Monday morning feel good story

| February 3, 2014

Chief Tango sends us our feel good stories this morning, the first is from San Marcos, Texas where a family came to some unwelcome intruders so they called the police. When the police arrived, they got no response from the intruder;

The Hays County’s Sheriff’s Office continued the investigation and found that the homeowner fired a weapon in the residence.

The SWAT team entered the residence late in the evening after unsuccessful attempts to have the suspects surrender.

Once inside the residence, tactical officers found the body of a 20 year old white male who had suffered a gunshot wound.

The man was identified at 20-year-old Kevin Ray Rodriguez.

The homeowner and his children were not harmed during the incident.

The next story comes from Pinson, Alabama where a neighbor heard gunshots in a nearby home and saw three men flee the residence. The neighbor grabbed his own gun and lit out after the three;

[Paul] Trammell, who’s 52 and has asthma, chased after them up a dirt hill and toward the woods behind the house.

He got about 20 or 30 yards into the woods, he said, and he saw them. They apparently stopped to catch their breath, not knowing they were being followed.

“I pulled out my firearm and aimed at them and told him to hit the ground,” he said.

Trammell said he didn’t plan on firing unless someone pulled a gun on him.

One of the suspects hit the ground. The other two kept running.

He walked up to the one who got down on the ground and told him to lay flat on his stomach and cross his legs — Trammell said he’d seen that in a safety video somewhere. At this point Blake Wood, his neighbor’s son who he had heard yelling earlier and was afraid had been shot, came up with a shotgun in his hands. The two shots Trammell heard were Wood firing into the ground to scare the suspects away.

Trammell asked the suspect for his name and his age. He was 17 years old. Wood asked him if he had a weapon on him. He said he did.

Trammell fished the revolver out of the suspect’s front pocket and found that it only had two rounds in it, and they were at the bottom of the cylinder. If he had pulled the trigger, Trammell said, it would’ve just clicked.

When deputies arrived and took the youngster in custody, they went to look for the other two and found them in adjoining neighborhood. Again Trammel aided by identifying the two by their clothing. All three are resting comfortably in their jail cells.

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B Woodman

All I can say to the first story is, “Good shootin’, Tex!”

Frankly Opinionated

Aaaaah, Monday morning and a twofer to go with my Cuban Coffee.
Life is good.


I notice Mr. Trammell has asthma and chased them down when they stopped to catch THEIR breath.

Isn’t it a bit of hyperbole on the Texas reporter’s part to use the term ‘standoff’ in the other report?


The running perps apparently hadn’t bought into Moochelle’s “Lets Move” campaign.


In before Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo gets in front of a camera to say this proves we need more gun restrictions, registration and universal background checks… :/

Just An Old Dog

Ha, am I the only one that caught that line in the Texas story where they say that the standoff “ended peacefully” after they found the guy dead of a GSW?
They are absolutely correct though. That guy wont be disturbing the peace anymore.