Russian saboteurs accused of plots that included potential attacks against US military facilities

| April 19, 2024

Two individuals suspected of being saboteurs were arrested in Germany. They are suspected of planning sabotage attacks against targets in Germany, including US military facilities. The Germans suspected that one of the individuals interacted with someone with Russia’s Secret Service. The Russians denied involvement.

From Reuters:

BERLIN, April 18 (Reuters) – Two German-Russian nationals have been arrested in Germany on suspicion of plotting sabotage attacks, including on U.S. military facilities, in what officials called a serious effort to undermine military support for Ukraine.

Authorities have searched the homes and workplaces of the two suspects who stand accused of working for a foreign secret service. One of them, identified as Dieter S., had since October 2023 discussed possible plots with a person linked to the Russian secret service, prosecutors said on Thursday.

Germany has become one of Kyiv’s biggest suppliers of military aid since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, and is a major target 0for Russian spying operations, authorities have said.

“We can never accept that such espionage activities take place in Germany,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told a news conference following an informal EU summit in Brussels.

“So we also have our own defense mechanisms to uncover them, as we always do,” he added.

Reuters has additional information here.

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Gotta blend in better.


Great movie!


Ron Paul was fond of calling it blowback.

Imagine that, years later turns out he was right all along….

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Two American and one UK artillery ammunition manufacturing plants had some problems…

But nothing like the dozens of food processing plants that burned to the ground.

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The closer we get to the November (s)election, the more we will here of “Russians…Russians…Russians!” And vast Chicken Wing Conspiracies.

Gotta be Trump’s fault. Maybe we can buy a dossier to prove it?


Hey, buying the dossier is Hillary’s job.