit, to wit: ronnie the rabbit never knew about any of this stuff, because he was not a photographer’s mate.

He was an E-2 Airman Apprentice, undesignated, which means if he’d gotten shipboard duty, he’d probably have been emptying wastebaskets, chipping paint off bulkheads, swabbing floors, and running errands.

If he was ever in range of the PH rate, it was the Betty Boop locker for the wannabes:

I wannabe a PH, too.
I do.
I wannabe a PH, too.
It’s true.
I wannabe a PH, too.
I do.
Oooo! Boop boop deedoo!


Yes, Hondo, but if those images were blown up to 30×40, which is close to the size that JFK used in that press conference, when you got up next to them, they were quite coarse and grainy. On TV, they looked fine The comparison is the extremely high pixelation you get with a digital camera that has a small sensor, like an early point and shoot Coolpix, which has a very small sensor with a lot of megapixels. I have one of those, the Coolpix 8700. It’s particularaly coarse in the telephoto mode.

If you recall those discussions about WWII glider pilots doing aerial reconnaissance, the film they used was comparably high speed but was refined enough to show Hitler’s buzzbombs sitting on their launch ramps.


@5 IMO they have told these lies for so long, they actually start believing them. I’ll bet at this point he could probably pass an polygraph…

Wesley Wilson AKA Enigma4you


No they know they are lying. They start with a small tidbit and keep adding, the story changes. He saw an opportunity to get on the news and took it.
I think we should send his ass to Cuba with a big ass bow on him. Tell the Cubans that he has confessed to being a spy and entering their country illegally. That he swears its the truth. Let them have his ass.


@20 and @33: The Cold War Commemorative Medal is an award of great distinction, and is presented only to those who have proven their valor and patriotism by writing a check for $29.95 and dropping it in the mail. 😀

Of course, I’m exaggerating a bit.

They take credit cards, too! 😉


@83, I agree! Put 8oz of gas in Bernath’s airplane and have him fly his colleague over there, heck it is only 90 miles. I think that is enough gas, but math is hard.

Wesley Wilson AKA Enigma4you

He is also a private investigator, we really need a copy of the faker rules


Enigma did you see this:
//begin paste
“Give us a call, there is no charge for consultation . Ask for Ron D.White, who is not only the Director of Operations but the son of the founder of the company. Talk with the boss!

(314) 481-3300 Office. Cell: (636) 305-7131 Thank you for your consideration.

//end paste

Wesley Wilson AKA Enigma4you


Doing a bit of investigating myself right now


Where’s the FOIA shit on this asswipe?

When is Chief Shipley sending us some entertainment? I need a good laugh.


I cannot find any licensing info on “White, Ron” or “World Wide” at this State of MO. Site:

Wesley Wilson AKA Enigma4you

I called both numbers both went to voice mail.


I don’t know why everyone is getting on his case. I found his website and experience totally believable.

Wesley Wilson AKA Enigma4you


I called the state, he does have a valid PI lic that is up for renewal


Can someone post the link to the original story? I want to tell them how dumb they are for buying pony tail giggly neck here’s story. I can’t seem to find it and after watching that video again I am mad enough to punch kittens.

Robot Wrangler

@78 Lies I tell you, I took those photos. I was still in my mothers womb, but they outfitted me with a tiny camera that I would pop out and take pictures with. No one expects that and it is the reason I was born a month late…Debriefing you know….

Army ATC

Here’s a link to the original full video at the KSDK site. The reporter is named Art Holliday.


This dudes facebook is a goldmine of posers… for example.

Patrick O.

@49: Just like the music will never run out, posers will always come up with new and amazing ways to make their tiny little penii just a little bit bigger.

Wesley Wilson AKA Enigma4you

I spoke with Ron White twice today. Im am going to try relay what he said and keep my opinion to myself in this post.

I asked him if he was a SEAL or ever claimed to be one.
He said no, he was not and had never claimed to be a SEAL.

I asked him why he was wearing a SEAL hat.

His reply was he was wearing the hat to Honor his friend Roy Boehm. He said that he had gotten to know Mr. Boehm later in his life and had respect for him. He said that the hat had on in the interview had Im Memory Roy H Boehm Team 2 written on the bill, that it was not visible during the interview. He sent me a photo of the Hat and it does have it hand written on the bill. After Looking at the picture and then the vidie again I could see parts of the writing in the video.

I asked about the ID card, He said it was a Joke, He bought it and a UFO drivers licence at the same time. He showed the SEAL ID card Roy Boehm and ask if that made him a SEAL.

I asked about his claim of taking the Photo. He said he did not take that photo, that is was taken by the Navy in a low level flight.

I asked him if he infiltrated into CUBA, He Stated he did. HE would not comment on why a 17 year old with only a few months in the Navy with no special training would be asked to do such a thing.

I have a 23 minute recorded call if anyone want to hear it.


So, let me see if I understand this correctly. He makes all these claims in the interview, including one that he shot that photo he points to. But when pinned down about it, after much discussion among all of TAHers here present, he suddenly is NOT a SEAL and DID NOT shoot that photo?

Yeah, that disclaimer will last about as long as it takes him to drop from the public eye for a little while. Then he’ll be right back at it making phony claims and what he did and where he did it.

Nice try. I don’t buy it.