Abu Ghraib detainees as plaintiffs in US court

| April 14, 2024

Three former Abu Ghraib detainees are getting their day in a U.S. court. They’ve initiated a civil suit against a Virginia-based contractor, CACI. The three former detainees hold CACI responsible for setting things up that contributed to their torture. However, CACI is insisting that it was the U.S. Military that set conditions up that resulted in the tortures.

From the Military Times:

The plaintiffs, though, seek to hold CACI responsible for setting the conditions that resulted in the torture they endured, citing evidence in government investigations that CACI contractors instructed military police to “soften up” detainees for their interrogations.

Retired Army Gen. Antonio Taguba, who led an investigation into the Abu Ghraib scandal, is among those expected to testify. His inquiry concluded that at least one CACI interrogator should be held accountable for instructing military police to set conditions that amounted to physical abuse.

There is little dispute that the abuse was horrific. The photos released in 2004 showed naked prisoners stacked into pyramids or dragged by leashes. Some photos had a soldier smiling and giving a thumbs up while posing next to a corpse, or detainees being threatened with dogs, or hooded and attached to electrical wires.

The plaintiffs cannot be clearly identified in any of the infamous images, but their descriptions of mistreatment are unnerving.

Suhail Al Shimari has described sexual assaults and beatings during his two months at the prison. He was also electrically shocked and dragged around the prison by a rope tied around his neck. Former Al-Jazeera reporter Salah Al-Ejaili said he was subjected to stress positions that caused him to vomit black liquid. He was also deprived of sleep, forced to wear women’s underwear and threatened with dogs.

The Military Times has additional information here.

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Skivvy Stacker

I think that maybe someone from the U.S. military should make a visit to these mopes and show them what “torture”, “beatings”, “polite requests for silence”, and “maybe youse otta not say nuttin, or yous could wind up drounin’ in some swamp someweres” actually means.
Not that I think that kinda thing happens….all da time…if you catch wat I’m sayin’…..


It was emphasized to us time and time again these 50+ years ago why it was not a good idea to be captured. Better to go down fighting or save the last round for yourself.


Execution of “spies and saboteurs” caught not in a uniform is in full compliance with the Geneva Convention.

Anna Puma

Remember it has to be ‘recognized combatants.’ These mutts aren’t even recognized combatants.

But yeah – shoot, shovel, and shut-up.

USMC Steve

The Geneva accords specified that illegal or unlawful combatants had no rights under those conventions.


Folk who violate the Geneva Convention aren’t protected by it. True.

A Proud Infidel®™

How about the Human Rights Abuses done in that prison while Sadaam Hussein was in charge? All I see is a money grab with attention whoring.


Carlos Mencia (quite NSFW, of course) on “torture” at Abu Ghraib– “don’t ever mix torture and ‘eh,we f*cked-up,’ don’t ever mix the two”:

Last edited 1 month ago by Anonymous

Mencia brings up a valid point. If naked piles of bodies is torture then why would Congress continue to fund Infantry Barracks?

Shit. Did I just answer my own question?

“You want [us] [at that glory hole]! You NEED [us] [at that glory hole]!”


Why are they still alive to complain?


Saddam had people’s fingers cut off, folk blinded, dudes outright killed by literally cruel and unusual means, etc. at Abu Ghraib, but one shift of our dumb*ss guards annoys and humiliates Iraqi prisoners and it’s “torture” America Bad!

Anna Puma

Nah, if we really had wanted to torture them I am sure the military could have shown them nothing but Miss Piggy clips dubbed over with Yoko Ono songs.


We did actually make Saddam watch South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut multiple times just to be d*cks while we had him in custody:


One very important reason why the US should outlaw the use of torture is that we obviously don’t have anyone capable of employing it correctly. I would convict the entire chain of command and the contractors at Abu Ghraib of incompetence, if nothing else. FFS, they had pictures!


Behaved badly, took pics of themselves doing it:
comment image

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After all these years, Lynndie may still be single and available.
And, she’s in the SAME town and county as VG’s career Navy cook
turned bathroom selfie Phony Navy SEAL,
whose wife has been in and out of prison the last few years.

Fred Emmart – Fake Combat Veteran, SeaBee, BM, and Special Boat Operator. Sock Puppet Whitney Chimes In.
IAS | February 6, 2020



Veritas Omnia Vincit

I’m still unclear as to how these people ended up being imprisoned in the US, what genius thought that idea made sense?

This is also why a declaration of war would have been useful, even the Geneva convention allows for the execution of “spies” those protected persons who are not dressed in any uniform and commit acts of violence while hiding as civilians…since none of these fuckers wear any sort of uniform under a declaration of war after their interrogations shooting them would have been acceptable….

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I meant to say imprisoned BY the US…not IN in the US…can’t seem to edit this one for some reason…apologies for the confusion.


There is a short leash on the time allowed to edit.
My experience is approximately 5 minutes.
Someone else may have more experience at editing,
and know the exact restriction.
I hope this helps.