“I know politics better than you do.”

| October 22, 2006

Yesterday, Maryland’s Republican Governor Robert Erlich campaigned with Baltimore Democrats who are discouraged with their own party’s candidate Martin O’Malley, an ineffective politician at the least. O’Malley has been through seven police chiefs in 7 years and has managed to double the murder rate as mayor of Baltimore. He’s fired everyone who ever made a difference in the inner-city school districts and run any effective bureaucrats out of the city making Baltimore his private fiefdom.

Further on in the Washington Times story, the quotes from O’Malley supporters at another rally are staggering.

Mrs. Gladden said she supports Mr. O’Malley’s bid for governor only because it would help his fellow Democrats regain power.
    “I have never voted for Martin O’Malley, never in my life, because I don’t care for him,” she said. “But you know what, I’m wearing his shirt, got his sign on the lawn, and quite frankly, I hope to God and I pray every day that O’Malley becomes our next governor.”

That’s pretty bad. If I may paraphrase this moonbat’s quote; “Our guys an idiot and an incompetent moron for whom I’d never vote – except for purely political reasons. It doesn’t matter how much damage he does to the State, families or our children. He’s a Democrat so vote for him” But there’ s even more;

“I know politics better than you do. Support O’Malley,” Mrs. Glenn, a candidate in District 45, told the audience packed into a storefront room.

Another paraphrase, if I may; “All you stupid idiots just vote the way I tell you.” It keeps getting better;

“Focus on the seat,” said Mr. Tarrant, who likely will represent District 40. “We need the right Democrat in the seat. He can make the right selections.”

“The best guy we have is an idiot, but he can pick people who aren’t so much.”

At least we’ve got the Democrats recorded as being Democrats. They’re not so worried about putting the right people in office as they are about putting Democrats in office – whether they think those Democrats can do those jobs or not. It makes you wonder about the other seats across the country doesn’t it?

It seems that Democrats are just running photogenic candidates who can talk sweet and stroke the crowds. But then, that’s nothing new, is it? This inside look of what Democrats are telling their party-faithful should pretty much wake up those indecisive independents, and it should drive the Republican voters to the polls who’ve vowed to sit this one out.

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