David Chenicek; fake Marine

| October 18, 2012

March, 9, 2015; It’s been reported that David Chenicek has passed on. That claim is unsubstantiated. Regardless, this will remain posted.

We got a message the other day on our Facebook fan page about a gun dealer in New Hampshire who was scammed by the clown calling himself Gunnery Sergeant David Chenicek who was scamming gun dealers for parts to build his buddy an AR. The message went like this;

I run a tactical supply store in NH and was recently contacted by a guy with a story. I just found out from other gun shops that this guy is duping them all out of gear and parts to build a weapon for a wounded GI. He claims to be a gunnery sgt. but I do not believe him. Here is what he sent me and thanks.

Greetings Sir,
Myself and a few friends are trying to assemble an AR for an injured veteran. He was on the predator flight line in the sandbox and took mortar fire while on the line. His back was severely damaged and has had to go through several surgeries, and has extreme difficulty walking or even getting out of bed in the morning without help ( he actually lost 2″ in height ). So far we have a trigger from CMC and I bought him a MAGPUL MOE forend,grip and stock with a Spikes heavy buffer.
Before he was injured, I was sick and spent some time in the hospital after a minor heart attack and he was there every day to spend time with me and boost my own morale by keeping me company. He is an amazing human,
but at this time we have no upper or upper parts other than the MOE forend plastics yet.

Thank you for your time Sir.
Semper Fi.
GySgt.David Chenicek
5039 Vista Montana Way.
North Las Vegas, NV. 89031

So I had a couple of our Marines check him out on Marines On Line and there is no Gunnery Sergeant David Chenicek. Right after I got that message above, someone else contacted us from Las Vegas. This guy was so mad that he’d been duped, he posted all of his research on Chenicek on his own website.

I guess Chenicek finally came clean and admitted that he’s not a Marine, but he still claims to be building a rifle for a wounded airman, who comes into the discussion and says he never asked for an AR and he’s not wounded. D’oh!

The folks at Guardian of Valor beat me to posting it, but you can check on them.

So, I’m guessing that he’s not going to stop pulling this scam and hopefully this will move up the search engines so that any of our friends out there who deal in guns will see this when he tries to whine his way into their hearts.

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  1. Eagle II says:

    look before I leap..NEVER.. I see the same/same posted at the top re letter from perp.. could have just added the image. sorry bout that – erase them frivolous comments.

  2. Coastie says:

    @9 He meant an actual sandbox. The drone was a “Revel,” the mortar was a dirt clod.

  3. USMCE3TLCPL says:

    Ok Im still on active for 2 more months… Ive been to Afghanistan, and i dont even say sandbox…. Besides its not even a sand like how we like of sand its more like a moondust type of consistency… Anyway that point aside, this asshat deserves a visit from a few DI’s… Make him feel what its like to earn that title that he chose to fake out honest dealers. And the sad part is while this is irritating… Hot Topic is doin something even worse. Im sure everyone’s seen the pictures on the veterans pages on fb of a screens of hot topics website, specifically of them trying to sell the Marine Corps dress blues alpha/Bravos jacket. In my book both Hot Topic and this ass clown should be charged with felony charges…. But that’s just me.