Robert Danny Hay; shortest USMC career in history

| August 31, 2013

Scotty sends us his research on Robert Danny Hay of Helena, Montana who rides around with his Marine Corps career on the back of his pickup;

Robert Danny Hay truck

The word on the street is that he’s picking up a large VA check every month for his injuries in Vietnam that go along with all of those stickers. However, that’s not what the USMC says about his career;

Robert Danny Hay FOIA

Robert Danny Hay assignments

According to Scotty, there’s going to be a knock at his door this morning.

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Bobbi-boi…still waiting for that explanation on how you scored those veteran plates you didn’t earn. Care to tell another story?

Green Thumb

As I said, the MT VA has been contacted about this clown.

If they will do anything, we will see.

Bob the Maggot, still getting other folks to “intimidate” concerned citizens?

You screwed the pooch, maggot.

Folks know.


Since Paul seems to have finally wised up and moved on, I’ll need to redirect my creative genius towards the Great Plains. Maybe I can recycle Trannie In A Jag.


Yeah, well all I have on the back of my truck is “My kid beat up your honor roll student.” If you want I could sic my kids on good old “Five Weeks”.

Bless his soul.


@MCPO #259 I learned a new word today. Scuttle-F@ck. You have broadened my vocabulary, and I appreciate it.

To Bobby: You are a scuttle-f@ck. And a Turd.
I want you to read about a friend of mine. Here is a link to his foundation page:

Also see his tribute page as a fallen Warrior on, if you have access to that site. Or just google his name.

I was there that night, attached to the G6 in the COC where he worked. He was a good man with unlimited potential, and he was just a really nice guy with an ass-load of enthusiasm.

You have stolen from him and his family by disrespecting everything the Marine Corps stands for. Did you get to the part in boot camp where we memorize JJDIDTIEBUKLE? You know, the 14 Principal Leadership Traits? I doubt it, so I’ll refresh your memory: Judgment Justice Dependability Integrity Decisiveness Tact Initiative Endurance Bearing Unselfishness Courage Knowledge Loyalty Enthusiasm. You FAIL on all counts. Especially Integrity.

You have really pissed the ol’ man off. Yea, sue me too. What the hell.


Valkyrie, check your e-mail. I sent you something yesterday. Did you get it? Think you’ll like it.


Huh…guess Bobbi-boi stepped out and isn’t going to be answering any (more) questions.

Like that was unexpected.


I’m guessing he’ll be back, NHSparky.

Moths have a thing for flames.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Since I seem to be in a Thomas Paine frame of mind today…..

This is why RDH yammers so much…

It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry.

For the benefit of Mr. RDH here’s why we respond as we do….

It is an affront to treat falsehood with complaisance.


I want him back here. He sparked a creative streak in me I have not felt in a long time.

And it felt good!


EX-PH2 – I haven’t checked recently, my WiFi is down. I’ll check this afternoon. I’m very excited though!

I’m weird about checking my email on a public network. Or maybe just weird in general?


Dammit, Master Chief, if you don’t write up all those sea stories you’ve got tucked away in that coffee-besmirched brain of yours, your kids will never know what you REALLY did! Neither will your grandkids!

Now get busy and crank out that copy!!!


Valkyrie, I hope you get your computer situation fixed soon!!! I really do. I’m working hard at this.

This FiveWeeks Bob Hay is the Model for the Next B&B poser.

Congratulations, Fiveweeks! You’ll be famous in my next novel. Hooah!!

Green Thumb


I am thinking you cast him as a bum, whino or some other entity that your villain steps over going into the store to get some smokes.

And even the villain punches him in the face when he asks for a handout based on his claims of service.

Bob the Maggot, indeed.

Green Thumb

Or maybe Bob the Maggot is peeking in windows and sees one of our numerous pedophile posers buggering young boys.

So he goes to tell The Phildo and Popovic and winds up getting “erased” because P2 is/are aware of who is stealing and taking what in his neighborhood and wants that info contained in light of his upcoming criminal conviction.

Anyway, you get my take. Bob the Maggot is simply a minor, somewhat sorry, weak and soft secondary character in the overall picture.

I’m bored. can you tell?


OK – he gets an honorable mention for his efforts here. He’s only missed two of the elements for proper poser behavior. He’ll be back when he discovers those OR he will return when a neighbor, a real law enforcement officer, or other gubmint official reminds him that what he’s been doing is criminal and that he will be held accountable.

He gets no bonus points for adding any new elements for proper poser behavior (ppb). Granted, it will be extremely difficult for anyone to top Shane’s getting his wife’s leg amputated because of his ppb above and beyond.


What OWB said, and also, he loses points because although he’s a wickre-mimic (gag!) he did not use the AS TO meme at all.

Well, maybe he read up on the posts by psul the uncool and decided that he should be just like that: batshit crazy, almost foaming at the mouth, typing with his forehad, etc., but the rules of psul do call for the use of “AS TO” on a regular basis.


Speaking of Phildo, isn’t his court date coming up pretty quick?


Actually, EllTee GreenThumb, he will run directly into Gunny Frank and Bulldog Hansen AND Chief Dyson at the same time, at Zebo’s. It will be a moment worth remembering. It will include cue sticks and billiard balls.


Why does any grown man use/have the middle name Christina?

(See above in FB comments)


It’s Bob AND Christina?


Yo, Bobbi-boi! I heard they ran some tests on you over at the VA and the results just came back.

It says on your chart that you’re fucked up. Ah, you talk like a fag, and your shit’s all retarded.

Peace out!

Green Thumb


I think your elevating Bob the Maggot to a status his intellect and character cannot handle.

Bob the Maggot strikes me as the dock-worker type with the chain that gets beat up by Chuck Norris.


@324, You did not read the first epic volume yet! If you had, you would know that the posers I create have the intellect of peanut hulls and the sheer, unadulterated brazen-hussy hutzpah to not just do it, but overdo it to a nauseating degree.

I see Bobby Christina FayHay as the ulitmate in SV villains – a spud, as yet unplanted, but soon to blossom.

Green Thumb


Make sure you intertwine Dildoberto in there somewhere.

Hopefully someone is rearranging his face as well.


Bobbi Dan Christina Hay, Hey, Huh?


@325 Okay, Ex-PH2, you waxed poetic on that description — and owe me a keyboard as a result! 🙂


EllTee Thumb, roger that.

PN, just here to serve.

OWB, straight(?) up!

And it does occur to me, in light of the TG Navy people we’ve recently been subjected to — OOOOPs! – told about, that Bobbidan Christina Fayhay should be one of THEM.

See, this is how new people come into being, if not in the more natural way. Kind of explains a lot of things….

Green Thumb


No clue.

But if I was Phildo, I would have addressed this A LONG TIME AGO.

With the continued lies, misrepresentations (SEAL, LEO and Native American) and complete and total loss of institutional control, it would have been common sense to get this out of the way sooner.

The judge is going to have a field day on this one.


I doubt any of that is admissible for a DUI, but it sure as hell would have bearing on an SCI investigation, now wouldn’t it?


One’s character and standing in the community is always relevant for sentencing, though. Guilt or innocence – not so much.

Green Thumb


Yeah. Its one of those.

Has Bob the Maggot gone silent?




@331 The DUI alone will have bearing on a SECRET investigation. Throw the rest of his shit into the same investigation, (or re-investigation) and his clearance is toast. Hmm. That gets me thinking. I wonder if he reported his arrest to his FSO promptly as required? That certainly deserves some pondering…


My son is a marine now, when he was about 7 I caught him in the attic looking at my military stuff. I told him it was all just a physical record of my story in the military. He wanted to know why I left it all in a tupperware box in the attic. I told him Son, the things I am proudest of are your mom, you and your sisters and if I could wear them on my chest every day I would with pride. We thank God for the privilege of serving in a military that represents a free country. Those who never served will truly never know and sadly some have to pretend to give themselves the illusion of feeling whole.


Bobbi-boi, still pulling those phony VA checks?

Green Thumb

Any new word on Bob the Maggot?

He does not return calls.

Green Thumb

Bob “The Maggot” is still making threats of arrest and imprisonment (to you) when questioned politely about his claims.

Green Thumb

Bob “The Maggot” is trying to become invisible.

A Proud Infidel

Has anything happened yet, or is he still bragging about his seekrit missions in the jungles of Paprika?

Green Thumb

Gone to ground is what I hear.

Everyone is lying, he did it (the stickers) to “honor” those for honor, etc. Typical BS.

Even his peers at the PD/SD are backing off.

Second hand, but seems plausible.

Green Thumb

Bob the Maggot here has the asshatery to win a few rounds.

The stickers and only a month in the military bring him credibility in the tourney.

Not to mention getting paid by the VA.

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