Wednesday shorts – Michigan, Marine thief, Lucky Marine

| April 17, 2024


Seems Michigan is offering $500 monthly  subsidies to migrant renters’ landlords.

Michigan GOP lawmakers are raising the alarm over certain provisions in the state’s “newcomer rental subsidy” program that gives up to $500 to landlords who rent to migrants.

To be eligible, migrants must be refugees, asylees, special immigration visa holders, victims of human trafficking, Cuban and Haitian entrants, Afghan nationals or Ukrainian humanitarian parolees. Migrants who have an asylum claim that is merely pending are also eligible.  Fox News

Note the absence of the word “legal” with the word immigrant. A recently caught border jumper who claims asylum status is indeed eligible.

Also note the lack of any equivalent programs for veterans in Michigan.

Think some of the dickheads you were with in Basic had issues?

Hernandez, a private first class reserve Marine with 1st Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment in Houston, was not in a “drilling status” at the time when the alleged crimes occurred, the USMC said.

Marcelo Majeed Hernandez, 18, was identified as a suspect in the two heists that occurred in Houston at David Yurman Jewelry on October 13, 2023, and at Helzberg Diamond on April 5, Harris County Constable Precinct 4 said.

In the first burglary, deputies discovered that a masked suspect had smashed through the front door with a sledgehammer, smashed display cases and stolen over 200 pieces of jewelry valued at over $380,000.

During the second burglary, over $170,000 dollars worth of jewelry was stolen.

During his arrest, deputies found three handguns, $11,000 in cash, and $500,000 worth of jewelry, which included diamonds, in his car, a Mercedes-Benz GLA, FOX26 Houston reported. Fox News II

Don’t all E-2s drive Benzes? That right there should have had someone wondering.

Now in a rare bit of good news, the really serious sexual assault charges against the young Pendleton Marine, Avery Rosario who had a 14-year old girl in his barracks room have been dropped. Seems  there is ample evidence supporting his claim that she represented herself on-line as 21 years old (what, you don’t ask for ID, Private? Bet you will now…)  With those dropped, he has already been confined for twice as long as the possible sentence on the other associated charges (and is considering suing the Marines, too.) He will be put out of the Marines on an admin separation this summer. A full list of his transgressions is at NBC News



Last but not least, former Obama-Biden aide and CNN commentator Ashley Allison speaks out on OJ’s death.

He wasn’t a social justice leader, but he represented something for the Black community in that moment in that trial, particularly because there were two White people killed,” Ashley Allison, who served as a senior policy adviser in the Obama White House and served as the national coalitions director for the 2020 Biden-Harris campaign, said. MSN

Wonder what would have happened if, say, Trump said that.

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In the sanctuary city of Denver, the mayor is cutting the police budget by 8 million dollars so that they can house migrants.

In the liberal enclave of Los Angeles California The mayor is asking people to buy houses that donate them to the homeless. Larry Fink, The billionaire Marxist CEO of Black Rock has agreed to donate 25,000 homes from their current holdings of more than 80,000 homes. Just kidding, he said “f*** off, this money is mine b******, I’m only a Marxist when it comes to little people”


A murderous black thug incapable of existing in a modern western society?

“he represented something for the Black community in that moment in that trial, particularly because there were two White people killed”


Our Fore Fathers threw off the yokes of an oppressive government because of a 2% tax, yet now we allow the confiscation of nearly 50% of our earnings…to pay for, among other things, an invading army. Prepare

Dood likes to smash things and grab “rocks”? Put his azz to smashing big rocks into gravel. I hear that Kansas is nice this time of year.

Notice she didn’t say WHAT OJ represented for the Black Community. I see stories everyday when Black men kill Black women, and women of all races, in a fit of jealous rage. What does that represent?


Haha. Surprise motherfucking surprise wrt the Pendleton Marine.

From the NBC article:
“Stewart said the commanding general “withdrew and dismissed” the charge because she discovered that prosecutors held back “exculpatory evidence” related to her own team’s discovery of the girl’s multiple other liaisons with men where she presented herself as being of legal age. That evidence was apparent in direct messages from the girl’s Tinder and Instagram accounts, Stewart added.”

Adverse action to follow?? I won’t hold my breath.

Prior Service

Looks like the legal community “can’t handle the truth!”


Gretch the Wretch came up with this hare-brained scheme because the available shelters are stuffed with illegals already. And, at least some of the citizens here have taken note of the problems with getting squatters out of a house or building. Word is that not even the virtue signalling libs in Oakland and Washtenaw counties are buying into this idiocy.

Just An Old Dog

 Pendleton Marine, Avery Rosario: Dig deeper before you get your ass in the air defending this POS. Although the charges were dropped it wasn’t because he was some sort of victim. The girl’s family and her are not cooperating with the investigation, and she appears to be an old hand at being a sex worker, despite being underage.
Rosario, despite having the sex charges dropped was found guilty of a relatively minor charge of breaking restriction.
You may ask why he was on restriction? He popped on a piss test and was given Battalion Office hours and was pending an administrative OTH discharge when he picked up this train wreck.

Just An Old Dog

Shit wrong Thread