CSM John Collier; Facebook commando

| January 2, 2013

Craig sent us another Facebook commando by the name of John Collier. I’m sure he has some time in the Army, but not enough to know what he’s doing when he puts together his phony finery;

John Collier

His profile says that he graduated from Purdue University in 1986, but he has hashmarks on his sleeve that add up to 30 years of service – that means he’d finish his service in 2016. Maybe the picture is from the future.

Collier also has a Special Forces tab and a Ranger tab on his left shoulder, but no jump wings. And it looks like he has foreign jump wings over his right breast pocket, but no US jump wings.

I have no idea what the white cord on his left shoulder is, maybe you know, but I don’t.

If the picture was more clear, I’m sure I’d find something else in there. Maybe this will piss off Detn8tr because of the EOD badge, and he can wait until I’m in the office tomorrow to complain. At least there’s no infantry cord or CIB, for a change.

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  1. I just e-mailed Golda with contact info. It was a warm, fuzzy feeling to read her comment first this morning. The lowlife John Collier was last known headed up to Chimney Rock area of North Carolina.
    I assured her that we would love to see the real deal John Collier after having seen the burger flipping phony John Collier poser.
    May Golda and her Dad enjoy a day of remembrance today.

  2. Humanshit,would beat him up if givin the chance.Many great men died for his FREEDOM.Send him to N Korea.ce495jcollier nam 69,70,71,72

  3. Kelly Collier says:

    YUP sister… this phoney needs to meet up with our dad in person. then he would have a true reality check of what it takes to be a BAD MOFO. HUh, let him just meet up withone of dad’s daughters. CREEP!

  4. Golda Collier says:

    Well said Dad and Sister !! This guy making the Name John Collier synonymous with Stolen Valor makes me wanna puke ! I think this fake needs to be prosecuted for Stolen Valor !! Who must I contact or what must one do to get the ball rolling on this DOUCH bag getting put on Legal Notice for His offense ?

  5. ItAllFades says:

    I love how his Facebook profile now says ” Pvt/E-1 at The U.S. Army” Damn, SMAJ must have been busted down hard!

  6. Wow,I told a lot of people that he was a CSM and…he is my Father-in-law a Aunt of mine showed this to me I was sicked by what the article said and,even argued with her I just keep my mouth shut and,laugh to myself when he brings it up I am utterly embarrased.smh

  7. Green Thumb says:

    I forgot all about this clown.

    Wasn’t he a 6th or 7th seed in the last tourney?

    Speaking of which, when is the tourney?