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Heritage Rough Rider

Colorado mom tackles alleged peeping Tom outside department store dressing room
Police in Denver suburb confirm report of peeping Tom incident; store and suspect not identified

By Pilar Arias
A Colorado mother was not going to let an alleged peeping Tom escape after she says she caught him watching her change in a department store fitting room.

The incident happened May 11 in Lakewood, Michelle Chandler told local FOX31. The unnamed mall store reportedly offers dressing rooms for both men and women in the same area. Chandler said she was trying on a possible Mother’s Day outfit when she noticed someone’s feet smelled bad.

“As I went to take these pants off, I bent down, and I looked over, and I saw men’s shoes, socks and his phone pointing right at me,” the mother of five told the TV station. “I grabbed him, threw him on the ground, put my knee in his back and held his head down.”

“This is why men don’t belong in women’s fitting rooms,” Chandler tells the suspect in the video captured while restraining him.

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Fox News

Paul Blart unavailable for comment.

Florida man praised by police for fatally stabbing intruder who shot his wife
Suspect Lindsey Glenn was ‘cut to pieces’ and ‘very much deceased’ when authorities arrived to the scene of the crime

By Timothy H.J. Nerozzi
Police are praising a Florida resident who fatally stabbed a home intruder after the suspect shot his wife.

Law enforcement with the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call in Avon Park on Thursday after a violent confrontation was reported at the residence, according to local outlet Fox 13 Tampa Bay.

Lindsey Glenn — a 62-year-old former prisoner previously convicted of a dozen felonies — “used a ruse” to trick an elderly couple, both 69, into letting him inside their home on Joe Hilton Street.

After entering, Glenn reportedly pulled a firearm and shot the female victim in the face, severely wounding her.

Police say that after seeing his wife shot, the male victim leaped into action and grabbed a garden knife. The husband reportedly stabbed Glenn repeatedly with the 7-inch blade.

The female victim stumbled out of the home and onto the porch of their next-door neighbor while bleeding profusely.

She is currently in stable condition at a trauma center, while the male victim was treated at a local hospital for minor injuries and then released, police say.

Glenn was “cut to pieces” and “very much deceased” by the time authorities arrived at the scene, Sheriff Paul Blackman said in a video update on the incident.

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Fox News

This wasn’t a gunfight and Mr. Glenn achieved room temperature for his troubles. Glad the victims are doing well. Thanks Gun Bunny.

Both the oligarch and tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of arms.

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The Heritage Rough Rider…

If you want/need a rimfire revolver for plinking or varmints, wait until Black Friday week and pick one up. I thought $109 was a good price for my first 6-1/2″ American Flag grip Rough Rider shortly after I started my job. Little did I know we were offering a $30 instant rebate a few weeks later. We sold more than a few $79 revolvers, and quite a few $109 dollar ones with magnum cylinders. Last year saw (IIRC) $109 Betsy Ross revolvers and $149 revolvers with leather holster and magnum cylinder.

I [think] all I’ve gotten since then are the Barkeep and the Barkeep boot (2-1/2″ and 1″ barrel respectively), along with a stray magnum cylinder that should work in any of them.

And… for a final note, I conceded to my 15-year-old’s yearning to shoot yesterday evening. Took the purple Ruger EC9s and the S&W Model 29 in the back yard and put a few rounds into the trees that were dropped last week. Five minutes of shooting probably cost me $25 dollars in ammo…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“..cost me $25 dollars in ammo.”
But you reaped the adoration of a daughter, and the beginning of another conservative shooter who can defend herself.

She’s been bugging me since 4-H’s shooting club ended for the season; she shot archery and .22 handgun, she wanted to shoot skeet but wants to get some trigger time in before shooting in front people, so I guess an O/U is somewhere in the future gun budget. To save some money and noise, I’ll probably just break out the Heritage revolvers and let her shoot her Angel Blue Walther P22Q every now and then, saving the centerfires for our indoor range. If she wants to shoot 4-H again next year, I’ll have to get her a Ruger Mark IV, Browning Buckmark, or just pay the exorbitant amount for a Volquartsen, and maybe get a couple more rimfire rifles if she wants to shoot those. Ideally, I’ll get a threaded barrel for the Walther and start investing in some suppressors. Fortunately, the shop that was once featured in Sons of Guns has about a 7-day turnaround on silencers. Of course, they’re under new ownership since Will Hayden is serving three life sentences for being a kiddie diddler (including his own daughter).

Before I left VA, we had a final family get-together. The then-13-year-old handled my .44 magnum like a champ. Her then-21-year-old brother was cute, trying to explain to her how to handle the recoil from his paw-paw’s S&W Governor I’d inherited and passed down to him. .45 Colt is pretty tame compared to .44 Magnum, at least with factory loads. I’ve heard of some people hand loading .45 Colt to near .44 Mag pressures for use in Ruger Super Blackhawks and similarly strong revolvers.

Of my five kids, the sole son and 15-year-old are the gun nuts. I have a few guns waiting for my son and adult daughter when they visit in a few months, including home defense shotguns and an antique Ballard rimfire rifle (.32, judging from the bore diameter).

Last edited 24 days ago by fm2176
President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

This is one of the few times “a knife to a gun fight” went well for the knife. This will be a notable exception in the T2NB2AGF 3″ three ring binder set.

Also reminded me of the Jim Croce song “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim”. Substitute “Glenn” for “Jim” and it works.
Lyrics to be posted later this morning when I have access to a computer vs this convenient-but-clunky kindle. (Copy-and-paste)

The note may include: When knife is over 7″, it is advisable to maintain separation in order to ensure ability to aim firearms!

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Well, a hush fell over the pool room
Jimmy GLENN come boppin’ in off the street
And when the cuttin’ was done
The only part that wasn’t bloody
Was the soles of the big man’s feet, ooh
And he was cut in about a hundred places
And he was shot in a couple more
And you better believe
They sung a different kind of story
When big Jim GLENN hit the floor now, they say

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
And you don’t mess around with Slim

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I hope Mom was able to disinfect after coming into close contact with Peeping Tom. If she could smell his feet, I would imagine that personal hygiene was not a high priority for him.
The story doesn’t say, but I hope that Mom took the opportunity while holding Mr Tom to the ground, to also repeatedly introduce his face to the floor…up, down, up, down….


BZ Mama Bear. Nothing sez no street cred like having to say one got beat up by a girl.

“cut to pieces” and “very much deceased” Heh heh More funnier than “He’s dead, Jim.”

The people have an obligation to arm themselves and mistrust the tyrant. FIFY

Plink, plink, plink, KA-BOOM, KA-BOOM! “DaHell was that?” “Oh, just rgr 769 and The Gun Bunny showing off their Real Cowboy Guns.”


Cowboy guns… we had a retired Secret Service SA who worked with us for a few months, and who does Cowboy Action Shooting regularly. Of course, he didn’t last as management really doesn’t understand how to maintain former federal employees. I’m often surprised I’ve lasted this long, and I’m a lowly retired NCO.

I’ve yet to put any rounds through my father-in-law’s first-generation Ruger Vaquero. We sell the Uberti reproduction revolvers, and I may eventually pick one of those up. Otherwise, I have my Stoeger Coach Gun and Winchester ’94, along with the 100+ year old M1897 Riot and M1892. Maybe I’ll reach out to Secret Agent man and try to get in on some (cowboy) action. Seems like a fun time.


The lever gun has to be pistol caliber. The usual .30-30 ’94 won’t do. But most folks will loan guns to the newcomer.

It’s a hoot. I have been shooting CAS over 25 years.


YMMV but when I held a Heritage Rough Rider I was less than impressed by the wood to metal fitting.

Colorado Mom needed to but more hurt on the Peeping Tom than mere humiliation. Something involving some severe scrotal bruises might work.

Knife to a gun fight works when accompanied by a husband’s drive to defend his wife. “Cut up some” indeed. Heh heh.


-Rough- Rider.

It’s a bargain-priced plinker.

If you want “nicer”, look at the Ruger Single Six. (Ruger also sells the cheaper/plainer Wrangler guns.)


Yeah, I thought that was a Ruger at first glance butt
(see what I did there) the wood didn’t look right.
Had a single six many years ago but gave it up.


The Ruger Single Six is on my radar. It looks sweet and I like Ruger a lot.