Illegal alien crossings into Texas decrease, but increases elsewhere

| May 3, 2024

Although illegal aliens are still entering into the US via Texas, the number of encounters between law enforcement and illegal aliens has dropped in that state. El Paso, Big Bend, Del Rio, Loredo, and Rio Grande saw some noticeable declines in illegal alien crossings. However, San Diego, California, and Tucson, Arizona saw increases in illegal alien crossings.

From Newsmax:

El Paso saw a 24.1% decline, Big Bend saw numbers drop 63.7%, Del Rio declined 52.8%, Laredo saw a drop of 42.8%, and Rio Grande Valley declined 49.5%.

Encounters between migrants and law enforcement increased in California and Arizona, with San Diego seeing a 45% increase and Tucson seeing a 23% increase.

Overall, the El Paso region had 30,420 law enforcement-migrant encounters through March, while the Big Bend region had 1,200 encounters this year. Del Rio had 23,904 encounters, Laredo recorded 5,210 and Rio Grande Valley had 17,956.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been aggressive about combating illegal immigration, from busing thousands of migrants to sanctuary cities and ordering the installation of 100 miles of razor wire along the Rio Grande.

“We are having a profound impact in stopping the flow of illegal immigration into the state of Texas,” Abbott told The Texas Tribune.

Abbott’s spokesman Andrew Mahaleris said in a statement that because Texas’ border is secure, migrants are moving west to cross into other states.

Newsmax provides additional information here.

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Old tanker

Wow. Imagine that. When you treat the criminal like a criminal they don’t want to be a criminal in your area. What a novel concept. Whoda thunkit.

Maybe that will work in the rest of the border states on both the South and North sides.


It’s a shit show here in Arizona right now


comment image


Crickets from the so-called environmentalists


Word ^^^^


It’s all over the place


55 miles from the boarder


Another load car waiting
They drop them off all over the roads here

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

What? An empty car, no driver, keys in the ignition, just sitting & waiting?
Ohhhh, what a perfect opportunity for some havoc & mayhem:
Drain the oil.
Sugar in the gas tank.
MOTH BALLS in the gas tank (BOOM! least, that’s what I’ve been told)
Flat tires (multiple)
Rewire the spark plug wires.
Shoot the engine block through the radiator.

Even if there’s a driver, you could carjack him (he deserves it for aiding & abetting illegals), tie & gag, toss to the side of the road, you take his place.
When the illegals arrive & climb in, just start driving SOUTH again, instead of north.
(hilarity ensues).
Some of the many examples of the mischief that can be perpetrated.

Last edited 2 months ago by President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Maine/New Brunswick Canada border. Easy peasy entry with a
ride waiting for you on US rte 1.
Gotta be a song in there somewhere.


Screen cap from yesterday. Even kids being recruited.


Full narrative here. Oops


Plus, the kids found out what “charged as an adult” and being locked up with Bubba and co. mean.


This just in…


Equal opportunity employment here.


Kinda off-topic, but did I count 7 rounds?




Taurus M66, perhaps. I had a Taurus 617 years ago, 2.5″ barrel and 7 rounds of .357.


As Eggs and FM2176 said, plus S&W makes ’em too.


The S&W 686, for one.

Edit: just pulled a Taurus 66 off the shelf, and the grips and rear sight look the same as in the photo.

Last edited 2 months ago by fm2176

I was today years old when I learned of this.


$509.99 minus 5% discount isn’t bad for a medium frame 7-shot .357.

I’ve always like Taurus’ revolvers; their semi-autos have a reputation, and I haven’t yet “invested” in one of those (G3, GX4, etc.). So far, I’ve owned the Models 85 (my first, way back in 1996), 617 (around 1998), 856 (bought a few years ago, basically a slightly thicker 85 with 6 rounds in lieu of 5), and 805 (2″ barrel .357 flashbang with full power loads).

On occasion, I’ll carry the 856 and 605, but I always feel hampered by the capacity. Between the two, I’ve got 11 rounds, plus one or two speed loaders/strips for each. My normal carry combo is a full-sized Glock (17+1) and the Ruger LCP Max (10+1). The latter may soon be replaced by a G43X or a SIG P365.


“Tucson seeing a 23% increase.”

Not exactly accurate. It’s Tucson Sector. Tucson sector runs from the New Mexico state line to the Yuma county line. 262 miles of border. And it’s busy as hell. CBP is doing the best they can, but too many of them are tied up processing thousands of new democrat voters.

Last edited 2 months ago by SFC D

Last year the head of DHS met with the president of Mexico and the next day traffic at the Texas border slowed.–mayorkas-meet-with-mexican-president-amid-surge-in-migrants-at-the-border

They then shifted to other states.

We could argue forever about why the shift occurred but I am not a big believer in coincidence.


Well the AZ guvner only seems to care about abortion, so there’s that


This is what we get when the person in charge of AZ elections runs for governor.


Don’t get me started on AZ politics.

Beer thirty!! Cheers!


Cheers! Sorry you get to deal with the Grijalvas and Regina.


We’re presently out of reach of Regina (resisted annexation in 2004) and not in Raul’s district. The county…ugh.


Yeahhhh it’s a joke