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| April 10, 2024

CVA Cascade

Reported Shooting Incident at Kroger in Little Rock

by Scott Solomon
Two Kroger customers are being charged with battery after a disagreement led to a shooting inside the grocery store on Wednesday evening.

According to a report by the Little Rock Police Department, the incident began at 9 p.m when 48-year-old Yusuf Muhammad began harassing 43-year-old Shearee Jones in the checkout aisle.

Witnesses stated that Muhammad was visibly aggressive towards Jones and that she asked him to stop.

The report says that he continued after this and assaulted her, leaving an abrasion.

In response, Jones brandished a firearm and struck Muhammad with multiple rounds.

The report says that Muhammad left the Kroger, but returned, leading Jones to fire more shots at him.

Muhammad was taken to the hospital where he is receiving treatment for his injuries.

Jones was taken to the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility.

The police report says that Muhammad is being charged with 3rd-degree battery while Jones is being charged with 1st-degree battery.

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Ms. Jones have eleven items in the Express Lane?


Thanks once again, gentlemen.

The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits.

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The Cascade…pretty certain we still have those on sale. They seem to be decent rifles, but my how the times have changed. Growing up, I thought Remington and Winchester were the creme de la creme of hunting rifles. Now, I’d buy a Spanish-made Bergara or CVA instead (both made by Dikar, if I’m not mistaken). Even those Beretta-imported rifles from Benelli, Franchi, and Tikka look appealing. Or just buy a pre-’64 Winchester or older Remington.

The more I watch police shooting videos, the more I want to simply take a day off to binge Adam-12 and classic police training films. A lot of events led to the advent of modern police tactics, equipment, and armament, from the Newhall Incident to the FBI Miami Shootout to North Hollywood Shootout. The murder of Deputy Kyle Dinkheller is a particularly tough watch. We’ve gone from the days of Officer Friendly carrying his big iron and a shotgun for backup to Officer Tackleberry III carrying a loadout that Marines in Fallujah would envy.
I had three LEOs come to the range yesterday. Our normal RSO is a retired BRPD Capt. but has been on vacation, leaving RSO duties to me and a couple of others. A younger Wildlife Agent and a couple of young deputies from a nearby parish came to practice. We get quite a few who hone their shooting skills. Considering we had a local officer killed nearby less than a year ago, they need to stay on top of their game and ensure they go home to their families. If a criminal spends the rest of their life bleeding into concrete in a ditch, so be it…

Skivvy Stacker

We had 3 killed in Burnsville, MN last month during a response to a domestic. Two Burnsville PD, and one Medic from the Burnsville FD.
Glad to report the suspect is no longer with us.


Mo was jonesing to meet Allah. Too bad he didn’t quite make it. Range time, Ms Jones…range time.

Seems as if Mr. Overton is over and done with his criminal career. Don’t run from the popo with a weapon in your hand. You’ll just end up tired…dead tired.

The mouse doesn’t understand why the cheese is free until it’s too late.

That CVA sounds like an economy way to provide over watch on The North Wall. “…interesting thing about the bolt is that it is HUGE.” That’s what she told me… 😉