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| May 30, 2024

Rossi Matched Pair

UPDATE: DA: Bystander assisted police officer during shootout

By ERIC POOLE Herald Editor
FARRELL — A “good guy with a gun” reportedly came to the aid of a Farrell police officer during a shootout early Friday morning.

“He had a valid concealed-carry permit, he had a gun,” Mercer County District Attorney Peter C. Acker said. “He went to where the police officer was and fired on the suspect.”

State police and county district attorney’s office detectives are continuing to investigate the incident, which took place about 12:30 a.m. Friday outside a convenience store along Indiana Avenue in Farrell.

Acker said the suspect, identified only as a 49-year-old white man, was undergoing treatment Friday evening at Mercy Health St. Elizabeth Hospital in Youngstown for life-threatening injuries.

The man was wounded in an exchange of gunfire with police shortly after midnight outside a convenience store along Indiana Avenue in Farrell. The incident began when a Farrell police officer encountered the man and determined that the man, who has not been named, was carrying a weapon.

Acker said the 49-year-old did not cooperate with police and refused to disarm. Instead, the man began shooting and the police officer returned fire along with the bystander.

After the man was wounded, he still refused to surrender the weapon. Acker said the police officer also fired bean-bag rounds during the incident, and police used an armored personnel carrier provided by Mercer County Critical Incident Response Team to disarm the man.

Acker said the three men fired more than 40 bullets and the police officer fired about 12 or 13 bean-bag rounds.

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The Herald

Westport security officer detained, released amid investigation of Kansas City shooting
Andrea Klick

A Westport security officer was detained and later released by police after a shooting, Kansas City neighborhood, that killed one man and injured five others early Sunday.

Police detained the subject of interest, who works for Westport Public Safety Security, in the shooting that broke out around 1:20 a.m. just east of Westport Road and Broadway Boulevard, according to Capt. Jake Becchina, a spokesman for the Kansas City Police Department. The officer was later released pending further investigation.

“Detectives will continue to investigate and compile all of the investigative findings detailing all persons involvement,” Becchina said, “and provide those findings to prosecutors for their review.”

Officers working in the Westport Entertainment Ditrict and the security officer moved towards the scene when they heard shots.

Before the shooting, Becchina said there had been a large crowd in the area that disbursed when shots broke out. Detectives believe a disturbance escalated into gunfire from one or more people when the victims were struck.

Emergency medical services arrived at the scene, and six people were taken to a hospital either by ambulance or private vehicle, including Jahquan M. Robinson, 24, who was pronounced dead there.

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Nothing leads detectives to conclude gunfire was involved as when people were shot. With guns. Thanks, Gun Bunny.

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“…was carrying a weapon.”
Is Indiana THAT gun unfriendly?
“He had a valid concealed carry permit…..”. Who cares when its a citizen coming to your aid?
I have a feeling there was a lot left out of this propaganda puff piece.
Unless the hospitalized person was drunk, staggering and belligerent; or possibly “brandishing” ….why would the po-po stop him in the first place? Walking home after midnight? “Your papers, bitte! Vy are you out so late? Vat ver you REALLY doing? Explain yourself! Schnell!”

Last edited 1 month ago by President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I have a feeling there was a lot left out of this propaganda puff piece.” Tox, welcome to my world. Most of the FGS leave out more than they contain. Lots of watch scratching and butt winding going on when on the hunt. Henry Grady weeps at what passes for “Journalism” these days. And how did the APC manage to disarm the shooter? *sigh* Gotta give the armed citizen a BZ for coming to the aid of the LEO.

“Jahquan” another *sigh*. Claw, you up?

Life on the farm also includes mucking out the livestock areas. Jus’ sayin’

I guess a single shot with interchangeable barrels has a place in the tool box…somewhere.


I kinda like it. Have to cringe when writers refer to a .410 bore, or .410 gauge. It’s a nominal CALIBER, dammit. A .410 gauge would have about a 1.5″ hole in the barrel.


The Whiz Wheel®™ spins:

Jahquan M. Robinson (who was celebrating his 24th birthday by shooting at police officers,) rings up a DRT score of 40×3= 120.


“I guess a single shot with interchangeable barrels has a place in the tool box…somewhere”

Thompson Contender with boo coo barrels.
.22 for squirrels.
All the way up to .44 mag. including .410 shotgun and .45


Something tells me that the 49-year-old white male in PA had something illicit in his system.
Or really, really wanted to commit suicide by cop.
Or both.


The Matched Pair looks like it may not be made any longer. We sell the SS Poly Tuffy starting at $159, I believe: SS POLY TUFFY GREEN (rossiusa.com). The black 26″ barrel is popular with hunters on a budget, but the green youth model with 18″ barrel in the link is one I’ve thought about getting. They are just plain light and handy.

Then I saw this just now: Rossi Tuffy Survival .410ga / .45LC Single Shot 16″, Black – SSPS45-BK | Palmetto State Armory. $280 for a combo .410/.45 Colt would make for a pretty decent truck, backpacking, or bugout gun. If you want something more compact, there’s the Rossi Brawler pistol.