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| April 14, 2024

Col. Cooper’s Scout Rifle


Mr. Hernandez’s BB gun failed to impress. Thanks, Old Tanker.

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I’m not real impressed with Mr. Hernandez’s BB Gun either, but I AM impressed with that thar Sister Golden Hair Ms Thang’s Blouse Bunnies. She and The Colonel’s offerings are both real “Sweethearts”…even if both are infused with a lot of plastic…


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The Pirates Cove

Old tanker

I actually like carbines for hunting as I never went for super long range “challenges”. I’m not convinced that a long eye relief scope is of that much utility, especially since it is not an elevated one that allows for irons use. I got plenty of utility with an old 4 power scope mounted on my Remington 600 in .308 with “normal” eye relief. I agree with the Col regarding size of the rifle and capability of the round fired.


I had a Remington .308 in the early 80’s (don’t remember the model), 18” barrel, 3-round mag, came with a 4x Weaver scope. Barked like a sumbitch, but you could consistently shoot quarter-sized groups at 100 yards. I think I paid like $225.00 new. Best deer/elk rifle I ever had. Had to sell it unfortunately. Never had a desire or need to take game at extreme distances.


Amen. And I would not travel great distances to kill anything, either. Cannot understand the thinking of some folks who go on “safaris” to kill elephants, tigers, lions or whatever, just because it is large.

OTOH, snake hunting in some situations seems to be a different different, particularly in Florida.


We need to start crazes for python leather and meat. We almost wiped out the gators, once upon a time, so maybe we can do it again with the pythons.

Those dang snakes might manage to survive as far north as the Carolinas. They can tolerate mild winters.

Get cracking, Florida. We don’t want your slitherin illegal aliens, neither.


I was lucky enough to grow up in an area where I didn’t have to travel or shoot long distances to get a deer or elk.