Michael Lattea; National Guard phony

| December 27, 2013

Michael Lattea

Michael Lattea comes to us by the way of Scotty, who has been a FOIA machine lately. But Lattea did actually go to Afghanistan for a month or so, he has brought shame on the name of veterans – he’s now a convicted felon having committed fraud. Scotty has some of his criminal records and says that he has an active warrant. But, just by looking at his photo above, I’m sure anyone with a minute in the service knows he’s a phony.

But, here is his FOIA;

Michael Lattea FOIA

And his assignments;

Michael Lattea assignments

Scotty says that he targets female veterans for his fraud and he rattles a tin cup on the internet;

Michael Lattea tin cup

Guardian of Valor has done much more work on this nozzle of douches.

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Frankly Opinionated

This turd is about as useless as Kyle Barwan. I have eyes on the ground in his AO, and they say that he is still scamming, nickel/diming people. I have sent a screen cap of a couple of his posts to admin here. They were sent to me by someone wondering if his “Federal Probation Officer” should see them.


He’d have more money if he didn’t keep blowing it on ellipses (…) and just settled for a period every now and then.


Guy is a total douchebag. Fucker was doing it entirely to line his own pocket, and he should get jail time for this under the Stolen Valor Act as such!


When I was at Bragg, I knew a guy who was in an SF reserve unit claiming similar shit. “MR” was a cop and while on active duty for training, claimed pay problems via divorce etc… ended up he bought a sniper rifle from the money his cops donate to his “cause.” I was involved in the 15-6 that went nowhere.


Yep, that star on the CIB is a dead giveaway for BS, or he was one of the secret kid troopers in Grenada


Can I send him a begging letter?

I could use those old pix of me from when I was a working girl. 🙂


Telltale that he was an 11B with a campaign medal and no CIB.


Is it wrong that I really want to drive to Ohio and give this pernicious shitbag some clue-by-four instruction?


Two Battalions in my Brigade are wartrace to that BCT. Their deployment in 08-09 was as SECFOR running long and short haul missions out of Kuwait and into Iraq.

They were lucky and had little contact that entire deployment.

Green Thumb

A very squishy turd.

Surprised he does not work for WWP.

Green Thumb

Also, if you guys (and gals) check out Guardians of Valor, there is a detailed post on this maggot that goes into how he complains about all the negative phone calls and attention he is getting.


A Proud Infidel

Is it me, or have these damn critters been literally falling out of trees lately?


@12 – Carry an umbrella. And dog biscuits.

Mr Wolf

Ok, what needs done here? Douchenuts has a history with one of my old units in the OARNG- 148th used to be part of the 73d INF BDE (SEP) where I was the J6. Got lotsa dudes up BG-OH way.

Insane. This inf unit is now part of 38th INF Div based out of IN if I recall correctly. This is a close-knit group up that way. Anyone putting out this type of fraud WILL BE found. Its just too small of a community…

Old Blue, you out there man?

SFC Holland

Hey guys, I used to be very active on here. Took a year or so off and did some lurking while I got through rehab and therapy.

I see a bit of this at the WTU but nothing on the scale of the phonies you guys have been posting lately on every fellah with a camo hat claiming to have his own organization.

I am fearful of asking anyone for anything even though my family is really struggling because so many dirtbags have tainted the waters. Especially during the holidays, you can’t tell who is real and who isn’t anymore and it’s sad.

I had expected more official channel help for the guys needing it this year, but nothing has materialized. I imagine this is the new normal. I have never “rattled the cup” as you say, but it may come to that if the VA, SS, med board folks continue to drag their feet. My wife left her job a year ago to provide for me and that hasn’t helped much.

I am glad you guys find these posers. I hope it thins the herd some and gives a deserving vet an opportunity to receive help. There are plenty out there to be sure.


A Proud Infidel

@13, I’d rather carry a pellet gun to chase them off!!


4 years in the Nasty Guard and his last duty job was ammunition handler and he got out as a E1? Sounds like someone stepped on their own dick. and honestly I have never heard of “ammo handler” as a job in any Infantry line unit I was in.


@17 – Ammo handler is the kind of job where you have a clipboard, a bunch of pens and a pocket protector. And maybe a whistle, if you’re lucky.



A Machine Gun section is made up of the Gunner, Assistant Gunner (who carries the tripod and spare barrel) and the Ammo Handler (who humps the extra ammo..aka the “ammo bitch”)

Old Blue

I went with the 37th on their last deployment (Afghanistan, 2012} as a cross-leveled attachment from another unit. I was in Afghanistan when the 37th deployed to Kuwait. I don’t know this young man. According to his record, he did serve a year in Kuwait/Southern Iraq with the brigade. So he did his part. Why he would try to turn that average contribution… and so long ago… into a charity is beyond me. However, in the picture he is wearing rank and awards that he obviously does not deserve.

I’m sure that more will surface over time, and we will likely find that he was a problem Soldier who wound up being discharged with a bar to reenlstment preceded by a reduction in rank due to disciplinary action. He deserves to be prosecuted for fraud and any applicable laws concerning awards and rank he claims.

I find the whole concept of stolen valor disturbing. Especially when so many able-bodied sat at home by choice and took no responsibility for their country. To have someone who actually served behave like this is even more dishonorable. He should appreciate how lightly his service compares with so many others who suffered worse hardships and dangers. Especially those who suffered physical and psychological injuries.


@ #15: Good to see you posting. Hang in there.

Green Thumb

@17 and 19.

Its actually called an AB or “Ammo Bearer” on a gun team.

I think, and I may be wrong on this, that a Ammo Handler is actually/was actually an MOS that fell within the Ordinance field. An 53 something or another

Green Thumb

There is also this one; an Ammo Specialist, 89 series.


Also, 55B Ammunition Specialist and 55D Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist.


Green Thumb

I guess one counts and one loads or such.

Green Thumb

He gives the money (donations) to his landlord.

WWP uses them for inflated salaries and to fly first class as some in senior management/leadership try to pass themselves off as Combat Vets.

Phildo just pockets it and spends it at Hooters.

Wow. Just wow.


I’m on a smaller screen and can’t make it out. Please tell me he’s not wearing a CIB second award? Please.


Why, yes…Yes he is. Fuckstick. (The poser, not you my friend.)

Green Thumb


Scammer Hunter