Tuesday ‘Say it Ain’t So’ liars

| May 7, 2024 | 32 Comments

So what do January 6 and the Panama Canal have in common?

We always associate informers with totalitarian states, especially the anonymous tippers that get people in enormous amount of trouble. Sometimes it’s malicious, like the well-known SWATting.  Call up the cops, tell them your neighbor has a gun, is making wild threats and beating his wife, pop a cold one, and watch the fun. Coming soon to neighborhoods near you, someone invoking a ‘red flag law’ can allege almost anything against someone, include the phrase “he has lots of guns he threatens people with” and watch said gun collection get confiscated.

Miguel Zapata was arrested Thursday in Chantilly, Virginia, in connection with providing materially false statements to law enforcement, according to an arrest warrant.

Zapata submitted at least seven anonymous tips via the FBI’s tip portal from February to April of 2021 that accused former government co-workers of playing a role in the attack on the Capitol, according to an FBI affidavit. The affidavit doesn’t identify Zapata’s government employment history.

The logs cited in the affidavit indicate his account used the unidentified service to visit the FBI tip line, to conduct research on some of the people he submitted tips on, and for a Google search of the term “fbi mole.”

None of the folks he accused were even in Washington that day; all were at work in Virginia. But imagine the fun they have had for the last few years!


And now we move to the Panama Canal, which  had more than its fair share of  drought in 2022.  That damned global warming! But a recent study raises questions:

That dryness reduced water levels at the reservoir that feeds freshwater to the Panama Canal and provides drinking water for more than half of the Central American country.

The group used more than 140 years of rainfall records collected from 65 weather stations — a “statistician’s dream,” said Clair Barnes, a researcher at Imperial College of London and one of the study’s authors.

To test whether climate change had a role, the team of scientists analyzed weather data against computer simulations precise enough to capture precipitation in the region. Such models simulate a world without the current 1.2 degrees Celsius (2.2 degrees Fahrenheit) of warming since preindustrial times, and see how likely the lack of rainfall would be in a world without fossil fuel-charged warming.

The climate models did not show a trend similar to the drying that Panama experienced last year. In fact, many models show a wetter trend in the region due to climate change from carbon dioxide and methane emissions produced by the burning of coal, oil and natural gas.

Meanwhile, the analysis showed that El Nino reduced the 2023 rainfall by about 8%, and that it’s unlikely Panama would have experienced such a dry rainy season without the influence of the weather phenomenon.

Color me shocked – SHOCKED – that something other than climate change may be to blame. Unless someone wants to try to spin El Nino into a climate-change result?

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Anyone who attempts to weaponize LE against others should be given a wakeup call. Swatting someone should be considered attempted murder (or murder if someone is killed in the process). Red flag laws shouldn’t exist in the first place, but if they are going to be enacted, they shouldn’t be a simple “guilty until proven innocent” situation.

Instead of indiscriminately rolling in with overwhelming force when an anonymous call is made about a situation, police could take a less aggressive role and find out more information. If there’s a domestic situation or other violent confrontation going on, it will be pretty evident in many cases. Maybe stage an unmarked car on the street with listening equipment to try to figure out the situation. Dispatch a couple of squad cars to knock on neighbors’ doors and get more info. Sure, keep SWAT out of sight down the road just in case, but don’t just go all ballistic entry and ready to gun down an unknowing homeowner who’s confused about what’s going on.

Knowing that I could be sitting here typing this and getting ready for work, only to have my door busted in because I pissed someone off online who somehow found out my name and address, or because a neighbor saw me plinking in the backyard and rather than ask me to stop, reported that I was yelling gibberish and shooting into the air, is a scary thought. I live quietly and enjoy not having any visitors, especially of the .gov sort.

I’m glad I was teleworking in Stafford on January 6th, though. While I don’t see any coworkers trying to pull shenanigans like Mr. Zapata did, I wanted nothing to do with DC that day. Even in the JTF JOC, where my presence would have been on camera, I’d have been a mile or so from the “festivities”, and it’d be my luck that my doppelganger was there during the “insurrection”, and a traffic camera caught my license plate driving out of DC that evening.


Yep, I know all about false accusations on a personal level. Three (3) nights and four (4) days in jail plus nearly $10K in legal fees to defend one’s self will drive that lesson home. Right down the road in a little big town we had a case where a meth head told the popo that another person was his dealer and had a house full of guns & drugs. 0Gawd30 hot raid woke the citizen up thinking it was a break in and said citizen was gunned down in his hallway. That wrongful death civil suit is STILL winding it’s way thru the court. In my daily FGS hunts I see a number of cases like this.

140 years of data is a drop in the bucket to give a baseline of millions of years of “weather”. Grubermint can’t control crime or potholes, what makes one think that paying more tax $s will give them the ability to control the weather?

USMC Steve

They haven’t worked for shit in any state that has enacted them, but there have been innocent people killed as a result of them in every state that has them. Apparently the cops don’t bother much to vet such calls, or to track and identify the criminals who make the fake calls.


What’s shocking to me is that those results actually saw the light of day.


What’s up with the Adolf thumbnail?

Except, of course, Hitler was all about disarming those not with his government viewpoint.

RGR 4-78

An Adolf (glitch) in the programming?


I thought it said “Lars”

Go figure.

freudian brain slip.


I think the new JUMBO XXL canal locks use a lot more water than the old ones.


Could very well be.

USMC Steve

It could stand to be a little wider. When my dad’s ship, the USS Lexington (CV-2) went through the locks, he said you could look down and there were only a few feet on each side of clearance. Of course Jackoff Jimmah Cahter gave it away, so it is no longer our problem.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Something that may deserve its own post.
Buuuut….posting here under “liars” and “say it ain’t so” would also work.


Sacrilegious bastards!

What a waste.


George V

The effects of climate change are truly powerful. In my area today the news reports that farmers are dealing with soggy fields in planting season because climate change has made it rain more. A few years back the news said farmers dealt with drought during growing season because climate change made it rain less. Truly an amazing phenomena.

I too am surprised the study of Panama saw any press at all. I am sure it will be “corrected”.


Doesn’t matter if the Panama Canal Runs dry. Mexico is building a transit line to alleviate that. This might help Mexico become a wealthy nation someday. Maybe illegals will want to return home for some good paying jobs as their economy improves. Climate change is a good thing, no worries.

A Proud Infidel®™

That is unless the Mexico canal turns out to be a boondoggle like the California high speed rail.


Construction is on going. Expected to move 300,000 containers by 2028 and 1.4 million by 2033. It’s almost completed. Mexico is investing $2.4 billion. Panama Canal can’t keep up due to loss of water to operate the canal, so they are limiting traffic. Mexico’s Is a train line with multiple lines, 186 miles long. Two Mexican ports are being modified to handle the traffic.




Of course the “sky is falling” climate change loons will say that is what caused El Niño.


As for January 6,
many of them lied about themselves.

Tune in on Friday, May 17, 2024, at 10:30am
for a big sentence, for a big name (Leo Bozell IV)
with a big family history (Leo Brent Bozell I, II, III).

Should be national news just in time for VG Weekend Open Thread. 🙂

— ‘Not a credible witness’: Son of prominent conservative among firstto invade Senate floor on Jan. 6 deserves 12 years, feds say —


Here ya go marinedad. This didn’t age well at all. Somebody got caught up in their own version of what they’re accusing Donald for.. This too, should be national news, but for the cicadas.

Spoiler, it links to gateway pundit.

Pass the popcorn, go light on the salt and butter, please.



Here’s the details of the complaint.
Found with the Fu of Google, not TFIM or GP.

It says “without her consent”,
but it also shows zero resistance on her part.
No saying “no”.
No leaving, or even backing away.
When she clearly could have done one, or both, and did neither.

Much like today’s testimony from Stormy,
who “remembers” many many details,
but could NOT remember how she somehow ends up in a bed
with clothes and shoes off.



So, in your opinion, does this make her a credible witness or a plant that doesn’t need watering.


She faces more of the cross (examination) in the morning.
Good luck with that.


Make that tomorrow morning (Thursday).
No court today.

USMC Steve

I have never been one to listen with much credibility to stories told by porn whores. Particularly that one.


Especially a porn star who owes her “client” money.


Speaking of serial liars; Jack Smith got the bad news in court today. The phony trail about the classified documents has been delayed indefinitely.

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago document trial has been delayed again. He now has a chance to dodge it entirely. (msn.com)

It seems the Dims are picking up on the fact that Trump’s rise in the polls may be linked to his unlawful prosecutions. Not too shabby, they are only a year behind the rest of us.

The phony Georgia case from liar Fanni (I pay my power bill in cash because I don’t have a checking account and don’t sleep with the help) Willis has been delayed until 2025, so that isn’t ever going to happen either.


They want to bananna court him and Epstein him. Armed guards in his cell,in Rickers, scary to the dems but they are trying.