Trump calls for tribunals

| July 6, 2024 | 66 Comments


Well, Trump appears to  still be butthurt over the 2020 election, and is calling for ‘military tribunals’ to prosecute members of Congress who opposed him.

Former President Donald Trump amplified posts on social media calling for a televised military tribunal for former Republican Rep. Liz Cheney and the jailing of top elected officials, including President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

“ELIZABETH LYNNE CHENEY IS GUILTY OF TREASON,” one post created by another user that Trump amplified on his social media website Truth Social on Sunday reads. “RETRUTH IF YOU WANT TELEVISED MILITARY TRIBUNALS.”

A constant issue during his first term in office was that Trump seems to grab his phone and go off half-cocked faster than Alec Baldwin.

Cheney responded on X, “Donald – This is the type of thing that demonstrates yet again that you are not a stable adult—and are not fit for office.”

A separate post Trump amplified on Truth Social Sunday includes photos of 15 former and current elected officials and says, “THEY SHOULD BE GOING TO JAIL ON MONDAY NOT STEVE BANNON!”

In addition to Biden and Harris, the post includes photos of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former Vice President Mike Pence and members of the House select committee that investigated the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol.

Dunno who created the original posts, but before passing them on Trump should maybe consider that at the very least, military tribunals are not where you try civilian politicians.

His suggestions of potentially going after political opponents by weaponizing the Justice Department began more than a year ago, when he was first indicted. Trump has said he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Biden and his family if he wins a second term and has argued several times he believes he is justified in doing so because Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to oversee criminal investigations that implicate Trump.  CNN

Please. Make him take a time-out before he sends ANYTHING out, and have someone adult screen it. If he didn’t have a phone to send out stupid stuff, the Dem media would have so much less to work with…

330,000,000 people in the country, and Biden/Trump is the best we can come up with?

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Tribunals for the “CHiNA FLU” would be better.


That picture could represent anyone who served between the late-’60s and the early ’00s. 🫡

I still have a lot of that gear, though MOLLE and actual body armor replaced it early in my career. Younger Drill Sergeants were buying ALICE packs for rucking into the mid-2010s, and I wore my LC-2 gear during my last FTX in 2018, complete with bayonet and machete.


I actually preferred my large Alice pack rather than the new rucks. I thought the frame for the Alice pack was a lot more comfortable.

Cut some foam strips from a PT mat and fix them to the shoulder straps and set it to ride high, GTG!


In Vermont winters we found out the new ruck would burst apart in extreme cold weather.


I must be younger than I thought. A few of those things are new to me.


’90s, baby!


The background looks familiar to us wing wiper types.

A Proud Infidel®™

I concur, starting with Fauci.


Great place to start!!


I have carried all that gear in the Viet of the Nam except for the mess kit and the Marine cover. Substitute the booney hat, add a helmet, hand grenades, and the mountain ruck frame we strapped the jungle ruck and the M60 ammo box to and you have my gear in the bush covered.

A Proud Infidel®™

Hell, I ETS’ed from Benning in 1994 and the Mess Kit was part of my TA-50 issued, along with a Shelter Half, things that only came out for a TA-50 inspection.


Mess Kit was still issued at CIF (and sold at Clothing & Sales for those who lost them) in Germany, 1997- 2000.

.45 mag pouches and WW2-surplus shelter halves/tent poles could be had at Clothing & Sales, too.

Last edited 5 days ago by Anonymous

I used everything except the vest. Maybe I’m older? …. I do not see OG-107 (OG-507?) cotton sateens or rip-stop jungle fatigues in that image.

Also missing is the triangular bandage used as a “go to hell rag.”


Yes, and the vest in the pic is the Kevlar flak jacket we had to wear on the firebases. Except, Marines wore them in the bush. With the heat and humidity, I don’t know how they did it. In Germany, you had to have that mess kit in hand or you weren’t going through the chow line for the hot A’s in the field. In Vietnam, the cooks brought paper plates


Marines were not the only ones to wear flak jackets in the bush. Don’t recall seeing one of those square canteens on the right, either.

“the cooks brought paper plates”

It was either that or mass dysentery. Hard to see how they could supply three garbage cans full of water & immersion heaters for both meal (breakfast & dinner, on a good day) to properly clean a mess kit. Didn’t get much use out of a canteen cup, either. B-unit can worked just fine.


The square canteen was the issue two quart. I carried two of them clipped to the sides of my jungle ruck. There was also a five quart that was a plastic bag inside an OD nylon bag. We frequently carried five or more quarts or sometimes more in the dry season. Two two quarters and a single one quart on the pistol belt was the way to go. I once weighed myself with my ruck and all my gear. It was 117 lbs.


They tried out some experimental(?) 2 qt. canteens on us. They were POS. Lasted maybe a week before the seams started to leak. Great for morale, as you can imagine. For some reason the standard 1 qt. canteens were hard to get, as were rucksacks. Lost my ruck in a flood once, and for a couple of weeks I had to do like they did in the Civil War; roll my poncho & liner together into a horseshoe and wear it over my shoulder.
Sometime during my tour the canisters containing 81 mm mortar rounds were changed to a screw-top plastic container. A few of us decided to try using them as canteens. Not a good idea. After a very short time the water strongly tasted like chemicals. Undrinkable and probably carcinogenic as well. And when it is noon in a tropical paradise, and you are in the middle of that legendary Walk In The Sun, and you can’t drink the water, you know it’s undrinkable.


The delivery of hot A’s in mermite cans by Huey eliminated immersion heaters. I recall they were using paper plates on the firebases as well, where we got Hot A’s every third day. Except, the artillery battery got them once a day. The rest of the time it was strictly C-rats.


It wasn’t the mermite cans that eliminated the immersion heaters, it was the paper plates. We had mermite cans in Germany, but no paper plates. Then again, ol’ Kamerad would have raised hell if we had polluted his sacred forests with used paper plates and such.


330,000,000 people in the country, and Biden/Trump is the best we can come up with?” Damn shame, ain’t it? Damn shame, too, that The Donald won’t just put that damn phone down and STFU…even if what he sends out is the truth.


Agreed that Trump should occasionally put his phone down, but he at least debated other contenders for the position. Everybody on the Democrat ticket ceded their desire to Biden, except Kennedy, who was basically booted from the Democrat party. We see where we are in the “fundamentally changed Amerika”.


Agreed! I’m on his side, and want to win, considering the choices.

BUT, I believe that he would help himself find a lot more support if he would shut the hell ip once in a while. A lot of times he may be correct, but doesn’t have to say it.

He knows he is going to have no trouble beating FJB, but I’m sure that it’s going to be some ringer thrown in the match that’s going to pull a lot of votes from him. He needs to shut up before we end up with Mike O or a California Waco that just keeps driving us off a cliff.


Remember when asked how he would deal with Chyna and he replied he would punch Xi in the mouth, and everybody chuckled and said WTF is he talking about. It was an economical punch, and quite effective while he was president.

I would imagine the tribunal comment was made in the same vein, however this will also be a very public viewing.

How much has Cheney, Kerry, Pelosi, Biden, Clinton the Bush’s along with many others profited from untold and unknown sources.

Release the epstien client list and let’s see who knows what.


“ Release the epstien client list and let’s see who knows what.”


Why do none of our “Leaders” want it out?

A Proud Infidel®™

Likely because THEY ARE on it, thus Biden and Company guard it harder that TOP SECRET information.


Because their names are on it for $1000 Alex


Unbridled hubris normally proceeds falling on your face. The election is his to lose now so the only one that will defeat Trump is Trump.


And he had been doing so well keeping his mouth shut after the debate, and letting the conversation be about Biden..

jeff LPH 3 63-66

was going to say, that he shouldn’t telegraph his plans and lose more votes.


Come on now, at least admit the January 6th congressional hit squad should be gone after full force. They lied and hid anything that did not meet their narrative of the ending they wanted. Cheney and Pelosi should at least answer for that fiasco.


Baby steps, baby steps.


Absolutely. That “investigation” was nothing more than a scripted political hit job from the first minute of its existence. I will not defend the JAN 6 dumbasses for their actions, but justice was not served in their prosecution nor in the left’s blatant lying and deception in order to blame Trump. He’s absolutely correct in wanting them slammed for their actions, but “tribunal” is the wrong term. What he wants is a reckoning, accountability from the greatest government liars in American history.


They even hired a Hollyweird director/producer to orchestrate their hearings for TV.


Yeahhhh no primetime Emmy for him. Cast was nothing but bad actors.


The problem here is there is no right answer. The DOJ and FBI have essentially become Peons of the national Democratic Party. The AG ignores Subpoenas from Congress and is accountable to no one. The president sold his VP office and has never been called to account. Then he sends his goons to launch cases in state courts against his political rivals. There is cocaine in the oval office and no one cares, the VP throws top secret documents in a closet and leaves them there for years and the gate keepers are all good with that because he is a forgetful old man, who just happens to now be president.

Everything is broken in the name of saving it.

Instead of fair and equal treatment before the law it’s all based on a system of favors and pull and politics and everything BUT fair and equal treatment. They make up laws and move the goal posts on what is required to convict a person in court and then that is ok.

I haven’t even dipped an inch into the pool and it is foul and fetid and septic. The surface has been scratched and there is nothing but rot underneath.

What has been going on the last four years makes a tribunal seem tame by comparison.


And had Trump not been elected, and exposed the rot and corruption, 99% of us who didnt see it would be calling the 1% who did see it and made noise about it, whackos and nutjobs.


Linked from Free Republic.

Kunstler: Who Turned Off the Gaslight?

You can explain the media’s initial repugnance to Donald Trump going back to his 2015 debut in politics. Much about him had a low-class odor, despite all the gold-plating — his origins in tawdry Queens, his career as a builder in Manhattan where the trades are mob-controlled, the Atlantic City casino debacle, bankruptcy, ditching Ivana and his mid-life playboy reputation, the tacky TV show, the increasingly mystifying hair-doo, his rough, jumbly manner of speech. Everything about him repelled the Ivy Leaguers who increasingly filled the ranks of national-level journalism.

BlueCord Dad

I wish he would just keep his cheesepipe shut and just compare and contrast conditions now and back when he was POTUS…


Tribunals sounds like a kangaroo court proceeding with the outcome already determined aka what they did to Trump. I want a formal PUBLIC hearing, where Pelosi, The Capital Police Chief, FBI’s Wray, those lying “hero cops”, and all the other J6 players in the Fed-surrection brought to light for whole world to see. The emails, the phones calls & texts that set up whole thing and the TRUTH be told and those guilty punished. Those who covered it up on that committee will be exposed for what they knew and what they covered up and how they lied to the American citizens for years.

Trump’s social media must get BOMBARED with all sorts of memes, vids, and pics 24/7. He needs some impulse control/filter because some of it must be as unhinged as adults giggling their junk in front of toddlers for money and calling it art.


He needs someone to control his send/enter button on his retweets.


Don’t we all?

A Proud Infidel®™

If he keeps running his mouth like that, he will definitely pull defeat from the jaws of victory.


Remember when he said we got em, we got em all? This might be another way to bait them into saying something they can’t walk back or deny later.

How many here, or anywhere for that matter, could stand up to the abuse being heaped on him before saying screw it.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Did PDJT actually say it?
Or is Communist News Network saying that he said it?


Someone needs to remind Trump:

“Cold. Serve revenge cold.”

A Proud Infidel®™

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.” – Old Sicilian Proverb






Maybe it’s just me,,, but something is missing! It seems like comments are missing from someone! I hope this isn’t like the Conjuring and I just opened a portal!


As long as nobody clicks their heels 3 times while saying it, we should be fine.


Say what?

Last edited 6 days ago by SFC D

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, beetle…..

Slow Joe

I don’t know if you guys have podcasted Lex Fridman. He is a Judencrap immigrant like me, with the difference that he is Ashkenazi and I am Sephardic. Different culture, similar values, same religion, though I am not very religious these days. The Army killed my innocence. And he has never served a day in the military.
However, he is the guy I follow online for AI analysis. His heart and head are in the right place when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. He understands the pros and cons, the risks and the opportunities.
Recently he interviewed Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner separately. Six months apart. I must say the interviews were very interesting.

Ivanka Trump

Jared Kushner (October 11, 2023!!!)

A Proud Infidel®™

What is a “Judencrap”? ditto with “Ashkenazi” and “Sephardic”, never heard of any of those, just wanting to learn about them.


Don’t know about “Judencrap” but you can find the other two with Google.


Ashkenazi jews are the European jews. Sephardic jews are of middle eastern ancestry. They tend to be darker complected, like their Arab brethren

Slow Joe

Wrong. Middle Eastern Jews are the Mizrahim or Mizrahi.
Sephardic or the Sepharadim are the Jews of Mediterranean descent, which includes southern Europe and Northern Africa.
In America Ashkenazis who are like 90 percent of the Jews call everyone else Sephardic for some reason.
Eastern Jews are the Bene Manashim, Jews from Central Asia are the Bukharim. African Jews are the Falashaim.

Judencrap is a self deprecating jew term for ourselves. Normally only used among other Jews. But we are all friends here.

Sorry for the late response.


“Judencrap is a self deprecating jew term for ourselves.”

Sort of like the “N” word? Jeez, another word I am forbidden to use because of my incorrect ethnicity? Whatever happened to that “White Privilege”?


comment image

Just An Old Dog

What a fucking circus this country has become


Bread and circuses. Are you not entertained?


Nope. I’ll settle for a properly run country that benefits its citizens.

USMC Steve

I got no problem at all with that. The socialist democrats started this shit, let us see how well they come out of it when they get put under the legal microscope.

Green Thumb


Green Thumb

He needs o just shut the fuck up.

The Dems are already doing the heavy lifting for him.