Boy Scouts changing to Scouting America

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Boy Scouts has gone “full” woke, aiming to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. They are changing their name to “Scouting America”. On Sara Gonzales Unfiltered, with Blaze TV, Jaco Booyens suggested that it should be called “Pedophiles Scouting America.” Matthew Marsden chimed in and described this as a degradation of young men.

From Blaze Media:

The organization has announced that it is now changing its name to “Scouting America” in order to promote inclusivity and explore diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

“Can I remind America that this is an organization that has 83,000 lawsuits against them for sexual misconduct on young boys?” Jaco Booyens asks, adding, “We’re just going to change the name and welcome more dysfunction, because we are welcoming more dysfunction.”

“So, if you’re thinking of your son being in the Boy Scouts — it hasn’t existed for a long time. Pull them out. Pull them out of public school, pull them out of the Boy Scouts,” Booyens says.

The organization has also apparently sought bankruptcy protection because of all the lawsuits against it, and it had a reorganization plan that allowed it to continue its programs while compensating all of the victims.

“You have all of these people who are coming forward with these claims, which clearly have merit to them, and everyone’s just like, ‘Yeah, it’s fine, you can exist. In fact, just rename yourself Scouting America so that you can just completely hide behind that,'” Sara Gonzales says angrily.

Additional Information:

BlazeTV Staff. (2024, May 8). Boy Scouts go WOKE to cover up 83,000 SEXUAL misconduct lawsuits. Blaze Media. Link and video.

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Not the 1st time with an attempt at a name change.
In the 1970s, the BSA made a move to rebrand itself as “Scouting/USA.”
They abandoned this effort by 1980.

Urbanization effort.
[[[ Outdoors skills de-emphasized ]]]
For example, Cooking Merit Badge no longer required for Eagle Scout.
I had the silver lined Cooking Merit Badge,
just before the replacement green lined badge.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Interesting. I was never aware of “silver lining” vs “green lining”. I was in Scouts briefly, but never got far enough to earn any Merit Badges.
The things one learns on this site.


Same thing happened with Camping Merit Badge.
To my surprise, I was presented the green lined badge.
Patches already changing before the next edition of the Boy Scout Handbook showed the changes.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Soooo…..what is the difference between “silver lining” vs “green lining”? What does it mean. Which is which, and who done what to who and for how much?


All normal merit badges have the green lining.
Merit badges REQUIRED for EAGLE SCOUT have the silver lining.
The silver lined merit badges stand out
when any Boy Scout wears his merit badge sash.


Current list and display of 11 merit badges required for Eagle Scout.
Camping and Cooking were brought back.
Some of the new 1970s merit badges remain.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Thank’ee for the info. Useless trivia, but somewhere down the line…..

It differentiates between badges required for Eagle and optional badges.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Ever since the BSA admitted pedo leaders into its ranks, it took long enough for my church to finally create a wholly church based organization & get out of the BSA. But now they’re out. As are many other church based youth groups.

May the BSA die alone, cold, in a dark corner of obscurity, unwanted, unloved, with no one to mourn their passing.

Treasure Mountain Scout Camp shut down because of the LDS church parting ways with the scouts. The USFS lease was allowed to lapse, the camp reverted to national forest. I grew up about 3 miles from there, great place to be a kid.

It will! They’re going to continue to “fix it” until it’s completely broken!

comment image


A rhetorical example of what Aztecs did to their sacrificial victims for realz.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

After reading about the name change the other day, I grabbed the 1911 edition of the Boy Scouts Handbook out of the bookcase and went through it and thought that this won’t be the same stuff anymore in the next edition


Pronouns, gender transition and condoms… watch.


Girl Scouts be “woke”-er already:

Green Thumb

The Dildo Badge.


…with K-Y Tube cluster.


The Crisco Fist


Must be for the girlz and fake girlz soon to join the Scouts.

Forest Bondurant

Trans boys can join Girl Scouts (provisions attached, of course). Too many links to substantiate that fact.

A Terminal Lance Coolie

I earned my Eagle Scout in a good troop, one which focused on Scouting, not on the other crap, under a vigilant Scoutmaster who wouldn’t tolerate anything that came remotely close to anything sexual. Run properly, it was a good program.

Unfortunately, the BSA never had a proper vetting structure in place to keep the creeps out, instead relying on individual troops to vet and monitor adult leaders. No reason to wonder why they had to many allegations and proven incidents of pedophilia.

While there is a small part of me that is sad to see the program die, the rest of me is glad, because there is simply too much bad to warrant the good anymore. Hopefully a better youth organization rises to replace it, sometime in the future.

Last edited 17 days ago by A Terminal Lance Coolie

They would have let Gary Glitter be a Scoutmaster.
You are absolutely right. The Bad things have killed all the Good things about Scouts.
Add in the openly LGBTNKVD Scoutmasters, it’s another indoctrination centre.
Some may argue but ” the vast majority of paedo Scoutmasters were ‘straight’ married men ”
That’s only because living an openly gay or tranny lifestyle was pretty unacceptable up until recently.
Most of the abuse occurred back when most gay men were closeted and often married.


Unfortunately, vetting only went so far. In the area I grew up in, each LDS ward had it’s own scout troop. It’s a very small county, everybody knows everybody and most of them are related. There was one young man, a respected scout and later a very respected scout camp counselor. Well known family, his dad taught at my High school, his sister was in my class, his brother a year ahead. Fast forward 20 or so years, criminal charges are filed by 3 former scouts (nobody local) from troops that attended camp where this guy was a counselor. Forcible rape at gunpoint. Essentially pled out but still did 15 years. Now he’s back in the town he was born and raised in, on the registry for life along with lifetime probation. Changed his first name but he’s not fooling anyone. Very shocking and disturbing when it’s that close to home. BSA did a shit job of cleaning up the mess this guy and others left behind.




Makes sense.

It was a dying organization and it has a long history of exclusion.

The Boy Scouts started in Britain by Lord Lieutenant General Robert S.S. Baden-Powell.

The British scouts allowed girls from the beginning.

And still does.

The US for some inexplicable reason the US organization decided to not allow girls, this despite it being modeled as a literal copy of the British Scouts that did allow girls.


Maybe because the girls had/have the GIRLSCOUTS!


False, the Girl Scouts were founded because and after the BSA excluded girls.

If the American Scouts had followed the British model they would have allowed girls from the beginning.


And why, pray tell, should they have to follow the British model? Because you say so? Not good enough.


If you knew the history of the Scouts you would know it was literally exported to the US by William Boyce after seeing the British Scouting organization and being completely enamored with the ideas of the founder of the British scouts.

It would make sense that he would follow the model he was so enamored with in Britain.


So was slavery!😉 but we fixed that to!




Apparently, Mr. Boyce was not enamored in the way that you would prefer. What a silly man, not kowtowing to your wishes. You’re a fraud in any nation.

Skivvy Stacker

Mr “Commisar”…
If you hate us all so much, and you can’t find a more civil way to address us, WHY DO YOU STAY HERE?
I do not hold to your political beliefs, but I DO try to maintain as much civil restraint as I can. I am not always successful at this, and for that I sincerely apologize.
But I DO resent you throwing your poison out where it can splash on ME. I don’t like it, and it causes me a great deal of PAIN.
I don’t need that. I suffer from something called Dysthymia, which means that it doesn’t matter if you are aiming your vitriol at me or not, my MIND tells me that you are, and I can’t quite process it until I’ve had enough time to think about it.
It’s not very fun to do this, Lars.
Please, for the sake of civility, would you PLEASE just leave this blog?
It would be far better for your mental health, and would be much better for those of us who would be grateful for the absence of your unbridled hate.


Well Commie, if you were a parent of a 10 year old girl, would you want her to belong to a boy scout troop? I’m the father of a daughter (herself a former Girl Scout) and I can tell you that the fact that the Boy Scouts excluded girls did/does not bother me one bit. I would not want my daughter within 3″ of a boy scout troop and I can’t think of any normal father who would.


Folk would be puttin’ the “super” in unsupervised every time they could, if ya know what I mean.


Exactly! Teen Boys and Girls are separated for a damn good reason.
Not a pretty example but….
After the 1936 Nuremberg Rally some 900 girls of the League of German Maidens became pregnant after they were encamped next to the HJ boys.
Who knows what today’s public schooled, online porn addled teens would get up to.

Last edited 17 days ago by RCAF-CHAIRBORNE

It will be interesting to see how many of these girl scouts get knocked up by their male fellow scouts, or perhaps male scoutmasters.


Exactly…..and how many ‘ boy ‘ scouts will get knocked up by ‘ woman ‘ scoutmasters….which will probably be changed to ‘scoutguides’ because ‘ master ‘ is raycis and uninclusive


I wouldn’t let my daughter anywhere near a girl scout troop. Not with all their linkage to the terrorist supporting Ford Foundation.

Prior Service

So we’re extolling the virtues of following the Brits? In Dem Speak that translates as you want to be a colonizer and/or you are a white supremacist. Or I’d aggressively over-extrapolate from your original point and accuse you of being a closet monarchist. Fortunately I’m a normal person and simply ask who cares if we didn’t follow the British model? And who cares if a group of kids don’t want girls around, so they can be boys?


As for the long history of exclusion…
The BSA had a long history of exclusion of minorities. Especially blacks. While the national organization was “opposed” to segregation…they allowed councils to set their own rules which led to black kids being banned from the Boy Scouts in most of the south from 1912.

And from the start it was the “official” position of the National Organization that atheists and some other religious groups did not meet the Boy’s Scout Declaration of Religious Principles. This led to religious minority children being banned for Boy Scout troops in some areas almost entirely based on the subjective decision of local leaders until the BSA changed their position on this in 2014 after it had become a national issue and the use of federal property and facilities for scouting activities was being challenged in court.

I know this first hand because my local chapter would not allow atheists when I tried to join. I wasn’t an atheist but when asked if I believed in God during the initial process.., I answered “I am not sure anymore.” I was told that until I figured it out I would be prohibited from joining since I could not take the oath.

Ironically, being told I couldn’t take the scout oath left me looking for another scouting organization. I ended up joining the Royal Ambassadors.

When I had to take the Royal Ambassador pledge I confessed I was not sure I believed in god. I told by the troop leader, “No worries, it is part of our pledge to help you figure out if you do. Do you understand what it means to have a ‘Christlike’ concern for all people?” When I said “yes, I think so.” He said “than you will do fine because that is all we ask of you.”

The stark difference between the BSA troop leader’s exclusionary attitude, and the RA troop leader’s inclusive attitude has stuck with me my entire life.

BSA broke its own pledge. “I promise to do my best to be kind and helpful and to act with love towards everyone.”

Last edited 17 days ago by Commissar

Interesting. My local BSA Troop, sponsored by the LDS church, had two atheists, a Baptist, and a Catholic. Sounds like your troop was run by a bunch of narrow-minded asshats. I’m shocked, shocked that you weren’t included, you’re a perfect fit.


I tried to join the Boy Scouts in Utah, but I soon discovered that the LDS sponsored troop in my neighborhood spent most of the meetings working on indoctrinating for the religion rather than scouting. So, no BSA for me.


I wouldn’t join any organisation sponsored by a Cult started by a ridiculous con man and his gullible friends and family. Joe was just a 19th Century L Ron.
I wouldn’t send my kids to a Scientology affiliated club either.
I’m not knocking LDS followers, I have met plenty of wonderful Mormons over the years. But I’m pretty sure they would have been great people regardless of any Faith.

Last edited 17 days ago by RCAF-CHAIRBORNE

As is the case in any LDS sponsored organization. Any religious group sponsoring a BSA troop (and there are many) will skew that way.


I’m a Webelos den leader and our Cub Scout Pack is sponsored by a Buddhist Temple.


So,,, you have a personal beef with the BoyScouts! Now it makes sense as to why you’re so happy with this!


Ah, the wellspring of progressivism…

comment image

Last edited 17 days ago by Anonymous
Forest Bondurant

And what political party set the conditions for councils in the South to set their own rules to the exclusion of African Americans?
There is no “pledge”, but there is an Oath, which reads: “On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.”

By my count, that’s two Oaths you’ve fucked up.


It is such a lazy and intellectually dishonest claim to pretend the Republican and Democratic parties today are anything like to the Republican and democratic parties of more than a century ago.

If you don’t understand the history of our political parties and how much their platforms shifted and were transformed in the century after the civil war than that is on you.

The modern Republican Party discarded the values of the party of Lincoln long ago.

And there is a long established history of Republican votes throughout the Jim Crow era and well into the and beyond the civil rights movement that make it clear republicans have steadfastly opposed treating all citizens equally under the law.

And still do.

Saying you are being “intellectually dishonest” is being charitable. It assumes you KNOW the history but are saying dumb shit like you posted anyway.

More likely you are just a dumbshit.

Last edited 17 days ago by Commissar

So what you’re saying is… LBJ, as a democrat, supported the civil rights movement for all the right reasons?


comment image


To LBJ, that was all the reason he needed.


LBJ and Robert Byrd… don’t really need to say anything else. as usual, you are an idiot an and a fraud!

Forest Bondurant

Intellectually dishonest? Like your assertion that the Boy Scouts has always excluded people?

You can’t compare the policies or practices of the organization from it’s founding through today.

I expected your ad hominem response.

Do better.


More Parties flipped bullshit. If I was die-hard Democrat/Leftist like the Cummisar, I’d try and deflect from my horrible past too. Not like their current history is any better. Deep Blue cities like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, NYC, LA and the like are very dangerous for blacks. Lets mention the failing school systems staffed head-to-toe with Dems & their allies that most black kids are trapped in as Dems fight School Choice and Republicans champion their cause. Do we even need to discuss the grooming going on when Johnny & Jane aren’t being taught to read by the compassionate Democratic party?


Party of Jefferson Davis, Bull Conner and the KKK?


Because you never get tired of being proven wrong, Let’s set the record straight on Civil Rights Acts. Jim Crow era eh?

First one was in 1875 written by Repub Charles Sumner and passed with near unanimous support by Repubs. Over the next 80 years Dems did everything in their power to subvert it.

1957- Proposed by Democrat Dwight Eisenhower…. I mean Republican, something wrong with my keyboard today, the bill was corrupted and weakened by Senate majority leader LBJ in collusion with other Democrats. Even so it was filibustered by Dem Strom Thurmond who set a record for the longest one man filibuster in US history. 86% of Repubs voted for it. This established the civil rights commission and a deputy AG for CR, among other things.

1960 – also proposed by Eisenhower. Also weakened by Dems. 90% of Republicans.voted for it.

1964 – Proposed by Dem Anti-women’s rights Emanuel Celuelar it was filibustered by Democrats for 72 days. Republican Evertt Dirkson, who helped write CRA 1964 and CRA 1968 was able to overcome the filibuster and bring it to vote. 82% of Republicans votes for it.

The truth is more of the same. In the 26 pieces of Civil rights legislation since 1933, Republicans majorities voted 96% IN FAVOR and Democrat majorities were 81% OPPOSED.

You are 100% correct. The DOD “didn’t get their monies worth”. This isn’t the first time I have posted these facts in a response to your lies. So it isn’t a learning issue. It is an integrity issue. So in the future I will simply copy/ paste, as your lies have gotten predictable and boring and only worthy of a canned answer.


You are listing historical facts. The cuttlefish has his party approved narrative from his imaginary parallel universe. I like your cut and paste solution, though.

Forest Bondurant

Had enough yet?


“If you don’t understand the history of our political parties and how much their platforms shifted and were transformed in the century after the civil war than that is on you.“

It always seems to be that there was a change at some point! What about the DEMOCRAT that invited an illegal woman into her home and then bragged about her “own personal chef”!

I have always, my whole life, been around Mexicans. My Indian wife was raised by them (BTW, the food is AWESOME!!) I have family members that entered this country illegally, but became citizens (many times with my help and sponsorship). Stop trying to make something out of nothing or diverting your side to be the honorable one. Some of us are history buffs!!! Maybe try to stop toeing the line, and start studying actual history!

Ok, UC Berkeley, NM!!!

C’mon Man! Do better!!!!

Much love,,, I am praying you!!(I think it matters)


Hamilton Bradley was the first black Eagle Scout in 1989 oops, 1919.


The board game guy? 😉


You’re thinking of the kitchen appliance guy, Hamilton Beach

Skivvy Stacker

. “I promise to do my best to be kind and helpful and to act with love towards everyone.”

I beg your pardon, but I don’t remember this as being a pledge of the BSA.
The pledge I took was as follows;
“On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to obey the Scout Law, to help other people at all times, and to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight”.

Forest Bondurant

So let’s put all of this into some context you can understand. It’s short and to the point, so maybe you’ll grasp it:

(Hat tip to you know who.)

Forest Bondurant

(Hack Stone. You know who you are.)


Commie, how were the Boy Scouts exclusive? You mean like the Black Panthers? They were called the Boy Scouts because the organization was geared towards young boys just as the Girl Scouts were geared toward young girls. Each group was set up supposedly (excluding any pedo crap) to allow pre-pubescent and pubescent boys and girls to enjoy scouting in a safe and comfortable environment. What doesn’t make sense to you?


How the hell does a grown man, with access to so much information at their fingertips, still have no clue what the word “communist” means?

You use “commie” as a meaningless and empty stand in for anyone on the left. It is clownishly ignorant of you to do this.

It also shows you are still mired in the ridiculous brainwashing and McArthyism during the height of the Cold War.

It as though fearfully fled into a fallout bunker in 1956 and recently emerged having learned nothing in more than 60 years.

There is no genuine communist threat in the U.S. There never has been. At the height of “commie” influence in the US the highest office a communist held out of over 50,000 elected positions in the U.S. was two seats on a city council. You can literally list every communist that has ever held public office in the US on a single napkin with a large crayon.

Even in the halls of Academia, seemingly fertile grounds for the “spread” of communism it is seen as a long discarded and debunked theory of social organization by even the most progressive professors and students at our most liberal institutions. An important thing to study to understand the history of political economy over the last 200 years but having no more rational viability as a form of social organization than anarchism.

And you are still fretting over the threat of communism.

Your irrational fear of a debunked idea has led to a century of arrested intellectual development.


Get a refund from UCB. Now.


DoD payed for most of it.

They didn’t get their monies worth.

I feel like it was well spent though. One of the best institutions in the world.

Last edited 17 days ago by Commissar

“They didn’t get their monies worth.”

Hear ye, Hear ye, on this day, the tenth of May in the year of our Lord 2024, our beloved Commissar spoke the most accurate, truthful phrase to ever leave his lips. ‘Tis truly and grand and glorious day!


But then he followed up with “one of the best institutions in the world” once again showing his tendency to take the rare occasions where he makes a rations statement and immediately fucks it up..


Stomped his pecker flat.


Payed? I’d say DoD got screwed.


Fraud again. At least he’s consistent in that respect.


Look where it got you. Do you even have a job coming from such a school — besides making dickhead leftists professors their coffee and grading their papers? Doesn’t look like it.

Doesn’t even make the list of best schools for ROI.

Try again.


I just read it as a diminutive of Commissar. Y’know, affectionately?


Ah…since I was called a “commie” from year one, and didn’t adopt “Commissar” for a year or two I failed to realize that some might just be using “commie” for short now.

Marine0331 still strikes me as a vault dweller.


These days there’s something wrong with that?
comment image

Last edited 17 days ago by Anonymous

Give it time, it will be increasingly more socially acceptable starting in the last half of the 23rd century.


And that’s the whole point, ain’t it?


Hey, just in time for this (applies to commies, too):


From many of your talking points, I can’t buy any argument that your views don’t heavily overlap with Marx & Engels. Either version seems to fit.

That said, while I strongly disagree with your stance on almost every issue, I respect your willingness to express it here.

Incidentally, why is Friedrich Engels never given the same credit/notability as ol’ Karl? Is top billing really that significant?


That was supposed to read “notoriety….”

Not surprised that autocorrect supports Marx & Engels.

Last edited 17 days ago by Hate_me

Dude — you live in a slum and don’t even have a fucking job.

Calling others “vault dwellers” and cult members is a little strange coming from such an educated failure.


Your moniker is Commissar, and it bother you to called communist?😆😂🤣🤔


It is satire because so many dipshits here were calling me a “commie”.

And after a few fragile minds were “offended” by my first attempt at satire “PoodleDick” which I adopted after being frequently referred to as that by a member that has passed on.


That is offensive to Poodles 🐩


I always preferred the spapos seagull moniker for you myself, it seemed more fitting. And for your information the supposed “Jim Crow” laws had their origins in the Northern States, where, in many states, NO blacks were allowed, slave or free, including “The Land of Lincoln”. These restrictions were brought South during Reconstruction by the carpetbaggers who were also the ones to institute the sharecropper system. Blacks and whites in the South, before, during, and for some time after The War did “socialize” together somewhat until the whole “separate but equal” thing came along. I’m as Southern American as they come and we had Black Kids in our Scout Troop in the 60s.

A Proud Infidel®™

Passed on? NOPE, I gave you that moniker because you act just like one guy I went through basic & AIT with who was given that name by the Drill Sergeants! 😁😀

Forest Bondurant

Says the guy who attends a school that has a steep history of Communist indoctrination.


Yeah man, if you lean right… you’re gonna work 10x as hard to graduate as a leftist dicksuck.


A Proud Infidel®™

Shit, IMO UC Berzerkely is about at least three or four steps to the left of Vladimir Lenin and Mao!


No, you mean Angela Davis is not a proud supporter of our constitutional republic?


Bernie Sanders doesn’t count?

A Proud Infidel®™

Here you go mentioning Major Moonbat’s idol, the self-proclaimed socialist who suddenly ended his campaign against das Hildebeast after he got a really sweetheart deal on a really nice waterfront home to add to the multiple houses he already owns!


It’s not a “debunked idea”. The idea has not changed. The tactics have, however. You, looking from the inside, wouldn’t see that, though.


You really never do get tired of being wrong, do you?


OOh, and you might not like his methods, but McCarthy was RIGHT far more than he was wrong.
And to go back to “the republican and democrat parties aren’t what they were”, which President was it that had Japanese Americans put into camps??? And which party was he from???


Sure, just because the head of the largest wealth management fund in the US, sorry I meant to say the world, is an avowed Marxist there is no reason for concern. Everyone go back to what you were doing.


Hmm, he calls himself the ‘Commissar’ which means: from Oxford Languages
an official of the Communist Party, especially in the former Soviet Union or present-day China, responsible for political education and organization.
“films that are passed by the political commissar”
a head of a government department in the former Soviet Union before 1946.
a strict or prescriptive figure of authority.
“our academic commissars”

Do you not watch the news/ read X? The cause du jour for The Left is all wrapped in Communism. Just listen the few students and mostly paid agitators to you the want to tear down the US and rebuild in many times failed Communist Model.


In fairness he also used to call himself a poodle dick which is probably more accurate.


found one


Same ol’ sh*t different day, plus gender/sexual confusion and/or “issues” now:
comment image

Last edited 17 days ago by Anonymous

They were gay back then too.

Several British and U.S. spies for the USSR were closet homos.


IIRC, the BSA made an attempt at allowing girls in sometime in the 70’s, but it failed miserably and was abandoned. Explorer scouts have been open to both sexes (see what I did there?) for decades.

Forest Bondurant

It only became a dying organization because it caved into the peer pressure of leftist activism. 

It was “exclusionary” because it was a fraternal organization for males (which is one of the two biological sexes). In other words, it was meant to be a society of boys associated with brotherhood where they could learn how to be strong, reliable, and grow into self-reliant men who have a moral compass. Today, regardless of how strong of character a man may have, people like you consider such men to be misogynists.

You mention British Boy Scouts permitting girls? So what. To make a comparison between how Brits do things and how Americans do things is a weak argument because that issue was resolved almost 250 years ago.

While it may be true that the Boy Scouts once excluded African Americans, that was because of Jim Crow Laws and other racist policies put in place and enforced by racist Democrats. African Americans were allowed to participate as early as the 1930’s, but at the discretion of councils that sponsored them. When desegregation occurred, most African Americans who participated abandoned the organization because they refused to integrate with whites or refused to join white troops who would accept them. Once the Civil Rights Act of 1964 overhauled federal law to make public discrimination illegal, scouting steadily declined among African Americans.
The name change to “Scouting America” will eventually be changed to NAMBLA, because that’s the ultimate desired end-state for liberals.



BSA membership started to decline in 1972. And even if you were to chalk that up to a backlash because so many people saw the BSA as a feeder organization to military recruitment and many American families were turned off or fed up with the idea of military service after Vietnam…

It still doesn’t explain why BSA membership, after years of renewed growth in the 80s, started to decline again in 1990.

Almost two decades before any “progressive” policies.

The modern decline of the BSA over the last 34 years is because in 1990 the BSA publicly released a list of all the sexual abuse scandals withheld from the public between 1971-1990.

That is why the BSA began to collapse as an organization.

Last edited 17 days ago by Commissar

You make reference to the sexual abuse scandals from 71-90, but the progressive movement espouses biological men in the girls bathroom and drag queen story time. So, are they really upset by the sexual abuse from 71-90? The progressive side continues to try to normalize the sexualization of children! I’m not saying that hidden abuse was ok, but it was hidden because it was unacceptable, now there is a movement to make it acceptable by making it common. A little at a time.


Now, with Drag Queen Story Hour, it’s okay to troll for little boys…
comment image

A Proud Infidel®™

They CELEBRATE PERVERSITY. Read “The Screwtape Letters” by C. S. Lewis, and in one Chapter, the “Screwtape” the demon himself proclaims “NOTHING is of use to us until it has been perverted …”, and one look at how the left has to twist and pervert everything they use is proof of who they serve.


comment image


What the fuck does your response have to do with the BSA’s decline since 1990?

The decline was literally a backlash to the realization that the BSA had been covering up and withholding from the public two decades of sexual abuse by BSA leaders.

Are you saying that it was “progressive” of them to release that information and they should have continued to keep it secret so the BSA would not take a hit in membership?


My response has nothing to do with the decline of the BSA since 1990. BTW nice language for such an educated person!

It has to do entirely with your comments about sexual abuse! It should have been called out and perpetrators should have been handed over to the fathers of the victims. However, as a progressive that agrees with ALL progressive stances, your fake outrage is obvious.

Try to do better.

Forest Bondurant


BSA membership was at it’s peak throughout the 70s, reaching membership as high as 4 million. Membership dwindled a little throughout the 80s for various reasons, but really tanked throughout the 90s after the sexual misconduct and the litigation that came after, as you wrote. BSA leadership tried to salvage the organizations reputation but couldn’t because they were disingenuous in how it handled the scandal. People recognized that and left in droves because it abandoned the values it once upheld.

Then you have the bankruptcy and liquidation of properties and subsequent layoffs so it could pay legal fees.

BSA tanked even more after it’s President, Robert Gates, who had once been SecDef, began to admit homosexuals. Most people weren’t willing to compromise their principles about something they believed was counter to the organization (e.g. “…to keep myself…morally straight…”)

The organization has steadily lost credibility, and lost more membership during the pandemic lockdowns as well.

And now here we are.


I’m willing to bet technology (TV, the internet, etc.) and changing social dynamics (growing urban/rural ratios, single-parent homes, helicopter parenting, better organization in youth sports, the growth of the service industry making us less dependent upon self-reliance skills, etc.) were far bigger drivers in the decline of the BSA.

Sure, the pedophiles (especially court settlements draining their funds) and progressive agendas (political correctness is nothing new) both did their fair share, but the sensationalism surrounding both tends to magnify their real impact in hindsight.

Other scouting organizations, such as the Baden Powell Service Organization (now called the Outdoor Service Guides because even the most esteemed of old white guys are verboten!) and other member organizations of the World Federation of Independent Scouts (which don’t have gender or religious requirements), the World Organization of Scout Movement (which includes BSA), the Girl Scouts (which lost ~30% of youth membership from 2019-2020 – COVID might be a factor there, but they don’t seem to be recovering), and the various scouting movements started by different religious organizations in response to BSA going all gay have all been struggling to attract members. Kids don’t worry about getting raped or changing their pronouns until an adult puts those ideas in their heads. Ultimately, boys don’t want to hang out in the woods anymore and girls don’t want to spend their Saturdays selling cookies; both would rather sit at home playing video games or binging TikTok – and their parents are more than happy to let them.


Right about any man with character, self-reliance and just a plain backbone being found “toxic” and discouraged as bad today:
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Oh. My. God. He’s. Smoking!


In other words, it was meant to be a society of boys associated with brotherhood where they could learn how to be strong, reliable, and grow into self-reliant men who have a moral compass.

Yes, also how to obey a paramilitary structure and learn all those skills that’re useful to defend one’s society from a fascist/communist invasion.

Thank goodness I learned orienteering in The Boy Scouts because at Benning I was in the midst of ‘the pollen monsoon season’ and the resultant green dust induced head pounding while on the land nav course.

Had that skill to fall back on and many, many more.
(Can tie a bowline in my sleep, upside down, in the dark, being beaten by rabid howler monkeys named ‘Brenda’)


I also credit the orienteering badge for making LandNAV easy.

As for the paramilitary elements of scouting, that was a concern for many on the board even at the outset of BSA:

The original, 1910, unofficial manual (largely derived from Baden Powell’s British scouting movement but with considerable influence from existing movements such as Seton’s Woodcraft Indians, Beard’s Sons of Daniel Boone, and Boyce’s Lone Scouts of America, as well as Native American contributions from men like Eastman) contained a “master-at-arms” badge for which the scout would choose at least two of a handful of different martial arts (quarterstaff, judo – still called ju-jitsu at the time, wrestling, boxing, single stick, and fencing) in which to gain a practical level of familiarity. By 1911, when the official handbook was approved, this merit badge had been discarded as being too rough.

I learned a lot as a Boy Scout, but it’s ice hockey that taught me how to fight. Cowardice is nothing new to BSA, the difference is they’re no longer even trying to turn boys into men (except in the Lola way).


The only paramilitary elements I recall from scouting was learning basic drill and ceremonies (our leaders were all WW2 vets) and marksmanship at the local national guard armory.


I learned how to navigate (w/ & w/o a compass and /or map); recognize the constellations; cut with a knife, saw, hatchet, axe, etc.; shoot a bow, rifle, shotgun; trap game; tie knots; how to build/strike a camp; campfire cooking; swimming; obstacle courses; field hygiene; and several other skills through scouting, before I was even a teenager.

Hockey taught me how to fight, long before my voice changed (and, thankfully, before my permanent teeth came in).

The army forced me to get a license before they’d even let me run a chainsaw – as a grown fucking adult; I honestly think that course made me less safe when handling one. They made my beloved LandNAV course self-correcting. They decided it was unsafe to attempt any obstacles higher than 10 feet in a training environment. Some years, I’d be at the range every couple weeks, others, every couple years; there was one tour under Barry O-fucking-bama when I was forced to deploy with one single magazine and an empty holster – assured that I’d fall-in on my ammo and sidearm during RIP (the ammo was corroded and useless, the 9 was missing a recoil spring). The G-4, one tour, had hated our BC since CGSC – we were lucky if a quarter of our rations weren’t rancid and were forced to eat on the economy (that part wasn’t bad – Iraqi food is awesome, especially the pickles; well worth Montezuma’s revenge). About the only thing the army really taught me was how to drink and cuss – and I’m fairly certain I coulda fingered those out on my own.

Done right, the Boy Scouts are a great organization. Sadly, now, they seem to just want to wear dresses and pretend they’re girls.


My rabid howler monkey was named Debra. Scouting taught me how to tie a bowline one-handed, although I’ve yet to use that particular skill.


I’ve used it lead-climbing. That’s the only instance I’ve ever needed it, but, damn, is it helpful when the other hand is the only thing keeping gravity at bay.


Kinda disappointed we had to wait ’til the service for small arms, raids and demolition though.

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If only the “exclusion” kept out creeps that prey on children and their vulnerabilities, they wouldn’t have to pay a $2.46B judgement. I quit after Cub Scouts to play competitive sports. My son was more of technology nerd, so he quit after Cub Scouts as well. Our Pack leader was an Eagle Scout, but him and his boys didn’t go on to Boy Scouts because the local Scout Master “100%” a pedophile according to him. He said ‘No fucking way I’m letting my boys anywhere near that guy’. This from a guys that been in scouting for decades as a scout and parent.


> The British scouts allowed girls from the beginning.

No, they didn’t. 5th Brackley didn’t have any, at least. (That was the local troop I was in while Dad was stationed at Upper Heyford in the mid-’80s.)

The Canadians, OTOH, let girls in their troops back then. They were at a jamboree I attended while I was over there. I’m pretty sure the only girls there that week were the Canucks.

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I used to peruse my brother’s old copies of Boy’s Life magazine, and in my younger days I romanticized the Scouts as an organization that taught boys how to be self-reliant men. Supposedly, my brother was an Eagle Scout, but then again, I’ve also heard him claim to have watched his best friend get killed next to him in Grenada in ’83 (he joined the Army at 17 in ’85) and to have been a Ranger (he was in the 29th IN RGT and Berlin Brigade).

My scouting experience was brief. I was a Cub Scout and liked going to the assembly hall located on Defense Supply Center Richmond but was never able to get promoted. I memorized the promise and all that yet still remained a Bobcat for the few months I participated.

A well-respected retired CSM I served under, Harry Wimbrough, has been involved with scouting for decades. I wonder what his take on the name change and all of the other stuff is.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

It’s tough remove the stench of pedophilia leadership…

They’re hardly the first organization to discover that doing a poor job of vetting those trusted with our youth has serious ramifications.

One hopes they are the last…


I’m an Eagle Scout, and my Son is currently Star. The changes go into effect February 2025, just enough time for him to earn Eagle and for us to GTFO.


The bottom line is that it is ridiculous to claim that the Scouts allowing girls is them “going woke”…

When the scouts were formed in 1910 as a copy of the British Scouts that allowed girls from the beginning.

If anything, the BSA or returning or its roots.

And did modern American progressives go back in time and make the British Scouts “woke” 125 years ago?

The reactionary and ignorant framing of this as “wokeism” is ridiculous.

This is not Scouts being “woke”, it is about a dying organization trying to remain relevant by doubling its consumer base.

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“Wokies” like you are do deluded and brainwashed that any reality whatsoever makes your heads explode. Just take a look at EVERY TIME “woke-ism” has been adopted by any entity, that shit has killed it with Bud Light being the first shining example and Planet Fitness being the most recent. Yes Major Moonbat, GOING WOKE KILLS.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Pardon my ignorance, but “Planet Fitness”? What…?

Coupla weeks ago a born female was in the females changing room when a born male that “identified” as a female was prancing around, nekkid, in said changing room. Female complained to management and they revoked the female’s membership for…reasons. A massive cancellation of memberships followed. The PF stock has tanked…and new membership apps are at a standstill.


Stock.price is up a dollar from the March 11 incident. New apps are way down.

Forest Bondurant

If I’m not mistaken, “Scouting America” has increased its annual membership costs to participate. To what end?

I interpret that as having to pay more to participate in a program where parents have to try harder to keep their sons from being buttfucked and their daughters from being raped, instead of instilling the values once honored and cherished by the country.


“The bottom line is that it is ridiculous to claim that the Scouts allowing girls is them “going woke”…”

No, it’s the latest and greatest step they’ve taken in “going woke”. They’ve abandoned each and every principle that the BSA once stood for and the people have said “no more”.

Forest Bondurant



Of course, the Young Pioneers are just fine.

A Proud Infidel®™

I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out he was either a member or read their literature when he was a kid.


Somethin’ like that, I hear ya.

Forest Bondurant


What else you got?

Forest Bondurant

The notion of being “woke” if YOUR thing. Not ours. Folks here are just calling you out on that, and you can’t handle it.

To you and others like you, “facts” are considered hate speech because facts are hurtful.

You need a doll that you can use so you can point to where on your body that the facts hurt you.


Your history is wrong. Robert Baden-Powell’s “Scouting for Boys” series created a curriculum that spawned many organic scouting movements, and Baden-Powell established the Boy Scouts (note the sexually-specific title) in 1910 to better organize and guide that movement.

Upon realizing that there were many young girls and younger boys who also wanted to be a part of such a thing (and, at least anecdotally, a patrol exclusively composed of girls had developed organically), Baden-Powell and his sister Agnes created separate organizations dedicated specifically (and exclusively) to these populations – the Girl Guides (also in 1910, the same year BSA was founded) and the Wolf Cubs (1916).

From its very conception, the British Scouts movement was sexually segregated.

Even competing youth organizations in England (as in America, Baden-Powell was pivotal, but he didn’t invent the movement) were sexually segregated. The Battersea Boy Scouts predated Baden-Powell’s organization by at least two years and went on to establish the Order of World Scouts and is still known today by the sexually dichotomous title of “British Boy Scouts and British Girl Scouts Association.” This might be what you are thinking of as a coed origin in scouting, and there were girls involved to some organic degree before being structured (because there was no alternative for girls). However, this was quickly remedied by the establishment of both the British Girl’s Nursing Corps and the British Girl Scouts in the same year that BSA was founded and with no direct connection to the American scouting movements. The boy and girl segregations in this organization remain, today.


Stand by, awaiting talking points from above!


Did I shut him up?


There might be wokeness at the National level, but Scouting is still really about the flavor given by the parents who are the Scout Masters.
Where I live, the Scout adult leaders consist of retired USMC senior enlisted and it is the only place I see anyone saying the Pledge of Allegiance or learning respect for our flag.
In the past 5 years my kid has been in scouting in California, anyone involved in any event had to take a Live Scan fingerprinting/background check and take a two hour class about abuse or inappropriate conduct every year.


Remember David Hahn?

Forest Bondurant

Yep. That’s an interesting story in of itself, as tragic as it is.


Will they sell cookies? Will the cookies be made with trans fats or straight oil. My only involvement with scouting was buying cookies. So I can’t say much on this subject.


Are Girl Scout cookies made from real Girl Scouts? Is it true that a Cub Scout becomes a Boy Scout after he eats his first Brownie? Be sure and tune in next week, when Commissar says “But TRRRUUUMMMP!!!


And there’s Tom Lehrer on the subject:


Speaking of merit badges, here is the BB’s take on the ones for the newly woke “Scouts.”12 New Badges You Can Get In The More Inclusive Boy Scouts | Babylon Bee