Obama in his own world

| April 24, 2007

Reading Stephen Dinan from the Washington Times today, I see that Obama thinks that the US has let the world down – whatever that means. But he’s going to pick the world back up. How? Why, with your tax dollars – he’s going to buy friendship like that pathetic little rich dork in grade school who handed out nickels to people to act like he’s their friend;

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama said yesterday that the United States has let the world down under the leadership of President Bush, who he said has been a “disappointment” to other countries, as he proposed doubling the foreign-aid budget as a way of recapturing global leadership. 

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the Euro-weenies miss the days Bill Clinton would show up with a bag of goodies to hand out to them – and he’d ignore the goodies they had stacked in the corner from Saddam Hussein.

Obama had more pie-in-the-sky stuff;

Mr. Obama called for boosting the size of the U.S. Army and Marines, training more troops in language skills and expanding efforts to contain the spread of weapons of mass destruction. And he called for doubling U.S. foreign assistance spending by 2012 — a move that he said would mean $50 billion a year — noting that doing so would help meet the goal set by British Prime Minister Tony Blair. 

I thought the military was having trouble meeting recruiting goals as it is, how’s he going to expand the military without a draft? Does he think we have a secret farm where we get soldiers bred for the job and all we have to do is increase production a hair?

And it’s nice to see that he plans on meeting our contribution goals set by foreign governments. Maybe the Euro-weenies can dictate policy to us again, too, like they when they committed us to Kosovo and Bosnia.

He claims that $50 billion isn’t all that much – it’s only 1% of our GDP. he sounds like a used carsalesman telling us that we can afford the monthly payment on that BMW when we know we really can’t.

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