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| May 28, 2024

One would think this one a no-brainer – Fox made a request to Customs and Border protection over 6 months ago to get a list of nationalities of detained illegals on the terrorist watchlists.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has rejected a request by Fox News to reveal , citing “privacy interests” of those involved.

The letter says it is applying exemptions to protect the disclosure of files that may create a “clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy” and must balance a public’s right to disclosure against an individual’s right to privacy.

Well, my first reaction was “they’re illegals, eff their privacy rights.” Not politically correct but over 600 plus columns you may have gathered that. Then I read a little more closely.

…the nationalities of people on the FBI terror watchlist arrested at the border by Border Patrol…

So they are not asking for addresses, names, counts per country (this is not an assumption, by the bye, it is explicitly stated later in the article), none of that – and C&BP won’t even say what COUNTRIES they are from?

It also cites exemptions that protect records that would disclose techniques or procedures for law enforcement investigation and those that could be expected to endanger the life or safety of any individual.

Like that top secret sooper dooper “and where are you coming from” question?

There have so far been 80 encounters of people between ports of entry this year by Border Patrol who are on the TSDS, compared to 172 in fiscal year 2023 and 98 in fiscal 2022.

The TSDS contains sensitive information on terrorist identities. It initially contained only known or suspected terrorists (KSTs) but now also includes additional individuals who represent a “potential threat to the United States, including known affiliates of watchlisted individuals.”  Fox News

I am sure C&BP regards ‘only 80 this year’ as a victory – note, however, the year is less than half gone and on pace to beat last year.  And I suspect the truly heavy hitters would not use a easily trackable route in, so we are looking at 350 small fry alone.

And  what – $3 billion? – was too expensive to build a border wall. Even the supposedly BENIGN illegals are costing us billions…sure makes that wall look like a cost-effective alternative.  Wonder what one solid terrorist’s attack will cost?


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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Even the supposedly “defensive” Border Patrol is being weaponized against US citizens.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I was going to say that hiring 78K Border Patrolmen made good Horse sense until I just saw your comment.

USMC Steve

I work for GSA, and can tell you that just asking what countries those illegals come from is not CUI information without other info like names addresses and such. No legal reason they cannot release that info.


Don’t know when the Border Patrol suddenly became so serious about guarding shit


The Border Patrol has always been serious about guarding shit. Unfortunately, the current administration has pulled them all off the border to babysit and process the thousands of illegal future democrat voters entering the country. I was down on the border fence Sunday, saw not one agent. They’re all performing admin duties. Hellofa job, Joe,


The 60 Minutes report I watched had them standing around watching people run across the border and then giving them a ride to the station.


That’s the new mission. Pick up and process. Nobody tries to evade anymore, they just go to the nearest CBP agent, then they get put on the bus. From there they go to processing where they get their first EBT card and voter registration. Then it’s on to the local 5 star hotel that gets $200 per immigrant per day, guaranteed full occupancy. Everyone makes money and democrats get votes. It’s a beautiful thing.


You are being replaced.


comment image


Because you aren’t having enough babies.


And the destruction of these States United continues…unabated.


Old tanker


President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Too bad Xiden looks like Walter.
I like Walter.
I think I wanna grow up to be like Walter.
(just without Jeff Dunham’s hand up my ass)


Joe Biden — the worst president in US history.


“That boy is as sharp as a bowling ball…


Is all part of plan, comrade. Xiden will issue an executive order on November 5, granting all of the illegals in the country health care, and the right to vote. Is illegal, of course. But it will take the courts months to sort out who could vote, where and when. By then, Xiden will be into year 5 or 6 of his regime.


“Privacy issues ” of those involved? I’m thinking the “Privacy issues” is to protect those that are allowing this to happen. The unelected beaurocrats who sit around and think of ways to screw we the people.


What a shit show


Customs and Border Protection.
Border Patrol.
Homeland Security.
Did I miss any?

I think the baby boomer generation experienced the peak of
liberty and freedom, opportunity and wealth.
It’s all downhill from here unless Trump can grab the stick.
Glad to be old enough to sit back and watch the shit show.

Prior Service (Ret)

It’s time to reestablish the old school machine gun companies and assign them all to the southern border to overwatch the extensive live minefields all newly minted engineers should have to emplace on the border as part of their engineer training. For fun, artillerymen will have to also randomly fire FASCAM missions on the border as well. We aren’t trying to kill anyone, just provide better training for our army.


Sure makes one inclined to arm oneself.

We will be seeing more events such as this lovely lady:


Caution, made up nonsense incoming, I have no idea but could see the following news report in the future:

US Immigration System Biased Towards White Families:

Recent attacks on the Biden Administration regarding their protection of individual privacy have been ongoing in the past few weeks. An unnamed Immigration official [zhey/zher], speaking off-record, states that the reason immigrants’ nationalities are not disclosed is because a large proportion of those legally entering the country are families fleeing the violence currently taking place in Eastern Europe. The official further clarifies that all immigrants, regardless of legal status, are considered equally qualified to enter the United States when seeking asylum, and that military-aged males from countries known to harbor and support terrorists deserve the same protections as families fleeing Russian aggression.

“The thing is, Biden doesn’t want to be known as the guy letting in all the white parents and their kids. Individual Afghans, Iranians, Chinese, and other 20-25-year-old men deserve privacy and a fresh start without raising false alarms from the bigoted and alarmist MAGA Right,” zhey stated.

In related news, a peaceful protester known to jovially douse pro-Israel students with bovine fecal matter, Ibrahim Muhammed, was shot by a violent Trump supporter today. After allegedly shouting “Allahu Akbar!” and exposing what has been erroneously described as a suicide vest in the midst of a large crowd, Mr. Muhammed was seen slumping down after gunshots rang off in the vicinity. The shooter has been identified as a 27-year-old Marine veteran who voted for Trump in 2016. The victim was taken to the hospital and released, while the shooter is being held without bail, pending attempted murder, federal hate crime, and other charges.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

This is why, more and more, I advocate for sniper hides and clear lanes of fire.
The old IRA tactic, “shoot & scoot”.

Lessons learned from reading this:
Practice, practice, practice. Know your weapon, its abilities, and its limitations. Dial in that right ammo, scope, and rifle, so that what you aim at, you hit.
Even if you miss, you’ll hinder the enemy’s actions. They’ll be fearful of doing anything and exposing themselves to more attacks. Psyop in action.
Keep your “cells” small, if not non-existent. Be the Lone Wolf. Too many revolutionaries have been undone due to informers.

Last edited 1 month ago by President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Urban insurgencies often benefit more from small-caliber pocket pistols, than from sniper rifles.

A .22 with subsonic loads can get masked by traffic. CCI sells “quiet” branded loads that are approximately. 22 Short in an LR case. Maybe 700fps out of a small revolver. And unlike a .25 or .32, no ejected brass.

“Ear gun”.

(You can easily hold the slide shut on small pocket autos, to make brass call at the range a breeze)

Absolute Legend

Whoever wrote this is not informed at all. Hiring more border patrol will not do anything, actually it will help the illegal migrants, because once they are caught and claim asylum, that actually gives them an avenue to one day adjust status. More BP may catch some additional terrorists and drug traffickers, but numbers are minimal.

The real power comes from making these people uncomfortable, make asylum go away, no benefits, no free phones, no handouts and immediate deportation. But those actions are all from congress and POTUS….so don’t hold your breath.


Yup. If you stop feeding stray cats, they go away.