Karzai: Taliban are “brothers”, Americans are “rivals”

| February 3, 2014

ROS sends us a link to the UK’s Telegraph which reports on a interview with the Taliban’s spokesman, Hamid Karzai, who is also president of Afghanistan. In the interview, Karzai said that he hasn’t spoken to President for more than seven months;

Mr Karzai said that he “saw no good” in the American presence in his country.

“They did not work for me, they worked against me,” he said, and referred to the Taliban in his interview with The Sunday Times as “brothers” and the Americans as “rivals”.

Yeah, no good in the America presence, well, other than the fact that Karzai owes his position to Americans, not to mention the schools, the hospitals and roads we’ve built, the number of girls who get to go to school and get jobs, well, when they’re not being attacked by the Taliban remnants in the country and cowering in their homes when the Taliban is near. And then when they go to market, they have to worry about attacks by the Taliban.

But [Karzai] added: “In general the US-led Nato mission in terms of bringing security has not been successful, particularly in Helmand.”

Yeah, well, the mission in Afghanistan required political leadership, and there was none from Karzai. This administration bent over backwards, at the cost of American lives to provide an environment in which Karzai could lead his country out of the Dark Ages, instead, he chose to line his own pockets.

So screw him and his country. If there is even one American military member in that country this morning, we’re failing the troops.

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Nothing to be added here. Jonn, you nailed it in one.


I lay all the blame entirely at the feet of Obama on this. He abandoned Afghanistan before he took office. How long did it take to even meet with his military commanders after he took office? It was over half his first year before he met with them. He only pops up when something major happens that he can benefit from. Yet we keep on throwing bodies into the meat grinder.


Eff this guy. We could nuke the place from orbit but that’d only improve that rockpile.


Karzai can stuff it.


Stop the aid, the protection, destroy everything we can’t carry, and leave.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

@2 But Obama didn’t pick Karzai….I will agree Obama did nothing to improve this situation, but it was f#cked long before he was elected.

The cold uncomfortable truth of this whole situation is that there never any real reconstruction plan or transition plan for either nation that was invaded. From day one there was no planning for an endgame and no recognition of how long an endgame was needed. It’s one thing to destroy another nation, and quite another to destroy it and rebuild it with a government favorable to your own nation’s interests. Bush and company had no long term plan and Obama wasn’t about to design one.

There is no surprise in how this is turning out to anyone who has been watching closely since the start. The real crime is deciding that getting US troops killed for no actual long term change means that this will need to be addressed again at some point in the future, by a new set of US troops.

Farflung Wanderer

The real unfortunate thing is that within the end of 2014 Afghanistan will be pretty much the exact same as it was in 2001. People have died, and we’re still no closer to even thinking of ending the threat posed by groups like AQ and their Taliban allies.

And, to the south, Iran grows ever stronger. As much as I don’t want to say it, I’ve come to believe that within the next three to four years, there will be a nuclear exchange between Israel and Iran, because the current administration is doing nothing to stop the Iranian nuclear program.

When will these people learn? Giving nukes to other countries will never make the world a safer place! We should be doing everything in our power to stop nuclear weapons development in other countries, and work to reduce nuclear weapons in all existing countries to at least a sane level. We’ll never give up our nukes all the way, and neither will Russia and China, but countries like the PRC and RU aren’t going to use them. Unstable, radical nations like North Korea (even they will eventually figure that out, though hopefully by then we’ll have completely put a beatdown on those nuts and freed something odd million people from the hell they inhabit) and especially Iran should never have nukes because they’re fanatical enough to use them!

So yeah, I’ve deviated a little from Afghanistan, but to be honest, that area isn’t really the source of the true threat. It’s Iran’s radical government that is the threat, and has been the threat since 1979.


I agree that Jonn nailed it. I agree with all of you. I agre the most with @3 NHSarky. It is one thing to help people who will help themselves. It is another to try and help people who also aid your enemy and shoot you in the back. I believe Karzai and his people want our money and nothing else, except to live under Sharia law. If he wants us out, thinks we are his rivals, please accommodate him before any more Americans die. Take all we brought and as NHSparky said, nuke the rest from orbit. “It’s the only way to be sure.” I am being a bit tongue in cheek but in reality we have given enough blood, limbs and lives there. Since our Emperor has no plans to do much more than shit and fall back in it as with most of his policies, let us just get out NOW. I am not a war protestor by history or service or conviction because most movements wind up targeting the troop on the ground and therefore off target. But for Afghanistan please, please get our people out before we lose more. As I wrote above these people want their beloved Allah and all things Muslim, not freedom and self determination. I know there are the little folks in Afghan who do but they are in the minority and the the rest seemed pleased to take the path of least resistance. If the Taliban pressures them they won’t stand and fight, they will submit. Usually in the name of Allah, and all things anti American and anti-infidel. Sorry this has been so long. I have just been to too many Memorial Services for young men. I am admittedly jaded.

Old Trooper

GTFO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For the record, lurkers–I am not “pro-war”, I am PRO-VICTORY.

Note the difference. Because it has been my ass on the line, I’m not the most eager beaver to get my shit blown up, but if I’m going to go, the assholes inside the beltway best have a fucking plan to ensure victory AND STICK TO THAT GOAL, period.

Neither this nor the previous administration showed that fortitude regarding this rockpile.


@11 FatCircle0311, now that news item started me off toward an angry, pissed off day. But the truth is the truth my friend and we have given WAY TOO much in everything to that shit hole.

We can’t take care of vets at the VA and the retiree’s futures back home but we can throw money hand over fist to these worthless turds!



Didn’t the Taliban want his head when he was just a Lieutenant in the Northern Alliance?

B Woodman

We need to be out of there — yesterday. And our foreign aid money too. We also need to seize and freeze Karzai’s assets.

A Proud Infidel

I did my time there 05-06, and the things I could tell y’all…


Karzai = Thieving POS.

I have wondered for years why we continue to prop his ugly ass up.


Here is an update on Karzai’s choice of friends:


So if we still have anyone over there, we should vacate all ASAP, bomb the damned airbase and destroy what we can’t take with us. And by bomb, I don’t mean conventional bombs.


They need to find where he is hiding his “retirement fund” and make it go away… Then make him and anything we leave beind go away as described by Ex-PH2.